Rimmel London Eyebrow Powder Reviews in 2021

#1 Rimmel London Rimmel London Eyebrow Powder

Overall Rating: 4.8

Capterra Rating: #4.8 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Rimmel London Eyebrow Powder Reviews

Rimmel London Eyebrow Powder Review

Available in three different shades—blonde, mid-brown, and dark brown, this budget-friendly pick from Rimmel boasts superiority in both pigment and endurance. The pomade (on the left) shapes and lifts brows to arched perfection while the lightweight powder expertly fills pesky sparse areas.


Rimmel London is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Rimmel London reviews.

Rimmel London Eyebrow Powder Reviews 

At Rimmel, we celebrate those who remix, blend and boldly make beauty their own. You’re not rebelling against societal norms or bucking the trends. You’re comfortable enough in your own skin to experiment and create what works for YOU.


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Customer Reviews

  • A Grandmother

Rimmel is the only brand in which I have found the shade of Hazel for my eyebrows. Very happy with the brand and color.

  • kjamieb

I borrowed this little set off my Mum and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! I am olive skinned with dark/brown almost black hair and I used the Dark Brown set. It is very pigmented so only a little is needed and gives me the full brow that I’m chasing. I find a lot of brow powders that say “dark brown” or for “brunettes” are too black/grey! This is a nice true dark brown which is long lasting and I have gotten so many compliments on :)


  • trixiemakeup

It isn't the best brow powder I havIn tried, as for me, the colour was a bit off. I went for the darkest shade, and it looked a little gingery. The wax side isn't that pigmented however sets brows nicely, and the brushes are quite good quality. You can build up the colour with the powder, and you can blend it. However, since you can blend it well, you can equally smudge it well, so for those of us with thin brows which we secretly filled in, if you rub it off, even the wax can't save you. It was a little overpriced in my opinion, but quite good.


  • Jessicalaw

I would recommend this product to people who are starting out with making their brows bolder or more defined. The wax seems quite thin and requires a lot of powder to set it. I am quite oily so felt that it didnt last as long as I would have liked it to. If you can get the application and brush strokes right, it will look quite natural. The colours are quite dark - I have dark brown hair and like bold brows so this suits me well

  • Shanhads

I recently purchased this brow product as the expensive brow powder and wax I used had been all used up. I purchased it as I had heard quite a few people saying how good it was and I didn’t want to cough up the money for an expensive product at the moment.

This product is highly pigmented and comes in a perfect sized travel duo set with a powder on one side and a gel/wax on the other! The shade medium brown is perfect for my brow colour!

  • Eskimo82

Just a warning, I'm a brow novice so I don't have much of an idea when it comes to doing my brows but I thought I would give this a go and up by brow game.

I have dark brown hair so I got the dark brown kit but the powder was way too light and the colour match was just way off. I have black eyebrow hairs but usually use a dark brown and a slightly lighter colour helps to soften the look, but the colour of this didn't work for me at all, it came out kind of red toned. It was also quite chalky and hard to work with. I have really non-existent brows so I think this is probably more for those with sparse brows where you just need to fill in a few small patches - it's not at all for drawing on hairs where you've got none as the powder is not particularly realistic. I found the wax a lot more useful for me, it's good for keeping wayward hairs in check and the colour is a lot better (a more true-brown).

The brushes are actually quite good quality, the angle brush was nice and firm, though maybe a tad too petite for bigger fingers/hands and you sort of lack a bit of control.

  • duality

This comes in a plastic compact and is made in China. One side is the wax and the other side is the powder, also comes with a dual ended application brush and a spoolie.

I am shade 3 in Benefit brow products which is a natural medium ashy brown (no warmth). I feel most people would prefer an ashy brow product and red and warm brown tones just don't flatter my skin tone.

Both these shades are warm toned, the 02 Medium (warm brown) and the 03 Dark (somewhat reddish toned). Don't know many people with dark warm brown eyebrows but if that's your colouring you will be happy with these, I'm not.

As for the products the wax just doesn't stay put, it's more of a greasier texture than I'm used to, I prefer a drier type pomade as it sticks to the skin especially when you have already applied your base. The powder side is also a bit meh, not overly pigmented and when you get a little hot or put sunglasses on and off all day (me) then it tends to disappear throughout the day.

  • Alissa-Anna

As someone with gingery hair, I feel blessed to find a warm-toned brown - it can be hard to find!

Yes, the packaging is a little dinky and the little tools are small and unwieldy (but handy to have!), but overall I am surprised at the amount of pigment in this inexpensive little product, and how easy it is to use!

I avoid the wax because I find it makes my brows look "fake", but use the powder daily to quickly fill them in using a small morphe blending brush (works brilliantly for quick application). I set using to Maybelline brow drama instead, works perfectly. Brows last all day until I take them off at night.

Was my first purchase into brow products - the best quality, probably not, but would repurchase due to the great shade match for my ginger hair!

  • Isabellem

I use the shade 003 Dark Brown. It’s easy to take the kit with me and use the small brushes which I love. I don’t really use the powder as it’s a bit too warm for my brow colour but the gel is amazing. Stays on all day and easy to apply. Defiantly will be buying again.

  • Fifi_m

This brow kit comes with a wax and powder, as well as an angle brush and spoolie.

Like others have mentioned, I did find that the colour was a bit reddish against my black hairs. This is more noticeable when you're looking close up. In photos or further away, it's not as noticeable.

The angle brush is easy to use to apply the powder. I did find the handle a bit short on the spoolie, but it's good to have a small brush in the kit when you're travelling.