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EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

It's not all your fault if your teeth seem yellow due to poor Zoom lighting. Tooth color is determined by the natural arrangement of teeth as well as the existence of stains. External types of stains include meats, beverages including tea, coffee, and wine, cigarette use, and tartar. Because of constant exposure to stains and enamel wear, tooth color darkens with time.

EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

Dentists can, of course, administer in-office whitening procedures in a matter of minutes, but going to the dentist can be difficult due to COVID-19 and teeth whitening cost. When an appointment is not possible, the positive thing is that there are a variety of effective solutions you should consider at home (or out of your budget). Though teeth whitening on your own can seem intimidating, easy-to-use pens, strips, and trays eliminate the conjecture. Continue reading to know the best dentist-approved teeth whitening kit to use at home. You can try the whitify teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening service.

The Whitify teeth whitening kit review

The whitify teeth whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth at home or on the go in a healthy and easy manner. The gel is made entirely of natural materials, ensuring a painless and risk-free injection with outstanding outcomes. A rechargeable mouthpiece, a battery, three gel refills, and a user guide are included in the whitify Teeth Whitening Kit.
The whitify teeth whitening kit ingredients 
Hydrogen peroxide.
Potassium nitrate.
Deionized water.
Carbamide peroxide.
Sodium bicarbonate.
Peppermint oil.


EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit


Does the whitify teeth whitening kit work?

The Whitify teeth whitening kit is extremely effective. An inner dentin coating and a tougher outer enamel layer make up a tooth. Since enamel is mainly transparent, the color of your teeth is mostly determined by dentin, considering the fact that it is on the outside. The key ingredients in the Whitify Teeth whitening kit are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which damage the porous enamel and lighten the color of the dentin by breaking down the stains. This is why toothpaste alone is ineffective in removing persistent coffee stains. The more vigorous whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide, while carbamide peroxide is the gentler alternative, steadily breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, making it a safer selection for those with weak teeth.



How to use the whitify teeth whitening kit?

Professional at-home whitening kits aren't readily available. To ensure that the whitening formula is delivered correctly, custom-made trays (dental cups fitted to the contour of the teeth) must be produced. Without these, a lot of the treatment may be discarded or applied to infected parts of the mouth. To acquire and use the whitify teeth whitening kit, follow these steps: First, non-toxic dental putty can be used to make impressions on both the upper and lower teeth. To make the trays, these will be sent to a specialized facility. From start to finish, this part of the process takes about one to two weeks. Meanwhile, the original hue of your teeth will be registered in your dental chart for reference after the whitening. When the trays are ready, you'll be given an appointment to learn how to correctly dispense and administer the solution, as well as any other guidance required to achieve the best results. Wash, floss, and clean your teeth thoroughly before beginning the at-home process. The treatment takes about an hour a day for two weeks, though some brands can be worn overnight. When wearing the trays, you must refrain from feeding, drinking, or smoking, and you must aim to do so for the next 30 minutes. A follow-up consultation will be scheduled after two weeks of therapy to monitor your progress and equate your findings to your comparison color. If necessary, the extra whitening agent should be used for touch-ups.

EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

The whitify teeth whitening kit before and after

You will notice a difference and love your whiter teeth after using the whitify teeth whitening kit for a short period

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Questions and Answers

The whitify teeth whitening kit is available on Amazon.  
Since then, several whitening manufacturers have followed suit, recommending the age of 14 as the best. Many dentists are also concerned that, between the ages of 14 and 18, the teeth will explode further, exposing deeper areas in the cervical.
Although teeth whitening is generally considered healthy, you can experience the following side effects as a result of the procedure: Sensitive teeth. Following teeth whitening, the teeth can become more responsive. This could happen on the first or second procedure, and it would go away over time. Your dentist could suggest using products containing potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel to treat resistance. Gums that are irritated. Gingival irritation is also a possibility. When the gums get sore, something happens. This will happen if the whitening liquid comes into contact with the gums. During the medications, this side effect should go down.
It is not expensive, but the price can vary depending on the budget. Home whitening kits can cost anything from £10 to £200. It is entirely up to you to make your decision. However, the more expensive the pack, the better the outcome. Home teeth whitening kits, on the whole, haven't been able to produce better outcomes. In our perception, the procedure usually lasts for a couple of months and then things go back to square one. The conclusion is that the whitify teeth whitening kit is of greater quality than most brands and does better than most other product. Since the whitify teeth whitening has a positive impact that can be seen in a brief period of time.  

Customer Reviews

  • Sarah Dewald

I have been using it for 5 days now and my teeth look awesome. I could see a difference after the first treatment. The light is kind of awkward but honestly this kit comes with enough whitening material for two people. I also like that it came with the remineralizing gel. Mouth guards fit real comfortably after molding them compared to other kits I have tried in the past. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  • Samantha

Disappointed after reading such great reviews. This left white spots all over my teeth that lasted for days, I know it can be a side effect but it was very noticeable and I was scared . Also caused a lot of sensitivity. Do not recommend especially if your teeth are sensitive.

  • Jenk

Tastes disgusting and very uncomfortable in my mouth. I did not see any results and I used exactly had directed. Don’t buy. 

  • So.C

I’ve used the first  for my my top teeth only and I see no difference whatsoever. Very disappointed and a waste of money. And it DOES make your teeth sensitive!

  • Crystal Spen

If your not sure if this works, let me tell you , this product 100% works! I saw a major difference in the color of my teeth after the first time I used the kit. By the 4th time I used the kit my teeth were super white compared to how yellow they were before! It’s really easy and quick to use, just leave the tray in for 15 minutes and be amazed at your new white smile! literally my teeth went from yellow to white! After a month I used only 1 of the whitening gel. If you have yellow teeth or yellow spots on your teeth then this is the product that you need.

  • Britney

I bought one kit for my boyfriend's bday and he's naturally handsome but with the easywhite kit he got even more, so I had to buy one for myself as well to match our smiles on our pictures together lol

  • William

they have great customer service they helped me to use the kit and now I'm seeing my teeth getting better and better, honestly, I got nothing to complaint

  • Lilly

Have bought it according to the ads and description but i regret it. Feels like i have been ripped off.

  • Yonas

I feel a burning sensation in my gums. Haven't seen the slightest change at all so basically i have endured the burning feel for nothing. Really useless!

  • Sara Austin

I love this product so much. After using this one a week, my teeth getting whiten pretty much. It’s easy to use, and So comfortable. I am highly recommended you, guy, to use to whiten your teeth. Your lovely smile.

  • Adrienne

I used this product for about a month and didn’t notice a difference in my teeth. Very disappointed in this teeth whitening kit.

  • Amanda Kunkel

This was very useful in whitening my teeth. I used it over a 10 day period, seeing results each day. I did pause for a couple of days after the 7th daily use and applied the remineralization once even though I had no ill effects from the treatment. This was purely a precautionary measure. I continued again for another 10 days and achieved my desired results. I am very happy with this product. It is very user-friendly. Thank you EasyWhite

  • Michelle Langston

I was in the dental field for 30 years, so I've seen all types of whitening treatments. This product is amazing, after one treatment I was at least one if not two shades lighter! After my third treatment my husband asked "How much lighter do you expect to get". That same evening he tried the treatment when I was looking and he isn't one of those people easy to convince. My lower teeth always have needed more applications before I'm happy with my final result, the lower teeth have improved greatly. However, I will do at least a couple more applications. Buy it, you will not regret it!!

  • Mandy Hagerty

Even though I have very sensitive teeth, this product caused minimal discomfort. I kept it on for 30 minutes a day consecutively but recommend less time (10-20 minutes at a time) if you're experiencing sensitivity. My teeth were noticeably whiter within the first 2 uses! No dentist visit, no messy teeth whitening strips and best of all, quick results!!!

  • Claire Andy

Seriously impressed with this! I have sensitive teeth and was worried this would make it worse. But I've had no extra sensitivity! My teeth are noticeably white and I'll definitely buy again in the future. I'll probably use this every couple months to maintain a white shade. Highly recommend to everyone!

  • 345

Didn't do it for me. Used twice a day for a week. My teeth are fairly close to white now and this whitener made no change whatsoever. Don't buy.

  • Krestina

I had it in my mouth for only a few minutes and ended up with white blisters on my gums. Rinsed my mouth out immediately and hours later my gums are still burning and blistered.

  • Talia

This product gave my teeth white spots and not only that but a INCREDIBLE amount of sensitivity in my teeth and burnt my lower gums. The pain is mostly in my teeth and won’t go away ever since using it. save your money

  • Lucas Newkirk

I got this because my teeth were yellow no matter how much I seemed to brush and I was very down about it. I got it and put it together very easily and put it in for A half-hour and when I was done they were like 2 shades whiter at least, on the first try!! The flavor isn't bad but of course, it's not great either but that's expected. It also comes with stuff to put on if your teeth are sensitive after which I love cause crest white strips. I haven't even had to use the sensitive stuff cause this doesn't hurt my teeth at all which is A huge help! I definitely recommend this to everyone!

  • Amanda

This burns your mouth so much you won’t be able to keep it in longer than five minutes. My daughter wanted to try it so I bought another package for her, and she reacted even worse she said it was like putting poison in your mouth

  • P R T

THis product burned my gums so badly that I could not use it. A complete waste of money. I tried using verrrry small amounts, took trays out several times during the application to clean off the excess "liquid Fire" .Didnt help. I have used these "type" of products for years - good thing I knew that this particular product was the issue, or I would have given up on this type of whitening.The method is fine,however this product is murder to your gums. Try another brand unless you want the feeling of severly sunburned gums! OUCH!!!

  • Maria

Super dangerous do not buy!!!. I had to immediately rinse my mouth and ended up with white spots on my gums. Please do not buy this product

  • Georgian4

This did nothing to my teeth. I did it everyday for a week and had no change. I wish I would have put my money towards a better product but you get what u pay for.

  • KArol

The light that it came with, never worked. The trays never molded to my front teeth, and because of the poor quality molds, the gel got all over my gums, and left me with sores.

  • Tom.Se

Didnt really work for my i used it for about 2 months then i just threw it away. What a waste of money