EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit Review by Real Customers in 2021

EasyWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

Overall Rating: 2.1

Capterra Rating: #2.1 .. out of 5 with 6 ratings

Our team of dental-science experts and leading chemists came together with one goal:  To create a safe and natural teeth whitener that worked to help you remove stains, tooth pigments and achieve a pearly white smile.

The result? A easy-to-use solution for whitening your teeth at home that works effectively - without any expensive dental procedure. 

Easywhite, is the #1 at home teeth whitening product that instantly brighten and whitens teeth. It's a safe oral whitening gel that removes stain on your teeth that results to a whiter and brighter smile. 

Customer Reviews

  • Amanda

she reacted even worse she said it was like putting poison in your

This burns your mouth so much you won’t be able to keep it in longer than five minutes. My daughter wanted to try it so I bought another package for her, and she reacted even worse she said it was like putting poison in your mouth

  • P R T

Couldnt Use this! waste of money

THis product burned my gums so badly that I could not use it. A complete waste of money. I tried using verrrry small amounts, took trays out several times during the application to clean off the excess "liquid Fire" .Didnt help. I have used these "type" of products for years - good thing I knew that this particular product was the issue, or I would have given up on this type of whitening.The method is fine,however this product is murder to your gums. Try another brand unless you want the feeling of severly sunburned gums! OUCH!!!

  • Maria

Please do not buy this product

Super dangerous do not buy!!!. I had to immediately rinse my mouth and ended up with white spots on my gums. Please do not buy this product

  • Georgian4

This did nothing to my teeth.

This did nothing to my teeth. I did it everyday for a week and had no change. I wish I would have put my money towards a better product but you get what u pay for.

  • KArol

One star

The light that it came with, never worked. The trays never molded to my front teeth, and because of the poor quality molds, the gel got all over my gums, and left me with sores.

  • Tom.Se

I dont recommend this product!

Didnt really work for my i used it for about 2 months then i just threw it away. What a waste of money