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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

Everybody is aware of the fact that our dental health is one of the most important parts of our overall hygiene. We need to prevent any diseases which may affect our teeth and gums. That is done by practicing good oral hygiene. Brushing our teeth is a highly effective way to keep up our overall oral health and a high number of researches done by doctors and dentists all over the world reveal that flossing is the long lost perfect combination to brushing and some dentists even believe that brushing our teeth without flossing is not effective at all, because it is the flossing that cleans the places between the teeth and along the gum line that are hard to reach by a toothbrush.

It is essential to our oral health to design a highly personalized oral and dental care routine. It is recommended to brush our teeth at least two or three times a day and floss at least once a day, and if you want the best water flosser for your oral health routine, Waterpik is the brand you're looking for.

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This company is located in the United States, but it has a lot of branches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
You can buy Waterpik products at Amazon.com or their official website.
Yes. It is a highly famous and good brand.
Yes, Waterpik is legit.
Yes, Waterpik products are safe and they are clinically tested.
Yes, Waterpik is real.


  • PROS
  • They are clinically tested.

  • They are ADA approved.

  • Their flossing toothbrushes are globally known and proven to be working perfectly.

  • They have fast shipping.

  • They have a very good return policy.

  • CONS
  • Their products are available in limited numbers.



Remy Sharp
JocelynThu Mar 03 2022
JocelynThu Mar 03 2022
Love the products, fab delivery service just not good customer service ! but Everything about this company is spot on !
Remy Sharp
Vanessa B6Sun Feb 27 2022
Vanessa B6Sun Feb 27 2022
I would give no stars if it was an opinion. Customer service is nonresponsive and unprofessional. I will never purchase from waterpik again. They have sent a defective item and are now ignoring my emails. It's so crazy that a company would treat customers like this.



Waterpik is the best brand of water flossers and shower heads that are replaceable. Their water flossers provide an easy and efficient oral care routine using nothing but water. Waterpik is using the latest science and research which leads them to amazing breakthroughs and innovations in technology and health. Their products' safety and effectiveness are clinically proven and they are designed carefully to renew and refresh the overall feeling and health of their users.

Waterpik Company

Waterpik is a highly modern company that, through innovative designs and formulas, makes some of the best and the most amazing oral health products that the market has ever seen. Their flossing toothbrushes are so good that nine out of ten dentists recommend using them to the public. All Waterpik products are approved by America’s dental association.

They also create shower heads that do way more than just a regular shower head; through pulsating streams, you can use its massaging zone to massage different parts of your body and relieve their tension and stress.

Waterpik has a pet water comb too, and through using their pet care products you can clean your pets and give them a nice wash while playing and having fun with them.

What Do Waterpik Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

There are a great number of Waterpik reviews about their products, and they are written mostly by satisfied customers and they reveal that the Waterpik products are of great quality and they really do what they promise to do.

Waterpik Before and After Use

The information that we have received from the users all over the world shows that after using Waterpik flossing toothbrushes, they have experienced cleaner and healthier gums, whiter and brighter teeth and an overall healthier feeling in their teeth, gums and mouths.

Best Waterpik Products

1- Sidekick® Water Flosser, White with Chrome

The Waterpik water flosser uses clean natural water to effectively remove a very high number of plaque from teeth, up to 99.9% of them, and it is clinically proven that it helps improve gum health and it is very much more effective than regular string floss. You will feel deeply fresh and incredibly clean after using this water flosser.


2- Dual PowerPulse Massage Hand Held Shower Head

This Waterpik product features four massaging streams which aim to help your muscles relieve tension and all the built up stress in them. You can use it to target different parts of your body from your lower back through your shoulders.


3- Pet Wand Pro PPR-252

This dog bathing system called Pet Wand Pro can be used indoors with your shower head, or it can be installed outdoors on your garden hose. Its water comb spray enables you to have the wide range of coverage you need to effectively clean your pet. You can change the setting to reach your desired force and pressure. Just make sure to get the latest model PPR-252 when you are attempting to buy this product.

Waterpik Customer Service

Waterpik has a working customer service system and you can contact them at any time using their number: 1-800-525-2774.

Waterpik Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Waterpik product you bought, you can return it to the company through their active return policy and get a full refund of your purchase price.