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Crest's finest and quickest whitening technology is a Teeth whitening kit at home. A portable stain-weakening tool that is light, disposable, and water-resistant. The Crest White Smile with Light whitens substantially better than strips alone when used as instructed. The effects of whitening might last up to 36 months! Apply the light to both the upper and lower teeth until it goes off on its own. In ten days, you'll get all of your results. 1 tooth whitening strip treatment and 10 teeth whitening strip treatments, each containing one upper and one lower strip Apply for 60 minutes once a day.


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The natural teeth whitening service, used by The Crest White Smile is the same sort of light technology used by dentists. The hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening light weakens stains, making it easier for the whitening chemical to function. When compared to strips alone, the outcome is much superior whitening that lasts up to 36 months. Teeth whitening cost at home is not a lot.

The Crest White Smile reviews

The Crest White Smile, the most sophisticated approach to whiten teeth ever, will take your smile to a sparkling new level. The portable light that targets yellow stains boosts the whitening power of the enamel-safe White strips, lightening teeth with the best and quickest whitening technology – and at a fraction of the expense of professional treatments. The Crest White Smile uses the same whitening agent as your dentist, and when combined with the water-resistant, specifically constructed blue light, you'll witness quicker, more dramatic effects. Advanced Seal technology keeps the whitening strips in place for increased convenience, and the benefits last up to 36 months after you finish the whole teeth whitening package.
People are stopped in their tracks by the Crest White Smile. It's seductive and enticing, and most of all, it's within easy grasp. All The Crest 3D White White strips products utilize the same enamel-safe teeth whitening material that dentists use to remove stains from underneath the enamel surface. Find the correct White strip item for you and get a brighter, more dimensional smile.
With The Crest White Smile, you may get stunning whitening effects. The focused light penetrates the enamel to target yellow spots, resulting in quicker and more efficient results than whitening strips alone.
The handheld light, which is developed to whiten your whole smile, is so powerful that it only has to be used for around 10 minutes after each whitening treatment. The effects you'll notice when you've finished will last for up to 36 months.

The Crest White Smile Whitening Kit ingredients

PVP, Water, PEG-8, Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.

The Crest White Smile before and after

You will see the intended benefits and changes after using The Crest White Smile for a short amount of time, which you will enjoy. As you can see, the before and after photos of The Crest White Smile speak for themselves.

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Crest White Smile Teeth Whitening Kits Before and After

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Yes, it is effective. The Crest White White strips are tiny, flexible teeth whitening strips covered in the same efficient teeth whitening gel that dentists use. The strips are contoured to your teeth' shape, and they employ Advanced Seal technology to keep the whitening gel in place. The portable light device is applied after 60 minutes of usage, enabling the specifically developed blue light to penetrate the enamel surface. Yellow stains are weakened, resulting in quicker, whiter results. It's a safe and effective supplement to your beauty regimen when used as indicated. The Crest White strips are made with the same enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredient that dentists utilize to whiten teeth, so you know they're harmless.  
You can buy Teeth Whitening Kits White Smile online on Amazon or its official site.  
USE FOR 30 MINUTES ONCE A DAY. When administered as directed, the treatment lasts 14 days. Use the whole package to get the best results. Each year, you may use up to two kits. APPLY NOW. Remove the top and lower strips from the plastic backing liner and place them on the upper and lower teeth, respectively. WEAR FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES. Take THE TEETH WHITENING STRIPS IMMEDIATELY. HOLD ON. To begin the light therapy, press and hold the two buttons on the device's sides at the same time to switch on the light, then let go. For 5 minutes, place the light against the strips. After 5 minutes, the light will turn off. After that, take out the light and the strips. To make removal easier, start by peeling the strips off the back of your teeth. Show off your dazzling smile. It's better if you don't clean your teeth just before you put the strips on. Apply the whitening strips and leave them on for the time specified on the white strips package. BEFORE USING THE LIGHT, WEAR THE STRIPS FOR THE FULL TIME. To turn on the light, push and hold the two buttons simultaneously for the appropriate time, then release. Place the light near the top white strip until it goes off manually after just a few minutes. Turn on the light and position it near the bottom strip until it goes off on its own after a few minutes. Then take away the light and the strips. When used with The Crest 3DWhitestrips, the Crest LED Accelerator Light whitens teeth.  
You can start using it at 16.  
Sensitive teeth. Following teeth whitening, your teeth may become more sensitive. This might happen on your first or second session, and it will go away with time. Gums that are irritated. Gingival irritation is also a possibility. When your gums get inflamed, this happens.  
$89.99 The Crest White Smile is more cost-effective than other products since it has better quality and produces more good results when compared to other products.  

Customer Reviews

I've used it for 9 days straight for the full 30 minutes. I saw a slight improvement. I don't think my teeth were too stained, just from regular coffee. I didn't see a crazy change .
After the third day, I also had sensitivity in my lower gums, kind of painful.

  • Philip

I'm just on my my third treatment, I think I can see improvement but not as amazing as I've seen with other customers after one or 2 days. Anyway I'm looking forward to complete my 10 days...I'll keep updating :)

  • Tara

After the second day of using this product, I had pain in my gums. I used it again on day 3 and felt the product eating away at my gums. I quickly removed the product and rinsed off. Sure enough, my gums were bleeding and looked like it had receded. This product is very harsh and I don't recommend it.

  • Susan

I purchased the product and used it daily but I have yet to see any changes. After several uses my teeth color is still the same.

  • Karen

Not much difference to before using, only three uses :(, no instructions in the box, wasn’t useful