L’Oreal Paris Makeup Studio Secrets Perfecting Base Reviews

#3 Loreal Paris L’Oreal Paris Makeup Studio Secrets Perfecting Base

Overall Rating: 4.4

Capterra Rating: #4.4 .. out of 5 with 12 ratings
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L’Oreal Paris Makeup Studio Secrets Perfecting Base Reviews

 L’Oreal Paris Makeup Studio Secrets Perfecting Base Review in USA

While the e.l.f. primer is our budget pick, the L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base is by far one of the most popular drugstore primers, and for good reason. Packaged in a small pot, the Magic Perfecting Base appears pink in the jar but blends out. The L’Oreal primer works across skin types, mattifying oily skin, minimizing pores, and even smoothing over texture and scarring with a velvety finish. It works well with most foundations and doubles as a natural highlighter. 

L’Oreal Paris has the best brand of face primer

 L’Oreal Paris Makeup Studio Secrets Perfecting Base Reviews

L'Oréal S.A. is a French personal care company headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine with a registered office in Paris. It is the world's largest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field concentrating on hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care.

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Customer Reviews

  • Elizabeth

Only primer to ever successfully minimize my pores. Thick and stays in place.

  • Kzzephyr

I had to review this right away because I am shook. I have really sensitive, pale skin with freckles and my skin type is patches of oily and extremely dry skin. I have tried a lot of primers in the $5-$40 range and just settled for them being mediocre because I wanted to protect my skin. This primer is so different. For one, a little goes a long way for coverage. Second, it gives my shiny face an amazing matte look. Third, even though it is silicone-based it doesn't interact badly with my other makeup. Most importantly, I feel comfortable just using this and maybe some mascara if I am running late. If I keep adding more layers maybe I'll eventually look like I'm 19 again hah! So excited!

  • bujiyama


I found this to be a great affordable dupe for the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer, and at a fraction of the cost. I am over 50 with large pores in my T-zone, where I also have oil buildup through the day. This primer is great for filling in those pores and smoothing fine lines, and it helps control oil a bit too. I use a very, very tiny amount and pat/blend it in with my fingers. Some heavy primers like this have caused breakouts for me in the past. This one has not, partly since I figured out to use very small amounts and build up only slightly as needed. If you use too much, it can become too heavy and kind of smothering. I find it also works well in combination with other silicone-based primers as well as silicone foundations. Sometimes I use this only on my T-zone and sometimes I use it very sparingly all over my face. Works great either way. I think the key is to use a very small amount over clean well-hydrated skin. I will definitely buy this again and wish I had known about it sooner, before shelling out the $$ for the Tarte primer



  • AnnieT303


I've had this product for quite a long time and didn't really like it very much at first. But.... I've used it more recently and it's (IMO) comparable to, if not better than, the Gerovital H3 Evolution primer and also the Hylamide HA Blur. Actually I like using this more and have recently discovered this is also an excellent eyelid primer! Like many, I have very oily lids. But I was really surprised when I tested it a couple of weeks ago, using this on one eyelid, and Urban Decay eye primer on the other. I let both sit for a few minutes after application, and then applied the same eyeshadow to both. Surprisingly, about 5 hours later, and then after a total of 9 hours, the L'Oreal perfecting primer kept my eyeshadow beautifully intact! That NEVER happens for me - I need to touch up my eyes a bit, usually mid-day. With the Urban Decay side, it was the usual ol' thing where my eyeshadow was somewhat patchy. But the L'Oreal side....wow....my eyeshadow 9 hours later looked just as it had after applying it! The only comparable eyeshadow primer to this is the Elizabeth Moss "Thank Me Later" eye primer, which is, in my experience, also FANTASTIC! Both the L'Oreal and the Elizabeth Mott are currently $15.00 each on Amazon, but you get more product with the L'Oreal.



  • ladybug123


This product is great for me I sedan it areas where I have enlarged pores and use another primer on the rest of my face it fill my pores it gives a smooth finish a bit on the pricy side of the drugstore .will definitely continue to use.



  • chrisie


I would not buy this again. I was actually really disappointed with this. The primer did have a nice texture, but when applying it on my face It balled up. Didn't spread out smoothly. I was wearing L'oreal's Pro-matte foundation & made it look really patchy. Just an awful mess =(



  • AprilSantiano


As a makeup junkie, I must tell you that this is a hidden gem in the world of drugstore makeup. For one, I am someone who suffers from old acne scars (i.e. pit scars, box and rolling scars) and used to buy the Clarins Instant Smooth Primer and would pay $ 38.00 per jar. Mind you, it lasted me for so long but having to spend that money on a primer was just too much for me considering I have dupe from the drugstore. The secret of this primer is the way it makes all of my textures a little less textured. Yes, it can get oily. However you will need to do the following steps to apply this: Application: Don't apply this primer like your lotion type primers by massaging it to your skin - this is a BIG NO!!!!!!! You have to pat this primer on to your skin. I repeat "pat" on to your skin. Wait for at least 2 minutes before you apply your foundation and you'll thank me for it. Also, a little goes a long way. Start with a tiny amount and add as needed. I hope that L'Oreal will never stop making this. It is truly an amazing primer!



  • geekymakeup


I heard many say this product is a dupe for many high-end primers. I had to try it. The price is right. The jar is quite small but you really don't need alot of product. The smell is very light and almost no smell. The product is thick when applied. It is very moisturizing and appeared to full in fine lines and pores, but after less than 6 hours this separated on my face and cake up at the same time! So weird. It really exaggerated my pores and I couldn't wait to take my makeup off.



  • tigirlyly


So I'm also looking for a good primer. This one is a proper dupe for Tarte's smoothing primer. It's surprising not a bad primer at all. Mousse like consistency. I pat this over my T zone only. My foundation wear well over this primer. No offensive fragrance. No breakouts. It's just in a jar, and it get under my nails when I scoop out the product. L'Oreal needs to tube this primer.



  • makeupuser234


This isn't a "dupe" for a high end primer - this is a high end primer! Loreal owns almost every cosmetic company out there -- including many high end brands and they make the cosmetics for these high end brands. With that said - what difference does the packaging make? This stuff works. The way I use it is I put my skincare on first - serums for example, no sunscreen, then I tap this stuff on, and once it sets, I put my tinted sunscreen on. Let that dry and then put my foundation. It keeps me matte for at least 6 to 7 hours and seems to make my pores looks smaller as well. The only reason why I don't reach for it much is the lousy jar packaging. Gross.

  • mbennett23

Loved this stuff to begin with, as it was great with blurring large pores and smoothing over acne scars to create a uniform canvas for my foundation. Unfortunately it made me break out in HUGE cystic acne, and nothing else has ever done that before to me. Needless to say, I won't be repurchasing.

  • mirrkat

So far this is my favorite primer/base! Pros: -Blurs pores & smooths out texture, immediately. -The little glass jar is super cute! -It is on the thicker side, but once you warm it up, it applies easily(I use a Q-Tip to get the product out, instead of my fingers). -Feels silky/velvety on skin Cons: -Pricey for such a tiny jar. I don't use it everyday, but if you did, then I'd imagine you'd run out fast! -If you use too much, it could pill! This works great for my pores, but I've noticed that it tends to pill around my nose, if I use too much product! A little goes a long way. Overall, I love it & I would totally recommend it for my fellow large pores crowd!