The BrowGal Eyebrow Powder Reviews in 2021

#4 The BrowGal BrowGal Eyebrow Powder

Overall Rating: 4.5

Capterra Rating: #4.5 .. out of 5 with 12 ratings
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BrowGal Eyebrow Powder Reviews

BrowGal Eyebrow Powder Reviews

It's no secret that Team Byrdie is obsessed with all things The BrowGal, and this convertible brow powder is definitely one of the best. Each palette boasts three different shades to easily take your look from day to night. Plus, each pot can be used as powder or pomade. Simply wet the formula for the ultimate transformation and long-lasting definition. Another fun fact? Every color in the collection was hand-mixed by The BrowGal herself, Tonya Crooks.


BrowGal is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read BrowGal reviews.

BrowGal Eyebrow Powder Reviews

Created by celebrity makeup artist and brow expert, Tonya Crooks, The BrowGal products are a celebrity favorite and ideal choice for fuller, thicker eyebrows!


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Customer Reviews

  • Wisemagl

The best I’ve ever tried. Doesn’t flake or smear, stays put and looks extremely natural. Definitely recommend this product

  • Yana S.

I used it as a finishing touch after applying a different brow gel and it fills in those empty spaces easily. It didn’t give me a harsh pigmentation and it helps ur hair stay put. I would seriously recommend this brand. By the way, it has a tiny cute brush really made for brows

  • Berkeley H.

I like this product since it comes with three shades for you to mix and match and create your perfect shade. A little hard to work with at first but I really love the look this product gives me.

  • Daniella B.

this is my everyday eyebrow shadow. since i have thick eyebrows it works perfectly for me to just lightly fill them in. it’s super east to apply and works amazing. i would highly recommend!!

  • Samantha B.

I really enjoyed using this product. I lived the trio shade ranges it provides for sharing, filling and blending. It says it's a powder / Pomade dual but could never get it to work as a pomade

  • Sydanee H.

I like this product. You do have to dip your brush in water first to get the product to do it's best. The browgal brand formula tends to be on the light side for natural looks. I do like this better then their tinted brow gel with microfibers product.

  • Aurora S.

I’ve used this everyday for years. It is my favorite eyebrow product. The middle and dark options are the best, the brush glides on nice and leaves my brows looking airbrushed on almost. I have bought this several times.

  • Lesli D.

I don’t really like eyebrow powder but this one is amazing!! Stays on all day with my eyebrow gel i use. And super pigmented. I got is as a gift and i will definitely buy another one. I use it on friends a lot when i do their makeup

  • Jorie N.

I really love this brow powder! I personally only use the middle shade which stinks cause I’m wasting the other two, but that is a perfect color for me! It is more of a light powder that sinks into the brow really well. Helps fill in my sparse areas.

  • Gray D.

This product was decent Atleast for darkening my brows properly and making them even matched. This was one of my first brow kits I’ve ever used so it was a start to a new world for me. 3 different shades to get the exact look your craving for those eyebrows.

  • Heather D.

This brow powder compact is fabulous! I really like it. It has great pigmentation and lasts much better than you would expect many powder formulas to last. With a fine tipped brush, you can draw hair strokes easily to help build up sparse brows. This is great for bushy brows, defined Instagram brows, and light natural brows too. Definitely recommend.

  • Elizabeth M.

My go to brow product. I prefer a natural looking brow over a super defined one. This gives me just that, I usually use the middle shade and with a slanted point brush apply through my brows with quick brush strokes, concentrating on the tails of my brows, then with a spooly I comb through to diffuse any harsh strokes. I use the 3rd darkest shade when ever I want a bit more of a dramatic brow. I have natural level 2(darkest brown) hair for reference.