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Bioluma Eyelash Serum

Overall Rating: 1.4

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 Bioluma Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews

When I was about to order my first container of Bioluma's eyelash growth serum, I wasn't sure if this eyelash serum works at all and you're probably asking yourself the same right now. Well fellows, good news is that Bioluma's eyelash serum does actually work! I've always hated the look of my eyelashes as they were pretty short and sparse and I lived with them almost my whole life so, you could imagine the torment I've gone through. I had tried almost all the oils available on the market by the age of 25 just to get my lashes a bit longer, but that had nothing but disappointment in it.


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I was about to give up the dream of having my ideal set of eyelashes when Bioluma's eyelash growth serum came around. In less than a month I could already notice the thickening of my lashes and soon all the empty parts of my eyelids were finally covered with eyelashes. During the time I used this eyelash serum, I didn't experience any sort of irritation or discoloration of my eyelids. Also, Bioluma's eyelash growth serum felt great on the lashes and didn't stick them together. Plus, the gloss it gave the lashes was nice on the eyes. 

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Now let's see what makes Bioluma's eyelash growth serum so special. 

Looking through the ingredients, there's one that especially fuels Bioluma's eyelash serum and that's Malus Domestica

(Apple fruit cell culture extract). 

So, what's Malus Domestica? Basically, it consists of stem cells that have been derived from a rare kind of Swiss apple because of its considerable effects on the skin and hair's health. It has highly antioxidant properties and is one of the vital ingredients needed for hair growth and thickening of hair.


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Let's go over some of Bioluma's eyelash growth serum reviews.

Based on the reviews given on the official website (click here) there hasn't been a case of irritation ensuring that Bioluma's eyelash serum is gentle on the eyes, and after using this amazing eyelash serum for 5 months now, I can declare that I haven't experienced even the slightest irritation during this whole time.

Also, if you look through the reviews, you'll see there's a high success rate and most of the consumers have been satisfied with their purchase; in some cases, the product has even exceeded their expectations to the point they thought it was impossible to get such results. 

If you're interested to know more about other people's experiences with Bioluma's eyelash growth serum, you can read all the reviews by clicking here.

It's time for some Q&A's!

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Twist the bottom part of the container in order to load the brush with the eyelash serum. Then, carefully apply the serum above the eyelash line on both eyelids. Remember not to rub your eyes while the serum is wet and if you're looking forward to the best results, apply this serum twice a day.

In order to purchase a tube of Bioluma's fascinating eyelash growth serum, make sure to visit (link) and order your very own tube right now!

Bioluma's eyelash growth serum's magical formula is mainly fueled by Malus Domestica (Apple fruit cell culture extract), an extract containing stem cells derived from a rare kind of Swiss apple, clinically proven to have a very vital role in hair's growth and thickening. Apart from that, Bioluma's eyelash serum contains other premium plant extracts, improving the formula. Also, the ingredients have been proven hypoallergenic assuring you that there will be no irritations whatsoever.


People react differently to the products and  results differ from one individual to another so it honestly depends on the way your body reacts to Bioluma's eyelash growth serum and the current state of your lashes. The desirable amount can also play a role as wanting to have long lashes while your current lashes are very short takes way more time than when you have medium length lashes and want longer lashes.

And in the end, here's why you should choose Bioluma's eyelash growth serum over its rivals. While Bioluma's eyelash serum comes at a noticeably fairer price, it also has a more efficient packaging and the use of Malus Domestica (Apple fruit cell culture extract) is an innovation, making this amazing eyelash serum even more special than before!

Customer Reviews

  • FU7

Not worth the money!!

I’ve been using this product for about a month now and see NO difference. I’ve used another eyelash enhancer and I seen results within a two weeks An it was way cheaper!!!.. Not only doesn’t it work but there is VERY little product inside. 

  • Donna S.


I had been looking for serums for a while and when I came across Bioluma eyelash serum I did my research. I looked up every ingredient, I checked their fine print and all. I have compared this to Idol lash and this is nothing like that. Bioluma is nothing like Idol lash. Anyone can do their research and easily find that out. All I can say is that I LOVE BIOLUMA!! I recommend it to all my friends all the time. I have been using it for over 6 months now and I see results and others have complimented on my eyelashes. As a make up artist I have tried lots of products and am very careful as to what I put on my face. This product is legit and works well. I am not sure why this website is saying these false claims. I think this is one of those competitors websites making false claims to boost their own products. READERS BE AWARE!!! As a customer I rely on websites to give me honest reviews and here I am finding all fake info...really disgusting!! I recommend BIOLUMA and will continue to be using it.

  • Mia S.

Bioluma slimming cream

I love it. I have been using it for a couple of months now. And I can tell the difference. My mid section feels firmer and the cellulite on my thighs are almost gone. I love it so far. I'll keep using it and update this in a few months.

  • Sally Rath

After my first review they said me…

After my first review they said me their representative is checking my case. It is actually wrong. Nobody contacted me after this. I haven’t got my refund yet. Stupidity wasting your money and believing to the good reviews of bought people

  • Anna


HORRENDOUS COMPANY!!!! had a bad reaction to their eyelash serum (never had an allergic reaction in my life). won’t refund or return my messages.

  • Sarah R.5

Let me start off by saying i LOVED the…

Let me start off by saying i LOVED the eyelash serum.. my eyelashes were soooo long everyone noticed. But after a while I woke up with swollen eyes.. watery.. and red. This went away after a few days but ever since then I have suffered eczema like dryness and rash around my eyes and on my eyelash line for months after discontinuing use.

  • Tamara W.

Sneaky and difficult

Product makes eyes itch and burn slightly.

Also they have subscriptions that are really difficult to get out of. I have requested to cancel twice and they have ignored and charged me $124 aud each time. They have not offered a refund.

  • milan s.

Very ineffective. I have used a few different eyelash serums


 and always got good results even when not using it regularly. I purchased this product because they were having a special and have been applying it religiously day and night but my eyelashes... which were looking pretty good from the previous products - have regressed and gotten worse.

  • Mia S.

I love it

I love it. I had issues with some other products I have used. But I have had no side effects with this serum. I'm so happy with my lashes now....

  • Adriana W.

First Bottle Results

I'm still only on the first bottle, but have seen improvements in the length and health of my eyelashes.

  • Alexis May


This product ruined my natural lashes. They fell out and when they grew back, they were thin, short, and grew in all directions. They show no sign of returning to their original condition, and it has been several months. 

  • Levineee

This product is not good

Unfortunately this is no good for me my eyes became dry and itchy, constantly watering and my eyelids are red and swollen one worse than the other! Worse infect than when I had my eyeliner tattooed on!

  • linda E.

Im not satisfied with bioluma

I have been using the serum for at least a month and have not noticed any change in my eyelashes.Im not satisfied with bioluma

  • Adriana W.

First Bottle Results

I'm still only on the first bottle, but have seen improvements in the length and health of my eyelashes.


  • Seema K.

Love my lashes!

I love my lashes after I used bioluma. it's gentle on my skin. no irritation what so ever. and best of all its half the price of GrandeLash .. I used grandelash for 5 months and no difference.

2 months into bioluma and I see thicker eyelashs and now they are growing longer too.

  • Klara B.

I'm not sure if I can see a difference.

I have been using the serum for at least a month and have not noticed any change in my eyelashes yet, I forget to apply the product in between days and maybe that's also a reason, I continued using it more intensively recently and I hope it's gonna work soon!


  • Estor J.

I love Bioluma!

I have had a great experience with bioluma. Their products are unique, top quality and the customer service is amazing and quick. loveit!


  • Eilee T.

Not Working!!

No side effects but didn't see results. The price is on the high side for a product that does nothing to the lashes. Won't recommend this at all.

  • Consumer like You

Requested return without customer service response. Never responded to request.
Tingling sensation burning sensation. Discontinued after 3 attempts.

  • Janice E. Liszewski

This product worked wonders. I have dry eye disease, meibomianitis, and blepharitis and because of those conditions, my eyelashes on the affected eye were sparse. Bioluma, with its wonderful ingredients, did not irritate my eyes. Within two weeks, my eyelashes grew back. I am so happy with this product. It is a gem!

  • Tom Schmitz

I love that this product is natural, and easy on the lashes, also, that they made it easy to see the ingredients. I have tried so many many products, and they were too harsh, and made my lashes fall out. This Bioluma is very gentle , and moisturizing for them. I have tried it for three weeks, I see a very slight growth, and I will give it the entire 3 months try,...whether they grow any more or not, I will still love this product , bec it is great for my weak lashes. Ive ordered 3 more. A happy customer


9 weeks and no change. will continue another month. Used another product 3 years ago and had results in 2 months.

  • Irina P

I'm so mad that these ass holes continued to charge my card n never sand me anything. Every number I called was fake

  • Sabrina

Total scam. I signed up for a free trial and the second I gave my card information, it charged me $114 for a miscellaneous face cream. That resulted in charged over drafts on my account. It's been 3 months since the item have been returned I have yet to get any type of resolution or a refund! Please do not fall for it. I am a real person, this company won't even let me speak to a supervisor and I have been calling nonstop for over two months and still no refund.