Babe lash Eyelash Serum Reviews in 2021

Babe lash Eyelash Serum Reviews in 2021

Overall Rating: 3.0

Capterra Rating: #3.0 out of 5 with 10 ratings

Babe Lash Serum Review. Does This Thing Really Work?

Babe Lash Serum is a product that aims to condition and strengthen brittle lashes.

The brand claims that their Prostaglandin technology helps to stimulate the skin around the eyes, leading to fuller, healthier looking lashes. The product is also supposed to produce quick results, with lashes looking longer in as few as four weeks.

But can Babe Lash Serum live up to the hype?




  • Babe Lash Serum is effective for some customers.
  • Its formula extends and thickens lashes, giving people the desired results.
  • While some customers found that their eyelashes became thicker within a short time frame, others found that it took several months for their lashes to reach the desired length.


  • Some customers say that Babe Lash Serum irritates their eyes.
  • This manifests in a number of ways, ranging from pink symptoms that resemble pink eye to generic itchiness.
  • Customers whose eyes were irritated by the serum had difficulty using makeup or wearing contacts until the rash went away.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this product.

What You Need to Know About Babe Lash Serum

Key Features:

Babe Lash Serum comes in a gold, mascara-like tube. The serum is applied to the top and bottom lashes with a small brush. Over the course of several weeks, Babe Lash Serum is supposed to improve the look and length of the lashes.

The company recommends that users apply the serum once a day to clean, dry skin. A single brush stroke is good enough for each lash line. While the company suggests that some users notice results within weeks, they also note that sometimes it takes months for the full effects to be achieved.

Each user will have a different reaction to Babe Lash Serum. Ideally, however, at the end of a several month period, lashes should look longer, fuller, and effortless. This can reduce the need for heavy makeup application and boost confidence.



  1. The main ingredients in Babe Lash Serum are water and glycerin. The serum also contains grape seed extract, leaf extract, ginseng root extract, and much more. The combination of natural ingredients and hi-tech chemical compounds is intended to augment lashes safely and effectively.                                                                                                                                                              
  2. The product has been tested by dermatologists, and the company states that side effects are rare. The company also asserts that it's safe to use the product with contact lenses. If irritation of any kind does occur, users should immediately discontinue use of the product.                                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. There are two available sizes of Babe Lash Serum. Users who purchase the 2mL size tube should expect the product to last for about three months. If you purchase the 4mL size tube, it can last for up to six months. If you run out of the product, you should expect to see the results diminish due to discontinued use.


Babe Lash Serum is tolerated by most users. It can cause irritation, however, and people who have sensitive skin or eyes may want to steer clear of this product.

At more than $40, some users may feel that Babe Lash Serum is too expensive for the amount of product. There are less expensive lash serums on the market that provide similar results.

While this serum seems to be well tolerated by a majority of users, it is not without its drawbacks. Considering the high price point, the small containers, and the occasional irritating side effects, Babe Lash Serum shouldn't be the first choice of long lash enthusiasts.

Eyelash Serum

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 BabeLash Eyelash Serum Before and After

Questions and Answers

Customer Reviews

  • Sarah Smith

Super sensitive skin need not apply .... babe lash

This product is exactly as advertised! My friends had amazing results. I have very sensitive skin and eyes. I used the product exactly as directed but had extremely red eyes and red and raw skin after using it for 3 weeks. I discontinued use, but my lashes were long and beautiful a week after I quit. My skin and eyes were too irritated to use contacts, but my eyelashes still brush my glasses with mascara now. I had the shortest blonde lashes before! I wish that my eyes and skin would tolerate this product!


  • Flanamom

Initially I had only given Babe Lash one star, after 2 months' use. Well! All of a sudden, in the 3rd month of use, vavooom! My eyelashes are discernibly longer and thicker! So give it 3 months, folks. I now possess fringey, long, thicker lashes that far exceed what my normal 60+ year old lashes typically look like. Took off one star because it did cause a slight discoloration right above the lash line, but not too bad, and makeup covers it easily. Will buy again for sure. Ah the price of beauty!


  • Peggy S.

Darkens and grows brows where not applied.

Been using this on my sparse brows and they are filling in after just 3 weeks. My only concern with these product is I wonder how/why it is turning my brows so dark in color. I am fair skinned, have always had to use a 'blonde' color eye brow pencil. Also,, though it's not a big deal, I have to wax my brows every week now. Seems to make them grow in places I don't apply product. As in between my brow and eye, side and tops of actual brows. Just an interesting observation. Overall, I am thrilled just to have brows again. After having them tattooed many years ago, the tattoo faded and my brows would not grow where the tattoo was applied. Had tattooed again, but it did not 'take'. The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 is how dark my brows are now. Does not look natural for my coloring.

  • Michelle Williams

Hurt my eyes

I had high hopes for this product because a friend recommended it. It made my eyes hurt. Where the line is that you swipe on your eyelash line is, it felt like it was sunburned. It also made my eyes boogery. I used it for a week and got tired of my eyes hurting. Once I stopped using it and washed my face really good, my eyes returned to normal.

  • Nancy

Works too well - I have hairy eyelids too now

The product definitely works and I'm truly amazed and curious as to how it works. I have super short slick straight Asian eye lashes. Unfortunately, it has also caused the hair on my eyelids to lengthen and darken. Although I love having decent eyelashes for once in my life, I don't think it's worth the extra plucking close above my lash line where my Asian eyelids roll over my eyelashes to some degree. ugh. It was good while it lasted! I've got to stop using it now.

  • Dorislee

I have been using this for about 2 months. I started out with very short eyelashes that would fall out. I now have eyelashes that are over half an inch long. They are also thicker. I apply it every night before bed just to the base of my eyelashes on the upper lids. I am amazed at how well Babe Lash works. I am 64 and I have beautiful lashes that look great with just a little mascara. Just be patient and before you know lashes galore. Well worth the high price tag and there is plenty of product to last. I have just ordered my second bottle.


  • Jessica M

I started using this product 2 years ago when eyelash extensions broke my eyelashes off. This made my lashes grow back quickly and much longer than they were before. I applied every day when I first started, but now only apply a few times a week before bed. Sometimes my eyelids turn a little pink when using it every day, but when I cut back to a few times a week, I haven't had any problems. I was nervous to order a serum because I have green eyes and have read that some serums can change your eye color, but I haven't had any issues with this at all. I recommend this product to all my friends.



  • Liza R

I’ve been using Grandelash for years now and I order directly from their website since I notice that Amazon doesn’t have really control of the quality of the products the sellers sell here. Many of them are expired or about to expire. Anyway, I bought Babe Lash because of the reviews. After using this for almost 2 months I didn’t see any difference in my lashes compared to Grande Lash. Furthermore, when I received the product there’s barely anything in it. It’s probably old and has dried out.


  • Berangere L

Unfortunately i believe i am allergic to it , at least my left eye is!
Put a little bit of product in my left eye 4 days ago by accident and i am still suffering from itching, watering and gunky eye even though i am treating it. Looks like pink eye. Very disappointed.

  • LizBeth628

I've read a lot of reviews for various lash serums but decided to try Babe Lash due to a recommendation from a co-worker. I noticed it said NOT to use on lower lashes, I wasn't sure why. I wanted my lower lashed to be thicker so thought there would be no harm. After using the product almost daily for 6-8 weeks, I just found out why they tell you to ONLY apply to TOP lashes! I thought I had eye goop on the inside corner of both eyes after washing my face from leftover make up. I pulled out the tweezers to get the stray eye lash that was trapped on the inner corner of my eye right at the bump in the inner corner, but alas it was attached!!!! Yes, I ended up plucking at least 6-10 small fine eye lashes that were growing out from the inner corner of both eyes!!! I unfortunately learned the hard way and am a bit grossed out, why they tell you not to put it on lower lashes!!!! Product works great, perhaps too well if instructions are not followed explicitly!