Babe lash Reviews: Does it really work? [side effect]

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Babe lash Eyelash Serum Reviews

We all know how effective long eyelashes are in eye beauty; Many people implant eyelashes or use false eyelashes to have long, thick eyelashes and an attractive look. But the potential harms of these methods cannot be denied.

In this article, we decided to answer all your questions by reviewing this unique product so that we can guide you in deciding to buy this product. So if you are going to buy Babe Lash eyelash growth serum or you are hesitant about choosing it, stay tuned to this article.

Babe Lash Serum Review, Does This Thing Really Work?

Dermatologists and ophthalmologist have analyzed the Babe Lash serum and found that it is 91 percent allergen free, due to not containing any nickel or preservatives. This lash serum is also vegan and gluten free.The goal of the Babe Lash Serum is to have longer and fuller lashes by following the lashes’ growth cycle. Based on before and after pictures and customer reviews, apparently there are many positive feedback to this product, but some seem to be biased.

This is a beauty treatment, so it takes time and it has its side effects as well. The side effects can cause uncomfortable sensations for your eyes and skin, so try to be aware. While the results are unmistakable, the serum can take too long to work and, it may cause redness in the eyes. This serum is also hard to find in traditional stores. Babe Lash Essential Serum is a valuable option if you are looking for stronger and thicker lashes, although what it lacks in natural ingredients, it makes up in price and packaging. 

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Babe Lash Serum Review

Eyelashes have a great effect on the beauty of the eyes, but it is worth noting that the role of eyelashes is beyond beauty. Eyelashes protect the eyes from foreign invading agents, which may cause eye infections or injuries, thus affecting vision.

Each Babe Lash eyelash growth serum follows a natural growth cycle that lasts approximately 3 to 6 months. Every human being is born with a number of hair follicles, and this number remains almost constant throughout life.

The upper eyelid has about 90 to 200 lashes and the lower eyelid has about 70 to 100 lashes. The life cycle of eyelashes consists of 3 phases: anagen, catagen and telogen

Anagen (growth phase): At this stage, the eyelashes grow. Naturally, eyelashes grow only to a certain extent. This cycle takes between 30 and 45 days.

Catagen (transformation phase): When eyelashes grow to their normal set limit, they stop growing and the follicles begin to shrink. If eyelashes fall out or are pulled out during this period, they will not enter the regrowth phase until the end of this period. This course normally lasts 2 to 3 weeks.


Telogen (resting phase): This stage is the longest period of the eyelash life cycle; And it usually takes more than 100 days. Eyelashes fall out during the telogen period, which usually lasts 4 to 8 weeks, and then a new eyelash is born.

Of course, you need to know that not all lashes grow in the same cycle at the same time. Because if all the lashes had the same cycle, they would all fall out at once.


Based on the above cycle, it is normal to lose 1 to 5 lashes a day, but there are many people who lose more lashes than the normal daily average.

Sometimes rapid eyelash loss (known as madarosis) can warn of a disease in the eye or other parts of the body. In addition, eyelash loss can have many other causes.

 BabeLash Eyelash Serum

My opinion in term of this product:

I have been using Babe Lash eyelash growth serum for six weeks and It really has a significant effect on the growth and strength of eyelashes (if used accordingly).

It is not allergenic, easy to use, incredibly fast and has an unbelievable effect regarding to eyelash growth and lifting. I am very, very satisfied and I have been using it for 6 months now and I was satisfied with everyone who i have suggested.

The main focus of the Babe Lash company is to provide products that can maximize the natural beauty of people.  

In recent years, Babe Lash researchers have developed state-of-the-art molecules that can activate the body's natural growth and regeneration potential using state-of-the-art research technologies in medicine, chemistry and biology.

Research findings have led Babe Lash to use new ingredients that have amazing effects on the natural beauty of skin and hair.

The Babe Lash eyelash growth serum product formulation is a great alternative to conventional, traditional and even cosmetic surgeries. 

Babe Lash includes a diverse group of skin and beauty products that, regardless of gender and age, as a final step in beauty care, can significantly improve the health, beauty and appearance of people. 

All Babe Lash products are tested for effectiveness and skin compatibility under the most rigorous studies. Also, all products are prepared and produced in accordance with dermatology standards and international guidelines of the European Union of Beauty Products

Considering that one of the most effective and famous products of this company is its eyelash strengthening serum, we have introduced this unique product in the following.


Babe Lash eyelash strengthening serum is a revolutionary product of this company that is able to make eyelashes longer and thicker. This product increases the growth of eyelashes by up to 50%. 

Contains active nutrients and a complex of highly effective compounds that strengthen and stimulate the roots of growing and inactive lashes. In this way, the eyelashes are encouraged to grow normally.

The result of using this product is achieving longer, more beautiful and attractive eyelashes.

eyelash growth serum reviews

If, at the same time as eyelash loss, a person notices eyebrow and / or scalp hair loss, this condition may be a sign of a systemic health problem or a disease.

The most common causes of general hair loss, which also affects the eyelashes, are:

Alopecia areata (regional baldness):

Alopecia areata is caused by an immune system disorder that causes hair loss. Immune cells attack the hair follicles, causing them to fall out. This can cause hair loss or loss of only part of the eyebrows, beard, eyelashes or scalp. There is no cure for this condition. In this case, topical products can be effective.

Prolonged alopecia is often inherited. Acute alopecia (sudden and temporary hair loss) can also be caused by surgery, chronic illness, fever, flu, anemia, childbirth or aging.

 BabeLash Eyelash Serum

Thyroid disorder:

The thyroid is a gland located in the neck that is responsible for controlling the body's hormones. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can both cause hair and eyelash loss.

Hyperthyroidism can lead to heat intolerance, sleep problems, weight loss, low neck swelling and headaches. In this case, the hair is cut and there is a regional loss on the scalp, eyelashes or hair.

On the other hand, hypothyroidism causes symptoms such as cold intolerance, dry skin, constipation and weight gain. In this case, the eyelashes and eyebrows become thin due to thinning, dryness and fragility.

Other causes of eyelash loss

Other less common causes of general hair and eyelash loss include:

  • Chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, osteoarthritis, lupus and scleroderma
  • Chronic stress
  • Nutritional poverty
  • Hormonal changes (such as menopause)
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Taking some medications

Babe Lash eyelash serum ingredients

Proprietary patent for eyelash growth Babe Lash: eyelash growth stimulator, eyelash length enhancer, eyelash color intensifier, eyelash volume and density enhancer.

Exclusive Complex: Moisturizing, repairing and strengthening eyelashes

Biotin (Vitamin B7): Regenerates and repairs eyelashes, stimulates eyelash growth

Hyaluronic acid: hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture from the air), conditioning, volumizing and strengthening eyelashes

Amino glycan glucose: hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture from the air), healing, regenerative

Provitamin B5: anti-inflammatory, healing, hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture from the air), regenerative

Arginine: Growth stimulant, nutritious, regenerative

One of the well-known products for growing and increasing the thickness of eyelashes, which has very good results. 

This product can really make eyelashes longer and thicker and contains compounds that strengthen the roots of the eyelashes, and the effect of this function in stimulating eyelash growth has been proven.

Therefore, it is natural that consumers' expectations from this product are very high, and of course, by comparing the before and after photos of consumers of this product, we realize that this expectation is not very unreasonable. The consumer has stated that he has used this product for 2 years and Babe Lash is one of the magical products that is really worth buying.

Babe lash Eyelash serums are safe

Babe Lash has been dermatologist-tested, is free of parabens, and is safe for contact lens wearers and for use with lash extensions. Although, there are some reports that this product does sting a bit and cause some irritation but it does work well. However, your eyelashes will all fall out as soon as you discontinue the product.

Babe lash eyelash serum side effects

Some side effects worth mentioning include red and irritated eyes, inflamed eyes, increased sensitivity, and irritation encompassing the eye area. More significant side effects may be the darkening of the irises or the skin around the eyes, as well as red and inflamed eyelids. Stop using the product as soon as you notice side effects.

Babe Lash eyelash serum before and after

Applying the Babe Lash eyelash serum is very easy and works just like a normal eyeliner.

Apply a small amount of serum on the upper lash line of dry and oily eyelid skin.

It is recommended to be used once a day (preferably before going to bed) after washing and drying the eyes. The product's brush is designed in such a way that it can be used in areas completely close to the root of the eyelashes. Allow the product to absorb well, then use other skin care products (such as around the eyes) if desired.


Based on consumer feedback, this product really works!

Babe Lash serum is still an ancient product. But looking at the ingredients of it, it is easy to see that Babe Lash's claim is not baseless.

According to the company, the Babe Lash serum is suitable for people who have suffered from dryness, shedding and eyelash damage for any reason. 

Most consumers were ordinary people who wanted longer, more voluminous and beautiful eyelashes; And Babe Lash has really made their wish come true.

The texture of this product is pleasant and does not cause stickiness, it is very easy to use and according to consumers, after 2 to 4 weeks, the results of consumption are quite obvious. 

Another point that can be considered the advantage of this product, is the possibility of makeup and mascara after consumption. In addition, people who do not wear makeup should know that Babe Lash serum has no color. Therefore, it can be easily used. Although you should bear in mind the fact that there may be some side effects accompanied with this product. Some side effects to watch out for include red and irritated eyes, increased sensitivity, irritation around the eye area, and inflamed eyes. More serious side effects may include darkening of the irises or the skin around the eyes, as well as red and inflamed eyelids. So before trying it out, you should consult your doctor, especially if you have a history of allergies.

BabeLash Eyelash Serum Before and After

 BabeLash Eyelash Serum Before and After

Questions and Answers

Babe Lash claims to deliver longer and fuller-looking lashes with daily use. I found this to be true and have experienced noticeable results within as little as two weeks. Since I dropped the ball in progress pics- check out for some great before and after photos.
Product details Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No  Item model number : 0704129541290  UPC : 704129541290  Manufacturer : Babe Lash  ASIN : B07BKV4B6Q  This serum is easier to find online and these are the top online stores: Babe Lash online store, shop directly from the company Walmart online store, where the price might be more competitive Amazon, to pair it up with other Babe Lash products  
This product comes in three sizes: 2ML, lasts up to 3 months 4ML, lasts up to 6 months Mini, lasts up to 6 weeks Apply serum every night directly to your lash line on clean, dry skin. One dip of the wand is enough serum for both eyes. Avoid touching your eyes until serum has dried. When you're satisfied with the results, continue to apply serum 2-3 times per week to maintain lashes.  
Some ingredients in Babe Lash are unanimously acceptable including: Various Botanicals: chamomilla recutita flower extract, ginseng root extract. Vitis vinifera seed extract, which is another botanical extract found to thicken lashes and promote hair growth. On the other hand, the ingredient Prostaglandin has gotten bad press as other lash serums failed to disclose its side effects, but the truth is: it is a synthetic form of something your body is already producing. Most commonly found in medications used to treat glaucoma, Prostaglandin is also used in a wide array of prescription grade lash serums. This powerful ingredient is allowing prescription serums to rake in a premium because of the undeniable results.
Babe lash uses naturally fortified ingredients that are safe and reliable. This product has a strict policy on not using any harmful material in their production, such as paraben and sulfur and mineral oils, so it is pretty much safe for general populace.
Yes according to research conducted by our specialists, it is legit.

Customer Reviews

  • BellaC

After the first use my eyes were red by the second they were itchy, bloodshot and even my eye lids were significantly darker. I looked sickly and it clouded my vision, so I stopped using it for a couple weeks. Last night I put it on again to try and woke up this morning with red,itch eyes, dark circles and my eyes were a bit swollen/puffy.

  • Selen

It does absolutely nothing. It kind of made my eyes feel dry. And I could put up with that if it actually worked. By after using it consistently I’ve found it does absolutely nothing.

  • Lori

This worked as promised for me. My so-so lashes are now very noticeable and are both thicker and longer. I still wear mascara daily but without it, I no longer look bald. Keep in mind that long lashes, like long hair, require more effort for a great look. I spend more time separating them and making them evenly spaced than when they were shorter.

  • Lin

I really wanted to like this product BUT it made my eyes red all day. Even eye drops didn't help. And I never had this type of problem with any type of eye product.

  • Sophii

Not for me, It made my eyelids itchy. I continue to use it because I really want to see if it works or not after almost a month I don’t see any difference so it’s not something I will buy again.

  • Ren

it's not for sensitive eyes at all. I've used several other eyelash serums before without any issues, but this product irritated my eyelids a lot. I can't continue using this product and will go back to using my eyelash serum.

  • Tida

Is my third day using this product, however my eyes have been red since i started using it, did not have this issue with other products i have used. I do not recommend.

  • MargaFi

Please do not use this product. It will cause ocular inflammation. I have only used it for three days but this morning I woke up to bulging eyes that were completely bloodshot, and I haven’t started any other products or medications. DO NOT USE.

  • Iva.M

I have used many brands before, this one was normal compared to them. Wasn't that great, but wasn't bad either.

  • G.W

When I first received the product and used it for about 3 weeks, all of a sudden I could see the difference in the length of my lashes, however that lasted probably as long as it takes lashes to drop out and be replaced, and I have not had this result again. Directions say once a day on clean eyelids, maybe you need to use the product more often. The price is high enough that with this kind of result I probably will not order again Really disappointed

  • vendda

This product does sting a bit and cause some irritation but it does work well. However, as soon as you discontinue the product, your eyelashes will ALL FALL OUT! I reached my desired length and stopped using this product, a week later my eyelashes started falling out in clusters. After further investigation I learned this is normal with serums because they don’t actually help your lashes grow persay, it stops your lashes from the natural shedding process so as soon as you stop the serum they shed all at once! You will have bald eyes until your lashes grow again :(

  • Sarah Smith

This product is exactly as advertised! My friends had amazing results. I have very sensitive skin and eyes. I used the product exactly as directed but had extremely red eyes and red and raw skin after using it for 3 weeks. I discontinued use, but my lashes were long and beautiful a week after I quit. My skin and eyes were too irritated to use contacts, but my eyelashes still brush my glasses with mascara now. I had the shortest blonde lashes before! I wish that my eyes and skin would tolerate this product!


  • Flanamom

Initially I had only given Babe Lash one star, after 2 months' use. Well! All of a sudden, in the 3rd month of use, vavooom! My eyelashes are discernibly longer and thicker! So give it 3 months, folks. I now possess fringey, long, thicker lashes that far exceed what my normal 60+ year old lashes typically look like. Took off one star because it did cause a slight discoloration right above the lash line, but not too bad, and makeup covers it easily. Will buy again for sure. Ah the price of beauty!


  • Peggy S.

Been using this on my sparse brows and they are filling in after just 3 weeks. My only concern with these product is I wonder how/why it is turning my brows so dark in color. I am fair skinned, have always had to use a 'blonde' color eye brow pencil. Also,, though it's not a big deal, I have to wax my brows every week now. Seems to make them grow in places I don't apply product. As in between my brow and eye, side and tops of actual brows. Just an interesting observation. Overall, I am thrilled just to have brows again. After having them tattooed many years ago, the tattoo faded and my brows would not grow where the tattoo was applied. Had tattooed again, but it did not 'take'. The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 is how dark my brows are now. Does not look natural for my coloring.

  • Michelle Williams

I had high hopes for this product because a friend recommended it. It made my eyes hurt. Where the line is that you swipe on your eyelash line is, it felt like it was sunburned. It also made my eyes boogery. I used it for a week and got tired of my eyes hurting. Once I stopped using it and washed my face really good, my eyes returned to normal.

  • Nancy

The product definitely works and I'm truly amazed and curious as to how it works. I have super short slick straight Asian eye lashes. Unfortunately, it has also caused the hair on my eyelids to lengthen and darken. Although I love having decent eyelashes for once in my life, I don't think it's worth the extra plucking close above my lash line where my Asian eyelids roll over my eyelashes to some degree. ugh. It was good while it lasted! I've got to stop using it now.

  • Dorislee

I have been using this for about 2 months. I started out with very short eyelashes that would fall out. I now have eyelashes that are over half an inch long. They are also thicker. I apply it every night before bed just to the base of my eyelashes on the upper lids. I am amazed at how well Babe Lash works. I am 64 and I have beautiful lashes that look great with just a little mascara. Just be patient and before you know lashes galore. Well worth the high price tag and there is plenty of product to last. I have just ordered my second bottle.


  • Jessica M

I started using this product 2 years ago when eyelash extensions broke my eyelashes off. This made my lashes grow back quickly and much longer than they were before. I applied every day when I first started, but now only apply a few times a week before bed. Sometimes my eyelids turn a little pink when using it every day, but when I cut back to a few times a week, I haven't had any problems. I was nervous to order a serum because I have green eyes and have read that some serums can change your eye color, but I haven't had any issues with this at all. I recommend this product to all my friends.



  • Liza R

I’ve been using Grandelash for years now and I order directly from their website since I notice that Amazon doesn’t have really control of the quality of the products the sellers sell here. Many of them are expired or about to expire. Anyway, I bought Babe Lash because of the reviews. After using this for almost 2 months I didn’t see any difference in my lashes compared to Grande Lash. Furthermore, when I received the product there’s barely anything in it. It’s probably old and has dried out.


  • Berangere L

Unfortunately i believe i am allergic to it , at least my left eye is!
Put a little bit of product in my left eye 4 days ago by accident and i am still suffering from itching, watering and gunky eye even though i am treating it. Looks like pink eye. Very disappointed.

  • LizBeth628

I've read a lot of reviews for various lash serums but decided to try Babe Lash due to a recommendation from a co-worker. I noticed it said NOT to use on lower lashes, I wasn't sure why. I wanted my lower lashed to be thicker so thought there would be no harm. After using the product almost daily for 6-8 weeks, I just found out why they tell you to ONLY apply to TOP lashes! I thought I had eye goop on the inside corner of both eyes after washing my face from leftover make up. I pulled out the tweezers to get the stray eye lash that was trapped on the inner corner of my eye right at the bump in the inner corner, but alas it was attached!!!! Yes, I ended up plucking at least 6-10 small fine eye lashes that were growing out from the inner corner of both eyes!!! I unfortunately learned the hard way and am a bit grossed out, why they tell you not to put it on lower lashes!!!! Product works great, perhaps too well if instructions are not followed explicitly!