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StretcHeal Cream Reviews

I’m a firm believer that we all should love ourselves and our bodies, with or without stretch marks. But, you should know that this is not as simple as it sounds, and “loving oneself” might have a completely different meaning to each of us. So if you are in peace with your stretch marks, I salute you. But if you are looking for a way to treat your stretch marks or prevent them from appearing on your skin, you should know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself enough. After all, there is not just one single path to achieving self-love.

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StretcHeal is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read StretcHeal reviews.

Just like many others, my struggle with stretch marks began as soon as I hit puberty. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the last time my skin became host to these unwanted and stubborn guests that had no intention of leaving. As I gained some weight in college, my stretch marks grew more and after I lost that weight with much difficulty, they grew even more to my disbelief.

In all these stages I tried different stretch mark removal methods from homemade remedies to laser treatment, but none of them really worked, not nearly as much as they cost. So I was convinced that there doesn’t exist a lotion for stretch marks that would actually work and I should just give up on them all together.

StretcHeal Stretch Mark Creams

I managed to live with my existing stretch marks, but I was so afraid to get more or deeper marks that it affected one of the biggest decisions in my life which was the decision of having a baby. If you’ve been so lucky that you haven't got stretch marks due to puberty or gain and loss of weight, pregnancy is the turn that most probably will get you. And as for me, I had no doubt that I’d get the worst kind of stretch marks during pregnancy considering the ones I already had and especially having seen my mother’s marks after two pregnancies. I know you might think such a big matter in life being overshadowed by such a seemingly small matter is not logical, but to me, stretch marks were such a big mental barrier.

So, I decided to do more research and talk to other mothers and maybe find a solution for this problem before losing all hope. In my research, I found out that some of the stretch mark removal treatments actually do work and some people have been successful in avoiding them during or even after weight gain or pregnancy, even people as susceptible to it as me. The key to success is just choosing the right product and being persistent and patient, and that’s what I did.

What are stretch marks and how can you prevent them?

A stretch mark is a kind of scar that appears when our skin shrinks or stretches quickly. The sudden change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture and tear. As the skin heals, stretch marks may develop. 

You are more likely to develop stretch marks during these times:

  • Growth spurts that happen in puberty

  • Pregnancy

  • Rapid weight loss or gain

  • Weight training when you have rapid muscle growth

Based on research, you can prevent stretch marks with products that contain centella or hyaluronic acid, which may help prevent stretch marks. Centella is an herb, and our skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid. Stretch mark products are sometimes known as pregnancy stretch mark creams due to the fact that it is universally believed that stretch marks are, most of the time, caused by pregnancy. StretcHeal is one amazing product from our best stretch mark creams' list.

Can creams remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks removal creams and ointments are more affordable ways for stretch mark treatment and lessening the appearance of stretch marks. Some creams can be given over-the-counter, and others should be prescribed only by a doctor. Although most stretch mark creams only slightly reduce the look of stretch marks, when considering stretcHeal, this product fully allows the body to get rid of those pesky stretch marks.

StretcHeal Stretch Mark Creams

The best stretch mark cream that actually worked for me was StretcHeal anti stretch mark cream and in this article, I’ll give you all the information you’ll need to know about it.


How StretcHeal Anti Stretch Mark Cream Works?

StretcHeal anti stretch mark cream is not just a moisturizer that would only affect the surface layer of your skin;  this cream really stands out among other anti-stretch mark creams and lotions in the market. What you should know about stretch marks is that they start from very deep layers of your skin tissue and treating just the surface of your skin does not make them go away. But, StretcHeal stops the formation of these marks in the deeper layers of the skin tissue from the beginning and that’s why it is quite different from most stretch mark remedies that don’t really work.


How to Use StretcHeal?

Applying StretcHeal two times a day will hydrate your skin deeply and increase the elasticity of your skin, which results both in the disappearance of old and new stretch marks and preventing new ones from appearing on your skin. You should just keep in mind that the bigger and older the marks are, the more persistent and patient you should be. You should make applying this cream on your stretch marks, in the morning and in the afternoon, a fixed part of your daily skincare routine. Everyone of any gender or age can use this cream to both heal their marks and prevent them from appearing on their skin.

As I mentioned before, what really is great about this product is that it works on old and white scars as well as newer and red or purple ones. What I really love about this product is that it is completely vegan, organic, gluten-free, hormone-free, and more importantly cruelty-free. It is also made from rich plant butter and botanic oils so when I consulted my doctor, she told me that it was completely safe to use during pregnancy.

StretcHeal Stretch Mark Creams

Using StretcHeal During Pregnancy

I first tested it on a small part of my hand, and when I made sure I didn’t have any allergic reaction to it, this cream became a part of my daily routine from the early days of my pregnancy before even getting a bump. You too must first consult your doctor if you’re pregnant and don’t forget to test it on a small part of your skin before starting to use this cream. What really helped me in deciding to choose StretcHeal cream at the beginning was talking to other people who had used it and were happy with the result and reading online positive StretcHeal reviews before and after using this cream.

More Reviews About the Best Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Read StretcHeal anti stretch mark cream real reviews on our website. By reading StretcHeal reviews your question "Does StretcHeal really work?" will be answered.


StretcHeal Anti Stretch Mark Cream Before and After

StretcHeal Stretch Mark before and after

StretcHeal Stretch Mark before and after

Questions and Answers

After consulting with your doctor, you can start using StretcHeal anti stretch mark cream at any time of your pregnancy. But, it is suggested that you use this cream from the very beginning of your pregnancy for the best results.
In order to get rid of your stretch marks, you should apply StretcHeal anti stretch cream on the parts of your skin that have stretch marks, in the morning and evening, on a daily basis.
To prevent stretch marks from appearing on your skin, apply StretcHeal anti stretch cream on the areas that are most likely to stretch such as stomach, hips, and arms, twice a day for the best results.
Stretch marks might be so stubborn and hard to treat, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t go away. With the right choice of anti stretch product, patience and persistence, any stretch mark will finally be treated.
You can buy this StretcHeal product from their main website.

Customer Reviews

  • Briana

I gained a lot of weight during quarantine, which resulted in terrible stretch marks that worsened as I dropped weight.
I only bought this cream from Stretch Mark Creams a week ago, but I'm already seeing benefits.

  • kimi

I've tried a lot of other products and this is the only one that genuinely works. It just took a few weeks for it to start working for me. You do have to apply it twice a day, but if you stick with it, it'll work wonders.I'm overjoyed with my buy. On numerous parts of my body, I have quite deep and painful stretch marks. It's even improving the appearance of my surgery scars. Don't be hesitant if you're on the fence about this. It's fantastic!!! And I'm one of those people who is wary about Stretch Mark Creams.


  • AD

Okay so I ordered 4 creams at the beginning of my pregnancy and they lasted the whole pregnancy! I was adamant about keeping up with it in order to see if it truly worked or not. I have 3 children now and my previous 2 both gave me stretch marks. After this pregnancy I literally have Almost invisible STRETCH MARKS ! Even the ones from my previous pregnancies are gone ! I know how hard it is for some moms and trust me I would not leave a bullcrap review. I only leave reviews for things I have used and can honestly speak on . This stuff WORKS !

  • Tatyana

I absolutely love this cream, using going on two months and my deep stretch marks are going away quicker than anything else I’ve used . Definitely worth it !

  • Jesika

When I 1st detected concerning StretcHeal, i assumed it absolutely was a bit bit expensive, therefore I went for one thing cheaper. Unfortunately, that one gave ME rashes and exacerbated my stretch marks most they began to itch. I had to prevent mistreatment it and save for StretcHeal. Believe me, the cream is value each penny I saved to shop for it.

  • Amia

I usually don’t comment on things I use, but I couldn’t resist not sharing my experience with StretcHeal! My boyfriend got me StretcHeal’s anti stretch marks cream as an anniversary gift. As I’m very skeptical about my skincare products I told him there was no way this cream would help me get rid of these stretch marks. But anyway, I used it and I’m so happy I did! I’ve only been using this cream for a month and a half and my skin looks stretchless! The cream itself has a very pleasant fragrance which I assume is because of the Shea butter and it doesn’t feel greasy at all! Works great!

  • Lauren Martin

When I was a teenager, I used to pick at my pimples and squeeze them which resulted in very severe acne scars I couldn’t remove with laser because of my active pimples. I used different pills and creams but I still didn’t get the result I wanted. I even tried handmade soaps especially made for my skin condition, but still the scars were there to stay. One day, I accidently came across StretcHeal cream. Well, as you know, at first glance I thought this wouldn’t be of any help to me, either; especially the fact that the main purpose of this product wasn’t acne scar removal. But the ingredients seemed pretty good, so I decided to give it a try. 4 weeks into using and my skin shines like a diamond!! The dark spots are almost gone and I’m looking fresh once again! Give it a try, you won't regret it!

  • Perla Flores

I didn’t have stretch marks throughout my life up until the time I got pregnant. When I first encountered stretch marks, I freaked out because I didn’t know what they were, as I hadn’t had to deal with them before, and I thought maybe there was a problem that caused stretch marks to appear on my belly. I talked to my doctor and she explained everything and told me there’s nothing to worry about. That kept me content for a short time, but still the way my belly looked was really a hideous scenery to me so I asked some of my friends for advice. I bought StretcHeal’s anti stretch marks cream based on what they told me and I don’t regret it at all! I used the cream for about 4 weeks and now, my belly feels so smooth and has no stretch marks at all! I recommend this product to anyone looking for a cream during pregnancy for their baby bump.

  • Butterfly

I always had very obvious stretch marks, the type that you could notice them even from a very far distance. This year, my new year’s resolution was getting rid of these stretch marks that had been a real pain in the neck as long as I can remember. About two month ago, I ordered a tube of StretcHeal’s anti stretch marks and scars cream based on a relative’s recommendation. I could already see the effects at the end of the first week and I was really amazed by how soft and hydrated it made my skin and that how fast it was affecting my skin. I kept on using my first tube for about 5 weeks and then it ran out. I wanted to order a second tube as I was really pleased with the result, but it was a bit too pricey so I just gave up. It was very helpful though.

  • Dorothy

When I reached 14, my body was covered with stretch marks all over it. Back then, I wasn’t really into skincare and having the “perfect skin”, but a couple of years later, due to my OCD and perfectionism, my stretch marks were the only thing I could think about. I tried therapy just to not care about them, but it didn’t work. I even tried rubbing almond oil as it was a very common treatment for stretch marks in my family and again it didn’t help as much. One day, when I was on the phone with one of my very old friends, she told me about StretcHeal’s anti stretch marks & scars cream and how great it worked on her pregnancy stretch marks. I thought to myself giving it a try wouldn’t hurt, so I went right to their website and ordered a tube. AMAZING!! It’s been 5 weeks since the time I started using it and I can’t believe the results! My stretch marks are gone! Would definitely recommend!

  • Kyleigh Johnson

You really should try this out; it might just work well for you as much as it did for me. I had ugly stretch marks on my breast that affected the way I liked to dress. If this product could clear of those stretch marks, then i believe it can clear off any. Just try to use it appropriately. 

  • Ariel

I expected to receive this product sooner as it took 17 days. I thought I wouldn't be receiving at all! The customer service tried to take care of it and they apologized to me. I felt a little better. Anyway, I got it and started using it on my stomach where I got some stretch marks because of weight gain. I think this cream can reduce my marks after consistent use.

  • Nora

I absolutely love my tauter and smoother skin. In less than three weeks I can boast of a skin that is smoother rather than squeezed, firmer rather than loose. At first I applied the lotion three times daily but changed it to twice when I saw its effectiveness. Whether twice or thrice, stretcheal works when used consistently.

  • Reagan

Being pregnant brings about a lot of changes including stretch marks. From peeing incessantly to having crazy cravings. I just didn’t count on having so many stretch marks. They finally developed in my second trimester but hubby was on top of things. He got me Stretcheal and the sight of stretch marks reduced. After delivery I continued using the lotion and I’m glad I didn’t wait till it became tougher to remove before I started using a remover.

  • Lucy Scott

I absolutely love my tauter and smoother skin. In less than three weeks I can boast of a skin that is smoother rather than squeezed, firmer rather than loose. At first I applied the lotion three times daily but changed it to twice when I saw its effectiveness. Whether twice or thrice, stretcheal works when used consistently.

  • Mckenzie Lewis

What is worth doing at all is worth doing well, and so I applied Stretcheal so religiously that I finished the first tube faster than I should have. I was more careful with the second bottle because hey, I needed to save some money. It's quite affordable, though. The feeling and outlook of my skin has been so far, so good but I expect more in few weeks.

  • Alice Mitchell

Apart from the amazing effect I have seen from this stretch marks remover, the smooth buttery feeling it gives me makes me wish it was a body lotion. I had a liposuction procedure that went bad and so most of the fat went to unwanted areas. I decided to get a stretch marks solution along with my weight loss program. So far, both decisions have been the best I’ve taken this year. I’ll be buying another bottle before this one finishes.

  • Maci Cox

I have been using stretcheal for a while now but off and on because I'm pregnant and I don't like the fragrance. I hope when I enter my third trimester the smell will be more bearable because I’ll need it more then

  • Hayden

I have had a few problems with making orders in the past because of distance but the customer service always helped me sort things out in little time. When I finally got my first order I wasn’t disappointed by the result I got. My persistence and patience paid off well. I now understand the order process better because of the great personnel the company has on ground.

  • Molly

I lost my job which I had spent ten years of my life on it and it was a very terrible time of my life. As a single mum of three, no one can imagine the pressure I was going through. My pride wouldn’t allow me accept the customary help the government offers those out of work and so I sank into a depression that almost killed me. I grew fat and stretch marks started popping up all over the place. Thank God for a colleague who stood by me, helped me lose some weight and even got me StretcHeal to reduce my stretch marks. I’m still on the mend but having my skin and body back has been so much helpful in my healing process.

  • Sydney Brown

My stretch marks had left me self-conscious for too long and so I decided to look for a lasting solution. I found stretcheal and I have been happier since I started using this cream. I can now wear dresses with shorter or no sleeves and bikinis.

  • Rachel Powell

My reaction to the outcome that StretcHeal gave me was so comical that my brother had to ask me if I was alright. I replied yes, that my stretchmarks of over 5 years were not as ugly looking as before, but since he is much younger than I am, he simply replied “so?”, and I started laughing again. My girlfriends’ reaction to the news was much better because they understood better. They have ordered for theirs too and I can’t wait to share in their excitement as well.

  • Kaitlyn

I trust only few people and that principle extends to things I use on my skin. I have a very sensitive skin but stretcheal suits my skin perfectly. No sudden rash or breakout that I normally felt with new products. Also, my stretch marks are becoming less visible in only a few weeks. This stretch marks remover is great!

  • Dorothy Butler

It was a tough choice for me when I decided to start a family. My husband and I decided it was time family preceded work, yet I was worried I wouldn’t be able to continue my career as a model. Therefore, we took all known and new precautions which included buying StretcHeal. I just had a beautiful baby girl and I still have my smooth stretch mark- free skin, thanks to Stretcheal. You can hardly tell I just had a baby. This cream made having my girl and keeping my fit body really easy.

  • Jaylyn Price

It was my second time ordering this product and I have been experiencing slowdowns in delivery. I'm not unhappy about my order but this problem needs to be fixed. Also, the packaging of the box of my second order was a bit torn. I hope this company cheers me up again because the quality is good and I saw some results using the first cream. 

  • Natalie

I almost went for a scar removal procedure because my stretch marks were becoming too unsightly but my mom advised against it because of possible future complications. We both asked around for a better alternative and while searching we got to know about Stretcheal which has turned out to be the safe solution after all. I can barely differentiate my stretch marks from my skin anymore.

  • Savannah Miller

Whoever says stretch marks cannot be reduced hasn’t tried StretcHeal yet. It worked perfectly well for me and my sister as well and her stretch marks were older than mine. I suggest that anyone who buys it should use consistently for at least five weeks and you’ll get desired results.

  • Charlotte

As far as respect goes, this product has earned mine. My wife used to keep complaining about her stretch marks, and I was starting to get really pissed. We are a young couple on a tight budget, so purchasing this product was a real squeeze. So far, so good. I'm happy the money wasn't wasted.

  • Hannah

This product was a little pricey for me, so I had to scrape up enough money to get a bottle. I’m happy now because I can see it is worth a shot. Although I have to use it wisely, so it doesn’t finish fast, as I can’t afford another one so soon. I love the results. 

  • Olivia

Worth waiting for results 

I would never say this product doesn’t work, but I think it doesn’t live up to all the hypes it is getting. It has actually helped me in reducing my stretch marks. I should probably continue a little longer and wait for hoped-for results. Worth trying. 

  • Sylvia

Sometime last year I noticed many stretch marks on most parts of my body. I did consult with my doctor and there was no identifiable cause. I was starting to lose my self-confidence as I couldn’t step out without covering my entire body. A few months back my cousin told me about stretcheal but I didn’t take her serious because I was tired of spending my hard earned money on bad products. When the questions about why I was putting on so much clothes during summer became too frequent, I decided to give this product a try. I never expected the results to be so sudden, I noticed the stretch marks on my thighs became fainter just after a month and half and it has been getting better since then.

  • Anika Baker

The result is almost unbelievable. I have heard people say over and over again that once you have stretch marks, it is forever. However true this might have been, Stretcheal has proved to be other way around. I'm happy to be one of those who have benefited from this amazing stretch mark remover. Thank you.

  • Lillian

I'm a single mom with two kids. I love my kids so much and will do anything for them. Unfortunately, having them left me with these unwelcome stretch marks. I never really cared about them while I was with my ex, but then I got into a new relationship, and I started feeling shy about it. He was supportive and recommended stretcheal. Today marks three months since I've been using it, I'm pleased with the changes. Maybe I see better results if continue. 

  • Avery Brown

I’m very glad I gave it a try Truth to be told, I was never going to try another stretch marks remover solution, but when a close friend used Stretcheal and I saw how effective it was in just three weeks, I just changed my mind and went for a try. Despite the fact that my marks are quite old, the cream started reducing their visibility under after a month. I’m very glad I gave it a try.

  • Chloe

Delay in receiving the product is one thing which disappointed me at first. I emailed them about this problem and hope they will address this issue as soon as possible. They should not slow down because customer-centricity is one of the key components of sales success, so it's best to follow accordingly. I'm waiting for my product patiently since they explained to me about the time it takes and apparently, the delivery concerns the post too. Anyways, I really hope I come back later and leave another review about the product itself.

  • Emma

A special beauty I am very pleased with this serum. This is my second purchase from nourishlash. I have never experienced such thick, long eyelashes before, but this product has given me a special beauty in less than a month. Timely delivery is one of the nice things to say about this brand. Highly recommended!

  • Nadia Howe

I’m literally over the moon about what Stretcheal has done in just a month. Even though I’ve been careful with applying the cream, I have seen encouraging results and I will continue it more consistently in coming weeks. I left 4 stars because didn’t want to jinx further outcome yet I couldn’t resist leaving a review.

  • Ruth Don

This is indeed an excellent product Excellent product, I used it for my stretch marks and also for a scar I have on my hand; both are vanishing. I like the results; I will be getting one for my husband too. I hope it works for him as well. This is indeed an excellent product.

  • Helen Nixon

waiting for the desired result and got it I bought StretcHeal for preventative purpose and I haven't been disappointed by the result it gave me. Although I was about to give up using it after one week, I soon realized that I should keep using it till I get desired result. I’m glad I did it because the results are beyond what I actually expected.

  • Riley

I’ll be getting another bottle soon Nice product, I will recommend this product to anyone. It is worth every dime I spent, my stretch marks are fading off nicely. I also like the smell and how smooth it feels on my skin. I use it twice every day. I’ll be getting another bottle soon.

  • Trinity Diel

Enjoying results after use I love how nice this cream smells. It is not like some creams that make you want to throw up. The smoothness is like butter and it also leaves my skin looking and feeling very soft. My stretch marks do not look ugly anymore because they have become pinkish purple and are blending okay with my skin. I hope the coming weeks will bring better results too.

  • Serenity Lowery

Friendly StretcHeal My favorite part of using StretcHeal is that it is not so greasy like some lotions from other brands that I had used before. The cream absorbs easily into the skin and it gives a smooth feeling to my thighs, butts and breasts. Lately, I noticed that my loose skin is becoming suppler yet firmer. What about my stretch marks? They have become something lesser to worry about.

  • Alyssa

My skin went back to looking normal again Totally deserving a 5-star rating. I have used other corrective creams and serums, but stretcheal might be the best for me probably because I didn’t think anything can reduce the stretch marks I’ve had for years. My marks have reduced and my skin went back to looking normal again.

  • Maya

Surprised by the results I was shocked to see that my red stretch marks fade into pink in less than two months. I thought it will take a minimum of twelve weeks before any remarkable change will take place, but I was surprised when result happened in only eight weeks.

  • Cia

I hope to see a better result I feel really embarrassed when my friends at the gym comment on the stretch marks on my biceps. I was prepared to do anything about it. My mom got me this product, and I've noticed my stretch marks are getting fainter. I hope to see a better result.

  • Ellerie

I'm sure I need it Sincerely, I wasn’t expecting the lotion to work as much as it has and in such little time too. The most surprising part is that my stretch marks are a little old and I didn’t expect them to blend as much as they have in less than two months. I have already recommended STRETCHEAL to many people I believe need it.

  • Elizabeth

The result is just fantastic People without disturbing stretch marks will never understand how those of us with bad looking stretch marks feel. I used to love my bikini body, and I never wasted any opportunity to show off. Then I started having kids, and everything changed. Looking for an excellent product to clean them off wasn't easy until stretcheal was recommended to me by a friend who had similar issues. I've been using it for about two months, and the result is just fantastic.

  • Madison

No skin allergies I’m always afraid of skin sensitivity, so I test any skin care product before purchase. So, at first I hesitated to buy StretcHeal because I couldn’t do a skin test. The adequate information in the company’s website however put my mind a little bit at ease. When I finally tested it on my skin, it didn’t irritate at all. The lotion is also soft and absorbs into skin easily. The outcome is also good.

  • Sophia

I almost went for a scar removal procedure because my stretch marks were becoming too unsightly but my mom advised against it because of possible future complications. We both asked around for a better alternative and while searching we got to know about StretcHeal which has turned out to be the best solution after all. I can barely differentiate my stretch marks from my skin anymore.

  • Soha

Little things like delay in delivering order can discourage a buyer or make us ask for refund. This is my third time of buying StretcHeal and two out of those three times, I had my order delayed. That’s not fair enough. We pay on time, our delivery should be on time. Apart from delivery is, the product is amazing

  • Jenny

I was frustrated in the past because I have extremely dry skin and stretch marks didn’t make the situation any better. The marks itched and my skin would break open, but thanks to StretcHeal I’ve said bye to itching and redness. The lotion soothes my dry skin and hydrates the areas I apply it to. I am usually tempted to apply all over my body.

  • Kristine Justin

I bought my first bottle of StretcHeal only a few days after I got to know I was pregnant and I started applying from the next day I bought it. It was a very wise decision because according to my Obstetrician, my stretch marks would have been worse if I hadn’t taken preventive measures. It made pregnancy and recovering a smooth skin afterwards really easy.

  • Elisa Ralph

When I first heard about StretcHeal, I thought it was a little bit expensive, so I went for something cheaper. Unfortunately, that one gave me rashes and exacerbated my stretch marks so much they started to itch. I had to stop using it and save up for StretcHeal. Believe me, the cream is worth every penny I saved to buy it.

  • Evelyn Aaron

I had been slightly over-weight for as long as I could remember. When I decided on shedding some of the excess weight, I didn’t count on dealing with stretch marks. However, they became so obvious after I shed some calories. StretcHeal has prevented the stretch marks from embarrassing me despite my newly acquired fit body.

  • Krista Mark

This stretch marks remover is light and not so greasy as many hydrating and corrective creams. I read some reviews that claimed that stretcheal clears scars and since I had a few stretch marks, I decided to buy it and see how effective it is. It turned out to work perfectly.

  • Cheryl Steven

I have used too many stretch marks removal creams and they didn’t perform up to expectation. A few showed potentials to work but after a few bottles, they failed to give satisfactory results. Stretcheal was the exception and it more effective than any other correcting cream I’ve used.