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#2 Elf Cosmetics ِElf Cosmetics Setting Spray

Overall Rating: 4.5

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ِElf Cosmetics Setting Spray Reviews

Elf Cosmetics Setting Spray Review

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Elf Cosmetics Setting Spray Reviews 

We can’t believe that this makeup setting spray is actually priced at a mere $4! It’s incredible, and if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly, drugstore setting spray – this is your best bet! It’s enriched with rich ingredients that are so good for your skin, and it tremendously improves your makeup’s wearability while preventing it from fading or running. This is suitable for all skin types, and if you have oily skin, you will particularly love this more as it mattifies your skin and keeps your foundation from getting cakey. Way to go, e.l.f!



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Customer Reviews

  • Clawd

Everytime I'm going out and putting a lot of makeup I end up spraying this on my face, and it has worked for me. Also, before makeup I put on the primer of ELF too and they both work great.

  • Sherrie St James

Break out my face. :(

  • Elizabeth Baggarley

I tried this on a whim. I was looking for a primer to help my makeup from basically sliding on my face. Before, within a couple of hours of application, I'd have raccoon eyes from my eyeliner and mascara. This product does a great job of keeping things in place. Very little, if any, eye makeup movement. And now, when I get home after a 10 hour day, I can actually just feel that there is enough makeup left to need to wash my face.

  • Steven Ives

I have never used a set mist, so i figured i would try one and i love this I love all the e.l.f. products. i feel it does help. it is kind of small and doesn't have a smell, like water with a hint of something but cant tell. just be careful about spaying it. test it out on your arm first. spray it at least 1 foot away from your face.

  • Amanda Cox

This is great stuff and it really works well for the price. You don't feel sticky after spraying this, and it doesn't have an unsettling smell. I also like how much use I will get out of this product. It only takes me about 2-3 sprays per use, and I can't even tell a dent in the liquid after using this product a couple of times. Everyone wants their makeup to stay all day, and this product helps you achieve that. I'd say it's just as good as higher-priced alternatives for sale now.

  • Shannon

This setting spray is great and really does set my makeup. The only caveat of this product is that you really have to douse your face to see results. My face really has to be wet, almost dripping. Which is really kind of a bummer considering the bottle is quite small, so if you do your makeup every day, you will need to repurchase quite frequently. Other than that, this setting spray will extend my makeup wear time by several hours and it is still quite cheap compared to the higher end setting sprays on the market!

  • nymeria k

Okay, well i did like this product. It didnt seem to work perfectly for one the bottle doesnt spary its squirts so i recommend getting a new spray bottle from the dollar store and pour it in. Second is it has a weird smell its not awful but weird but its not so bad to were you cant handle it though.

  • TFab

I have very sensitive skin and usually can only use Mac products. The setting spray for Mac is just so expensive so I decided to try this out. I have not had any kind of skin reaction and it seems to work just as well as Mac setting spray

  • Jill

If you prefer to set your makeup with a mist setter, then this product works as good as most out there for a fraction of the cost! I cannot say enough good things about ELF products because of their price point, but also the quality has never disappointed. I buy a lot of makeup products because I like having options and ELF allows me to buy more!

  • cassandra tu

This makeup mist is affordable and gives satisfactory results. I don;t live in a very hot place so I don;t know if it hold up in humidity, but I think it gives a lot of other benefits such as moisturizing a dry and thirsty face. It's nice in the summer as a cooling mist if you refrigerate it. It's useful for misting even if you are not wearing makeup. Spraying this gives me a dewy look. I think it's most useful for toning down dryness if you accidentally caked on too much foundation or powder. The fluid is unscented, and didn't break me out. Would purchase again.

  • Allie H

I’m obsessed with elf. How do they offer such great products at such a low cost? I’ve heard a few makeup artists say the same. In particular, Wayne Goss compares their white shadow to a higher-end one and he concluded that they’re practically the same quality! Same goes for this spray. That’s when I started buying elf products and I’ve been very satisfied!!! Plus, they’re a San Francisco, CA company!

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