Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder Reviews in 2021

#1 Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Overall Rating: 4.8

Capterra Rating: #4.8 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Reviews

 Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Review

Celebrity makeup artists love Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish, a pressed powder that hugs the skin comfortably and completes the routine. Super lightweight, the powder never gets chalky or weighs down the skin. In fact, it won't even look like you’re wearing powder at all.

The microfine powder has nanoparticles that deliver a soft-focus blurring effect, erasing imperfections and lines to give you perfect-looking skin. Other benefits: The formula features breathable technology to keep skin fresh, delivering a radiant glow, and skin stays hydrated all day thanks to rose wax and almond oil.

Charlotte Tilbury is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Charlotte Tilbury reviews.

 Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Reviews

Charlotte Tilbury MBE (born 10 February 1973) is a British make-up artist, founder, chairman, president and chief creative officer of her eponymous makeup and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd, and is a British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor and Global Ambassador for Women for Women International.

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  • Deidra Dazzling

Flawless! I’m in African-American female who wears a full face of make up maybe 3 to 4 times a week and this is my absolute go to for a flawless finish! It brightens under your eyes perfectly! I’m in my 40s but I look like I’m in my late 20s just FYI! Well worth the price for the 41

  • AbbyAnan

I am a medium brown girl of Indian decent and this powder was way too dark for me. The colour down in medium is too light for me. Wish there was a colour in between.

  • antolin1


This powder is everything that I had wanted the Mac waterweight compact powder to be – I can’t believe it took me so long to try this! This lives up to the hype IMO. This is a beautiful lightweight and undetectable setting powder which is perfect for dry and/or aging skin. While it is fairly colorless (despite the shade one picks), its brightening yet undetectable, and leaves the skin luminous and healthy looking. I only use this in the morning to set my foundation, and I do not carry it with me (I rarely re-powder during the day), so I cannot comment on buildability, etc. What I can say is that it doesn’t fade out on me and surprisingly does keep my makeup set nicely throughout the day – hence no need for touchups. The packaging of this is elegant and beautiful. However, there’s not much product. 0.28 oz at $45.00 can be rough on the wallet. Even so, I find its well worth it!

  • MakeupForAll


I really wanted to like this product after all the positive reviews, however, I really have not liked it. It's really matte, but most of all, I don't find that it airbrushes my skin - it oxidizes and turns orange (I have color 2), and weirdest of all, it has a "olive green" tint to it when you first put it on. Definitely not worth the money. I've been so disappointed by CT face products.

  • bunnychow

HG powder. It's the one that my friends always ask if I have on me followed by, "Ohhhh, this is SO nice". It's light and looks invisible on the skin. Love the sleek compact.

  • StephanieWickwire


Everyone says its great for dry skin and won’t settle into fine lines under the eyes.. I found the opposite to be true. My skin felt so dehydrated after setting my makeup with it. Very uncomfortable feeling under my eyes and around my cheeks. It also oxidized quickly. I had such high hopes for this product.

  • felicityc


I thought loooong and hard before buying this powder! It was between this one and the Laura Mercier translucent powder, however the hype for the Charlotte Tilbury one won me over, plus the fact that her products are cruelty free whereas LM's aren't. My main reason to use powder is to set my under eye concealer, as I was desperate to find something (anything!!) that would stop the creasing of my concealer. I have very dark under eye circles so wear a fairly heavy amount of concealer, I can't really get away without it. The creasing is a huge bugbear of mine, as I don't actually have any wrinkles under or around my eyes, so when I get this cracking I feel it ages me a lot. So I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought the CT compact in the lightest colour 'Fair'. Here are my thoughts... Pros: - this powder is very finely milled, soft and smooth and does have the blurring effect that I read about from other reviews, which is quite flattering. - you only need a tiny amount on your brush to give a decent amount of coverage. - I've found that once I apply this in the morning first thing before heading off to work, it literally stays in place all day under eyes. I use a small amount to get rid of shine around forehead and nose - these areas sometimes need topping up towards the end of the day. - good for on-the-go application or packing into your makeup bag to travel with as the compact is really quite small and thin so doesn't take up much room. - cruelty free is also a huge pro. Cons: - Whilst I wouldn't say I've experienced this powder oxidising (as others have said in reviews), it isn't as colourless as I had imagined or hoped it would be. The sales assistant in the shop suggested I go for fair over the medium colour, as this would have a more brightening effect, and I'm glad I did. On me it has a yellow-ish colour to it, which isn't really what I wanted, however this might be the tones in my concealer or foundation showing through! - it is very mattifying on the skin, I wouldn't say it gives a dry appearance but I really wanted this to be brightening under the eye and more light reflective, whereas the overall appearance is quite dull (however the payoff is that it doesn't budge, as mentioned above!). - no surprises on this one as I read so many times, you really don't get much for your money. The compact is very light and the packaging is pretty, but it would be nice to have a bit more weight to it for the amount it costs. So overall, it is a good powder, but not the dream one that I had hoped it might be! I'm not convinced I would buy it again, so my quest might continue on finding the best one out there for me. I am on the search for a new concealer so maybe I'll find one that works in better harmony.

  • TBonita


Love as a matte setting powder for over 40 skin that needs matte-ening (sorry). For pores nice too — but I usually use mac powder+ OR It pores primer - makeup (whichever that day) - It pores powder on nose on a bad pore day. Under eye; forehead wonderful. I have shade 2 I’m nw20-30. But loose I have shade 1 which I kinda prefer under eye dusting. Btw. Use caution. This was my gateway drug into the MAGICAL (ha) world of Charlotte Tilbury DAHlings.

  • beddy


Pros , Silky smooth and extremely finely milled Sets undereyes beautifully Great for dry skin Mattifies but looks creamy Touch up friendly Packaging is gorgeous as with all things CT Cons, Price You will go through this fast because its not a lot ot product Doesnt control oil I wont be repurchasing because i go through these cery quickly. I found that i actually like the results of not setting my undereye now because i founda great eye crea and concealer combo. Magic Away with ole Henriksen Banana eye cream

  • Sayuri1

The best. HG followed by Hourgalss veil. But this one better and good for touch ups

  • virtualvixen


I agree with other reviewers that this is HG status. I have not found a smoother powder and I have tried a lot of high-end powders. This is my absolute favorite for setting concealer under my eyes with no crease or heaviness---pure magic! I have dropped two and broken them, so this is not a compact I would recommend putting in your purse, as it is a little fragile. It is pricey for the amount you get, but sadly, it is all that and I will continue to shell out the money for it. I really wish is that Charlotte would come out with additional shades. The darkest is too dark and medium is a little light for me. If there was a shade in-between, I would have my most perfect match. As it is, I do save money because I can only use under my eyes for a brightening effect at medium is a little light for full-face application. The formula is amazing.