LAMER Face Moisturizer Reviews in 2021

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Overall Rating: 4.5

Capterra Rating: #4.5 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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LAMER Face Moisturizer Reviews

Applying a face moisturizer daily is one of the number one keys to healthy, glowing skin no matter what the season, your age, or skin type. Moisturizers are emulsions of oil and water (plus other ingredients for nourishing, treatment, and preserving) that help replenish hydration, keeping moisture in skin and dryness out.

Experts say that hydrating is crucial for keeping skin youthful and healthy, even if you don’t have dry skin. “Moisturizing protects the skin barrier," explains Dendy Engelman, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. The healthier your barrier, the better your skin’s defense against inflammation and damage, which can protect skin from signs of dehydration, irritation, redness, and even dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles over time.

How we test moisturizers
The Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab.scientists have a century-long history of testing skin care products for efficacy, including moisturizers. When skin care products make moisturization or hydration claims, the Beauty Lab's chemists use the Corneometer device to gauge how well (or not!) a formula moisturizes skin. We use the machine to measure the hydration levels of testers' clean skin before application, and again six hours after to calculate how much the product has increased skin's moisture.

Last but certainly not least, we send moisturizers home with consumer testers who give their feedback on factors such as absorption, texture, and scent. We consider all of these data points to find the best face moisturizer out there for sensitive skin, oily skin, and everything in between. Our picks are either backed by our Good Housekeeping Seal or top-tested by the GH Beauty Lab.

LAMER Face Moisturizer is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read LAMER Face Moisturizer reviews.

Infused with cell-renewing Miracle Broth™, our celebrated moisturizers visibly soothe, plump and smooth fine dry lines as a natural new radiance is revealed. Discover the healing hydration best suited to your skin’s potential. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

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Questions and Answers

Customer Reviews

  • Matt

I’m a regular user of the product and this one was a fake. So disappointing.

  • Jenn

I’m sorry, but this is just NOT worth the price. La Mer makes some amazing products but this isn’t one. It’s petrolatum based, which can be troublesome for acneic skin, not to mention it’s CHEAP. The price tag is not even remotely reasonable. This is a thick, heavy cream which may be helpful to very dry or barrier compromised skin, but again you can get the same or better comparable product for much much less! Basic packaging, nothing special. Glad I only purchased the small jar to try.

  • Angela S.

I received this and the serum as free samples and was surprisingly disappointed. Although they smell great, and are decent moisturizers, for the price point it does not hold up. I expected an extreme improvement in my skin based on the price, but really it was no better than any drugstore moisturizer I’ve tried. Price and quality are not always correlated. LA MER The Regenerating Serum La Mer Crème de la Mer

  • Jen L.

I used this cream 3 years ago; so awhile back for 5 weeks straight. My mother bought it too. One of my clients was using it, I looked it on my phone, so the price, and figured it had to be the most amazing product ever! Honesty, it is a nice product. Is it worth that price for that itty bitty size; noway! There are many other products that cost a good amount too, and can give you just as good results (if not better), and they come in a larger size too.

  • Stephanie

This is by far the best product I have ever used in my life, it leaves your face so amazingly soft and bright, yes it is very pricey but definitely worth the extra money. The packaging is also cute and simple, I highly recommend you to try this brand. La Mer Crème de la Mer

  • Dava

I received a teeny sample of this from La Mer to try. First off, it smells like the cold cream my grandma used to keep in her medicine cabinet. I have combination skin with some eczema patches on the center of my face. I tried this all over to test it. It was FANTASTIC on my dry eczema prone skin and even helped heal my eczema patches. However, it caused me to breakout and clogged my pores on my normal slightly oily areas. So, I started only applying it where my skin is very dry and it worked wonderfully. I would not recommend this for normal to oily skin. I also won’t recommend for dry skin, even though it’s amazing, just because it’s too expensive for most people to afford. I can not justify that price point when there are products out there that work and don’t have the weird smell of this and are way more affordable.

  • emm2283

People love to hate on La Mer because it's hella expensive and trendy, but I love this isht. Moisture barrier repair is a constant thing for me because my skin is big, red, scary mess otherwise, and I loooove La Mer. I'm 32, starting to focus on aging and also have reactive, sensitive rosacea skin, and this never irritates, and consistently leaves my skin feeling dewy and soothed in the morning.

  • kittenmint

I was lucky enough to receive a travel size pot of this super pricey cream as part of Mecca’s Beauty Loop Loyalty Program. I do like the texture this Cream. It is very rich and melts down into the skin. It reminds me very much of Nivea Creme (blue jar). It is super moisturising and leaves my skin feeling very soft. It doesn’t cause any breakouts, redness or irritation. However, I don’t see any amazing effect, even after a month of use. As such, while I enjoyed using it, I could never justify it’s high price tag.

  • BadWaitress

This product is ridiculous. Three of the top four ingredients are Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, and Glycerin. Are you kidding me? I can buy all of those in bulk at the drugstore and slap them on my face for a fraction of the price. The seaweed extract is of no discernible benefit. I’m genuinely mystified by the cult status of this product, which goes on like bear grease mixed with a touch of Elmer’s glue. It doesn’t sink in. Truly, it has nothing to recommend it.

  • hcchou

I have combination to dry skin and this makes my skin more soft. Especially when I have been using this product with the Lumispa, thanks to this device I only have use a little bit of the product because my skin absorbs the product better! Overall my favorite creme!

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