L'oreal Paris Face Moisturizer Reviews in 2021

#7 Loreal Paris L'oreal Paris Face Moisturizer

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L'oreal Paris Face Moisturizer Reviews

L'oreal Paris Face Moisturizer Review

You know you've mastered this whole "adulting" thing when you have a proper savings plan and budget, set goals and actually meet them, get an adequate amount of sleep each night, and have a go-to moisturizer that meets all your current skin needs. NYC-based board certified dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad explains that a moisturizer is only as good as the ingredients it contains. Those with dry complexions "should specifically look for facial moisturizers that contain emollients, humectants, ceramides, niacinamide and growth factors, as these ingredients create a proper barrier to seal in moisture." All of us (greasy, combination, acne-prone, undecided) should avoid "ingredients that could block pores or cause a reaction, such as preservatives and chemicals."

Whether you get your moisture fix from a splurge-worthy cult-favorite or timeless drugstore formula, below, shop 11 ELLE editor-approved face moisturizers to keep you moist all winter long.


L'oreal Paris Face is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read L'oreal Paris Face reviews.

L'oreal Paris Face Moisturizer Reviews

Give your face the hydration it needs with a face moisturizer formulated with active ingredients to restore healthy skin. Fight the signs of aging with an anti-wrinkle day and night cream, restore plump skin with formulas that feature Hyaluronic Acid, and get your rosy tone back for those with maturing skin. Find a face cream formulated for your skin concerns and incorporate it into your skincare routine to keep your skin radiant, healthy and hydrated.


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Customer Reviews


I like it. Smells great. I'm just disappointed that it didn't make me look like Helen Mirren.

  • Janet P.

 I really love the way my face feels after applying it. I got a free sample product of these from Influenser. Thank you so much ❤️! I would definitely buy it after I run out! I recommend these to all ladies any age. Thank you Loreal and Influenser#...

  • member-2a5fb1

It went on my face with ease and it didnt take a lot! I hot a lot of complaments on how my skin look so smooth and the color was so nice on my face! I was not disappointed with this product at all! It gave me the color I needed! It was so easy to wash it off at the end of the day I used soap and water and there was no residue left on my face! I had friends asking me about the product that I was using and out and bought it theirselves! I also told some frirnds who are RV'ers like myself and they also have gone out and have tried it!

  • Wanda T.

 I used it every day for 30 days. Unfortunately I did not see any improvement in my wrinkles or darks spots. However, I did notice an improvement in the way my skin looked with makeup. It gave me a certain glow, and I did receive compliments on how dewy my face looked. After 30 days, I still have over half the jar left. I will definitely keep using it.

  • Samantha D.

 My only qualm was with the sparkles/shimmer that is in this product. It looks like I put a highlighter over my skin. I didn’t mind it until one of my coworkers pointed out how shimmery I was. Unfortunately can’t use unless I’m wearing foundation over top.

  • Liz Y.

I don't use makeup anymore, but putting this on every morning for the past week has made my face feel so refreshed. I have had a couple of people ask me what I am doing differently. I love that I don't feel it on my face at all during the day, it is not heavy or greasy. Will be continuing using this product

  • Sunshine

 Effective and love the slight color


I love this and find the price worth it. I'm not sure I notice any cell renewal...how would I know?...but I so like the consistency and the bit of color it brings to my face. I'm an oldie but goody and I've faded as the years have gone on, so I appreciate any subtle rosiness I can put on my face.

  • Cecy C.

 Se volvió un básico
Al principio no estaba muy segura de si me gustaba o no. Tengo 35 años así que no es un producto indicado para mi edad, así que estaba insegura de qué podría hacer por mi o si sería demasiado hidratante para mi tipo de piel. Pues llevo ya varias semanas usándola diario bajo mi maquillaje y debo decir que se convirtió en un básico de mi rutina. Mi piel es normal a seca, sensible y con tendencia acnéica, no he tenido un solo brote, mi piel se mantiene hidratada y suave todo el día, el maquillaje dura perfectamente, no me genera grasa pero la piel se ve radiante y natural.

  • Barbara Hodgson

 Did not work for me
It looked fabulous on a friend so I ordered it. It has a nice tone but it really dries out my skin to the point I have dry patches forming. Also, it didn't do anything for my wrinkles but I'm 67 so perhaps that matters.

  • Linda Daudelin

 Please try this cream ty
I love this cream so much i would recomend to elder women anytime thank you LINDA

  • Michelle Marshall

 It really does what it saids !
Love this product!