NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier Real Reviews [Updated for 2021]

NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier

Overall Rating: 4.8

Capterra Rating: #4.8 .. out of 5 with 9 ratings
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NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier Reviews

NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier Reviews

This multi-action treatment for oily skin decreases glare and lowers the presence of swollen pores quickly. To promote a smooth, healthy-looking complexion, it combines potent blemish-fighting and skin-rejuvenating ingredients like vitamin A and zinc sulfate. This healing product is a regular cure for shine and clogged pores, and it complements conventional acne therapies. This intelligent product tends to round out the skin tone.

Nourishmax is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Nourishmax reviews.

NourishMax face Mattifier captures shine in oily areas while still delivering essential moisture to maintain smooth and luscious skin, rather than a flaky, stiff, or dry one. Zinc sulfate and vitamin A, for example, attack the causative factors of skin flaws by assisting in the removal of extra sebum from clogged pores. Each ingredient in this Clear Complexion Mattifier is used in its most powerful form, chosen intentionally for its potential to produce better outcomes. NourishMax face mattifier's benefits are a lot. Just take a look at its customer reviews, ratings and before and after pictures to understand the potential that it delivers. This product is lab-tested and approved by experts and specialists. 

Face mattifiers reviews

According to consumers around the world, NourishMax is one of the top 10 brands. NourishMax Clear Complexion Mattifier reviews can be found below.

This dual-action product instantly mattifies oily skin and has long-term advantages for congested skin. Zinc sulfate, retinyl palmitate, and iris root extract form a complex that aims to clear clogged pores and reduce the presence of blemishes. It aids in the reduction of sebum accumulation, which causes flaws. It minimizes oily shine while refining the look of skin texture. With or without makeup, this healing product dries to a powder-soft appearance, priming the skin for lengthy shine control.

• Cleanses clogged pores.

• Defends against blemishes and flaws.

• Reduces the visible appearance of swollen pores.

• Aids in the removal of extra sebum.

• Reduces the appearance of oily shine.

• Has a light matte finish.

NourishMax face mattifiers ingredients

• Zinc Sulfate: This element aids in the battle against acne bacteria, the refinement of pores, and the reduction of sebum accumulation in the follicles.

• Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract (Cinnamon Extract): Cinnamon has natural astringent and antioxidant qualities that help to purify oily, clogged skin.

• Iris Florentina Root Extract (Iris Extract): This botanical aids in the clearing of clogged pores and the reduction of flaws.

• Squalane: Squalane imitates the defensive properties of the skin's natural membrane. It rehydrates the skin, balancing its moisture levels and making it feel smoother.

• Retinyl Palmitate: Retinyl palmitate, like other types of vitamin A, revitalizes and supports stable skin texture without clogging pores.

NourishMax face mattifiers before and after

You can see the changes after using NourishMax face mattifier.

Does NourishMax face mattifier work?

Mattifying lotion, without a doubt, tends to control oil and give the skin a smoother appearance, making it easier to apply makeup. Let's take a closer look at the chemical composition of skincare products before we venture into how they have mattifying properties that battle oil. A simple mattifier is commonly a semi-solid emulsion and is a mixture of two liquids that aren't normally combined, such as oil and water. To merge them, one is attached to the other in the shape of a droplet. Other additives are added to the material to support its form and keep it together, such as emulsifying agents and stabilizing additives.

To develop a mattifier that controls sebum and gives the skin a matte finish, it must also have an absorbent, which is a substance that absorbs other liquids. Talc, a powdered hydrous magnesium silicate, is a common absorbent. This is a clay-like paste of silicon, oxygen and ,at minimum, one metal that serves as an absorbent to remove extra water or oil from the skin. Talc is a common ingredient in color cosmetics since it tends to help maintain brightness while being gentle on the skin. These clay-based silicates are a main component in certain mattifying lotions that regulate sebum.

Mattifying lotions are typical, but their quality varies. Some are creamy, like a regular lotion, and release extra oil when you massage them into your skin. Mattifiers containing a lot of silicone behave like a clump of gel-like globules at first, but when you apply the mattifier onto your skin, the globules disappear and are absorbed through your skin.

Many of the chemicals used in mattifiers have been shown to be healthy. If dimethicone is used in a mattifier, it can make up no more than 24% of the total. If you're susceptible to breakouts, make sure every dimethicone-containing substance is non-comedogenic to prevent clogging pores.

Questions and Answers

You can buy it on the official website.  
NourishMax face mattifier is a method that controls oil and reduces shine to increase the attractiveness of your makeup. Face Mattifiers from NourishMax strip extra oil from the skin, leaving makeup matte and shiny. It can be used before makeup and applying a moisturizer. It may also be used in conjunction with a primer.
Moisturizing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, is recommended by most skincare experts. This means that your skin's moisture levels stay consistent during the day and when you sleep, ensuring that you still have supple, safe skin. It is believed that NourishMax face mattifier is of greater quality and works better than other brands. NourishMax face mattifier has a positive impact that can be seen in a short period of time.  
Apply to cleansed skin morning & evening. Gently spread over the face targeting the oily t-zone area.

Customer Reviews

  • Gonzales

I used to pay the least of care to my skin, and finally I ended up tolerating big clogged pores on my dull face. Thanks to the customers’ reviews, I bought this fascinating Clear Complexion Mattifier and got rid of those big bothering pores. I love this new fresh skin and promise to protect it well.

  • Ellena

I used to have my skin darkened by my acne scars and my skin looks full of spots. With the aid of NourishMax's clear complexion matifier, I finally got rid of all the spots darkening my skin and had it all cleared.

  • Ana

My skin is naturally very active in oil production and that usually leads to having excessive oil all over my face, making me look greasy. It was getting harder to go on like that especially that I had to take showers every day, so I got NourishMax's clear complexion matifier and it helped reduced the amount of oil on my skin! Highly recommended.

  • Marci

Ever since I became a teenager, I have never had a day without acnes on my face. All would have been fine if I weren't an adult, but sadly I'm an adult now with blemishes covering my face. To stop my situation from worsening, I got NourishMax's clear complexion matifier and it actually made things better! I don't have acnes anymore!

  • Helen

I bought NourishMax's clear complexion matifier based on all the great reviews it has received and it was only delivered to my address a week ago. So far it doesn't dry out the skin and my skin actually feels moisturized.

  • Anna

I got my bottle of NourishMax's clear complexion matifier in order to help my son deal with his breakouts. He's been using this serum for about a month now and his skin has improved a lot. I like how confident he is now.

  • Tracci

I used to have my skin darkened by my acne scars and my skin looks full of spots. With the aid of NourishMax's clear complexion matifier, I finally got rid of all the spots darkening my skin and had it all cleared.

  • Sandra

I apply it right after putting on a light makeup to have the nice matte finish that the producers has promised.

  • Serena

My skin used to be really oily and that would usually cause a lot of acnes. I needed something to balance the oil production of my skin and I found NourishMax's clear complexion matifier. It worked wonderfully and my skin looks well.