Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler Reviews in 2021

#4 Surratt Beauty Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler

Overall Rating: 4.4

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Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler Reviews

Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler Review

Having long curly eyelashes is an important marker of facial beauty which significantly adds to the charm and attraction of the eyes. No matter how big and beautiful your eyes are, short eyelashes might make your eyes seem small and tired. Eyes are generally considered the focus of attention when interacting with others and this is why most women put a special emphasis on making their eyes more attractive. Having big eyes with long lashes can do most of the make up for you without much need to spend a lot of time putting makeup on other parts of your face. While there are a wide variety of eye makeup products each contributing to a different aspect of eye beauty, it seems that the first step to having beautiful charming eyes is to use an eyelash curler to give the eyelashes a beautiful curl. The traditional and heated eyelash curlers are widely used to curl eyelashes. Eye makeup starts with this simple easy-to-use tool which gives a lengthy bend to your eyelashes. Even if you do not want to spend a lot of time on applying makeup, you can use just an eyelash curler to give your eyelashes a fully-fanned look. The good thing about using an eyelash curler is that it is the only piece of eye makeup that you can use on the go, without ruining your makeup! The best lash curlers are ergonomically designed, soft and easy-to-use and do not cause pinching or breakage.

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Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler Reviews

Our award-winning Relevee Lash Curler gently bends and lengthens your lashes. Its high-tech Japanese design and bouncy silicone pads require you to use less force when curling, allowing you to create eye-opening, elongated, fully fanned lashes—with zero breakage or pinching.

Questions and Answers

It is really easy to use. All you need to do is place it on your eyelash line as long as it feels comfortable. Then apply a gentle squeeze. After that, move the lash curler one millimeter outward and squeeze again. Again, go little bit further out and give that gentle squeeze one more time. Now you are ready to go with a perfect natural curve on your eyelashes that does not seem crimped or L-shaped.
There are various ways to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler. For example you can use a mascara. Apply the mascara on your lashes. Use the wand to give the lashes an upward press. Hold it for a few seconds and after the mascara is dry, you will see the eyelashes look uplifted. Another effective way is to use a cotton swab. First apply your mascara and coat the lashes evenly. Then, before the mascara dries, use a cotton swab and press it against the eyelash lines. Wait for 10 seconds and when the mascara dries, the lashes will be curved nice and neat.
Heated eyelash curlers come in different shapes and types, so the instructions might vary depending on the design. For clamp-style heated eyelash curlers, it is pretty much the same as traditional lash curlers. Place it on the base of your eyelashes and then move slowly outwards giving gentle squeezes at some points. If you use the wand-style heated lash curlers, start on the eyelash lines and gently brush outwards. You can apply the pressure either by your hand or by pushing your eyelids downwards. The key is to be patient and wait at least for 5 seconds pushing the curler against your lashes.
The Surratt Beauty eyelash curler is really easy to clean. You can moist a pad with makeup remover and rub it on the curler especially the silicon pad and the metal bar. If you don’t have makeup remover, use baby oil. Then, mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with water and dip a cloth in it and rub it on all parts of the curler. Then run it under tap water to clean any soap residue. In order to avoid damage or rusting, quickly and thoroughly dry the tool.

Customer Reviews

  • Uttara Ram

It’s not meant for all eye shapes. It pinched my skin around the eyes. When I returned it the seller refunded only 50% back

  • slim5555

I bought this eyelash curler because there were a number of reviews that said this curled ALL the lashes thoroughly(think of the lashes at the far corner of the eye) and the curl was maintained...


  • Deanna S.

Beats out shu uemera. Surratt gives the perfect curl, without making them look bent. Doesn’t pinch at the lash line and really leaves a fanned out effect to my lashes

  • angela B.

Gives your lashes the prettiest/most natural lift ever! Somedays I only curl them with this and dont wear mascara. Worth the money. Only con is that I find whenever I use it, some of my eyelashes end up fallingb

  • Madisyn S.

. It works so well, it literally curls your lashes and makes them look so much longer even without mascara. Not only does it make your lashes look amazing but it’s a nice looking product too. Highly recommend this Surratt lash curler.

  • Sara S.

 I have wide deep set large eyes and lashes are typically easy to work with ( not lately , but that's a story for another day). This eyelash curler crimps lashes, flat 90 degree angle. And before I get 8000 tips in how to curler my lashes properly, I have watched the videos, tutorials, implemented every "trick"/"hack"/ "technique" under the sun. This "curler " bends the lash at the root and points my lashes straight up and back up against my lids. Not cute.

  • Jackie D.

After purchasing many many many eyelash curlers I decided I was sick of garbage ones and bought this one-it is life changing. My lashes are long, but they didn’t come to play when it comes to holding a curl. They hate their lives when they are curled and they go into full blown rebellion mode.. this one is like a 1960’s catholic school nun-she is whipping the knuckles of these lashes all day.

  • Anastasia L.

I purchased this curler because Kim and Kourtney Kardashian swear by it. It comes in a little suede bag which makes it feel so luxurious. My eyes are maybe the smallest little bit small for it but I just tip my head back a little more and pinch at the base, in the middle and on the tips of the lashes. The curl is very feminine looking and seems to last all day. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

  • Judy F.

So this eyelash curler is the best that I have used and I've tried several brands (Kevin Aucoin, Tarte, Shiseido AND the classic She Umura). \I have two despite the ridiculous price (-1 star), one that I had used for travel back when we were allowed to leave the house, and one that lived in my at home makeup bag. This one opens the widest so you're not poking yourself in the eye to get as many lashes as possible into the tool!

  • Aisling P.

I believe that this product was actually made with Japanese steel if I’m not mistaken. However I do know that I absolutely love this product it is super light weight and it’s easy to grab every single lash without it feeling like it’s going to pinch you it has higher quality as well then just your regular drugstore eyelash curler’s I can’t say that I’ve held my curls better than any other just because my lashes are on the thicker side so they naturally just go down unless I have a lash lift done on them but I really absolutely love this product especially because it’s so weightless

  • Megh C.

. The SURRATT Relevée Lash Curler for eyelashes is to die for! I had previously been using a shu Uemura eyelash curler, which I loved. But I needed to replace the pad—which you can’t easily do. You just have to buy a new one! So I tried the Shiseido Eyelash Curler replacements from Sephora because some internet posts said they fit—but they don’t really. They’re too short, so it’s sort of weird. So finally after reading all the reviews and watching all the YouTubers gushing about this eyelash curler, yes, I did drop $30 for a effing curler. It came in its own box with way too much packaging and a velvet bag for travel with tho...? #ohyoufancyhuh Okay, seriously? Look at these lashes!!! Just the curler and Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara. My new dream curler! It does come with one replacement pad but it doesn’t look like addt’l replacement pads are easy to find, unfortunately. Obviously, that’s a downfall to this purchase and something to consider.