Surratt Beauty Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 with 168 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.4 out of 5 with 168 Votes

Surratt Beauty is a famous US based beauty brand which applies japanese ingenuity along with new york sensibility. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, each stunning product, from their correcting concealer and pigmented eyebrow pencil to their creamy blusher, applies and blends seamlessly, while the brand’s approach allows you to create your own perfect palette. Surratt is sophisticated, top quality makeup that delivers uncomplicated, pro-level results. Surratt delivers an elevated experience through customizable products, superior formulations, and unrivaled functionality.

Surratt's groundbreaking products have created major buzz in the beauty world, even garnering an Allure 'Best of Beauty' win.

It's worth mentioning that Surratt beauty products are cruelty-free and vegan. Read customer reviews for more information regarding their products. You can also check out before and after pictures to see the differences for yourself.

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Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler

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Surratt Beauty Blush Powder

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Surratt Beauty Reviews

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  • Uttara Ram

Pinched the skin around my lids

It’s not meant for all eye shapes. It pinched my skin around the eyes. When I returned it the seller refunded only 50% back

  • slim5555

I bought this eyelash curler because there were a number of reviews that said this curled ALL the lashes thoroughly(think of the lashes at the far corner of the eye) and the curl was maintained...


  • Elizabeth S.

I have the shade chaleaur - it's great for a both blush and bronzer depending on where you place it on your face. I find it lasts all throughout the day and blends well for a nice glow.

  • Samantha R.

Gives a gorgeous pink glow to my cheeks! I am all about the dewy, highlighted look lately. This does not disappoint. This blush has little dust kick up when picking up product with brush. It blends like a dream on my cheeks. I also love the pink hue it provides! Color starts of light but builds up easily. This is my go never fails me, every day blush!

  • Kim L.

While these blushes are beautiful, they are not as pigmented as blushesfrom european and americna blushes. these blushes are a lot more subtle; however, can be built up. They can be blended and buffed out easily and these blushes are great for those that are a bit heavy handed.

  • Coffee L.

I have blue eyes and most blushes are just sort of a color that sits there. Tu Me Rais Rougir is the first blush I've found that really compliments my eye color. 

I like and dislike that it is buildable. You do use more product (for the price) but it is easy to customize your look.

Aureole isn't the best highlighter color I've encountered but I've re-purposed this blush was a background color for my eyeshadows and love it.  

I also love that these Surratt products don't come with a ton of packaging so that you can throw a magnet on the back and make your own palettes (if you don't buy Surrat's palettes). 

  • Juliana S.

I have the shade Ponceau - this blush is beautiful! Highly pigmented - which is a little troublesome for someone fairer like me. I need to use a light hand and a stippling brush to apply, to ensure the blush is blended out. This has a natural finish - not entirely matte, but not shimmery. My only complaint is the packaging - you basically HAVE to buy the additional surratt palette, or constantly ensure the blush is stored safely where it can't shatter.

  • Megan M.

This blush is amazing.

 I own Parfait, a pale sherbet peach, and Guimauve, a pale cool pink. There are also some amazing deeper and richer shades, as well as highlight shades plus a contour shade. I’ve tried Aureole and Grisaille (pale highlight and contour) and plan to pick them up when they’re in stock again. Grisaille would be an awesome neutral contour for light medium skins (on me it pulls a bit more bronzey). Aureole is a pale golden highlighter that never emphasizes texture. What makes all these products special is their amazing creamy texture- they’re produced in Japan with a “slurry” process. They have no kickback at all and look gorgeous on the skin. Be aware that they do come in single pans, so you will have to use them like that or put them in a palette.

  • Blythe H.

First off, these are preciously tiny, which I think will throw some people off, particularly considering the price.  But these are so finely milled and beautifully pigmented that a very little goes a very long way.  The color selection is exceptional and it's wonderful that you have the option to pop several shades out and combined them into one of Surratt's magnetic palettes.  

  • Alice H.

I have several blushes in this formula, and am consistently impressed by the quality (even if the shades are sometimes dupable). It is silky, easy to blend, easy to build, and very lightweight on the skin. Unlike some blush formulas, this one doesn't look powdery or chalky on the skin, and it doesn't usually go patchy, even if I don't set my base first. The satin-matte shades are gorgeous, and the glowy ones (like Barbe de Papa) are also very pretty (they don't emphasize texture, the way some glowy blushes do). These blushes are not cheap, but worth the splurge if there's a shade you have your eye on!

  • renee G.

This is a great blush.

The one I have is a bronze like blush color but when applied it is pigmented and I have to be really careful not to apply too much product. It is a very finely milled powder and looks natural on the skin. I use this in rotation with my Hourglass blushes and Charlotte Tilbury blushes. They are all similar and look beautiful on. I don't like the packaging on this product and wish it wasn't a refill but it's own product.

  • Sundeep B.

I purchased this in the Barbe à papa colour which is a two in one shade serving as a highlighter and blush. The quality is brilliant and I get a decent amount of wear time from it. The texture and blendability is mind blowing. Surratt have given all the force to creating a beautiful pigmented product in minimalistic, non distracting packaging.

  • Deanna S.

This is my absolute favorite eye lash curler!

Beats out shu uemera. Surratt gives the perfect curl, without making them look bent. Doesn’t pinch at the lash line and really leaves a fanned out effect to my lashes

  • angela B.

Best lash curler hands down.

Gives your lashes the prettiest/most natural lift ever! Somedays I only curl them with this and dont wear mascara. Worth the money. Only con is that I find whenever I use it, some of my eyelashes end up fallingb

  • Madisyn S.

Best eyelash curler I’ve ever owned

. It works so well, it literally curls your lashes and makes them look so much longer even without mascara. Not only does it make your lashes look amazing but it’s a nice looking product too. Highly recommend this Surratt lash curler.

  • Sara S.

I was eX cited to try this product.

 I have wide deep set large eyes and lashes are typically easy to work with ( not lately , but that's a story for another day). This eyelash curler crimps lashes, flat 90 degree angle. And before I get 8000 tips in how to curler my lashes properly, I have watched the videos, tutorials, implemented every "trick"/"hack"/ "technique" under the sun. This "curler " bends the lash at the root and points my lashes straight up and back up against my lids. Not cute.

  • Jackie D.


After purchasing many many many eyelash curlers I decided I was sick of garbage ones and bought this one-it is life changing. My lashes are long, but they didn’t come to play when it comes to holding a curl. They hate their lives when they are curled and they go into full blown rebellion mode.. this one is like a 1960’s catholic school nun-she is whipping the knuckles of these lashes all day.

  • Anastasia L.

very pleased with this purchase.

I purchased this curler because Kim and Kourtney Kardashian swear by it. It comes in a little suede bag which makes it feel so luxurious. My eyes are maybe the smallest little bit small for it but I just tip my head back a little more and pinch at the base, in the middle and on the tips of the lashes. The curl is very feminine looking and seems to last all day. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

  • Judy F.

I have two despite the ridiculous price

So this eyelash curler is the best that I have used and I've tried several brands (Kevin Aucoin, Tarte, Shiseido AND the classic She Umura). \I have two despite the ridiculous price (-1 star), one that I had used for travel back when we were allowed to leave the house, and one that lived in my at home makeup bag. This one opens the widest so you're not poking yourself in the eye to get as many lashes as possible into the tool!

  • Aisling P.

I absolutely love this product

I believe that this product was actually made with Japanese steel if I’m not mistaken. However I do know that I absolutely love this product it is super light weight and it’s easy to grab every single lash without it feeling like it’s going to pinch you it has higher quality as well then just your regular drugstore eyelash curler’s I can’t say that I’ve held my curls better than any other just because my lashes are on the thicker side so they naturally just go down unless I have a lash lift done on them but I really absolutely love this product especially because it’s so weightless

  • Megh C.

Okay guys, the hype is real

. The SURRATT Relevée Lash Curler for eyelashes is to die for! I had previously been using a shu Uemura eyelash curler, which I loved. But I needed to replace the pad—which you can’t easily do. You just have to buy a new one! So I tried the Shiseido Eyelash Curler replacements from Sephora because some internet posts said they fit—but they don’t really. They’re too short, so it’s sort of weird. So finally after reading all the reviews and watching all the YouTubers gushing about this eyelash curler, yes, I did drop $30 for a effing curler. It came in its own box with way too much packaging and a velvet bag for travel with tho...? #ohyoufancyhuh Okay, seriously? Look at these lashes!!! Just the curler and Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara. My new dream curler! It does come with one replacement pad but it doesn’t look like addt’l replacement pads are easy to find, unfortunately. Obviously, that’s a downfall to this purchase and something to consider.