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Surratt Beauty

Surratt Beauty
overall rating : 8.8

Surratt Beauty

overall rating : 8.8

There have been times when I was invited to a party and I'd spend hours trying to fix my looks as best I could with the limited shades and products companies used to offer back in the day. Most of the palettes, especially eyeshadow palettes, consisted mostly of nude shades, and maybe if the producers wanted to seem unique and adventurous, they'd have put in a bunch of red and orange hues instead. Whatever, I would make use of what I had available and get myself to the party anyway. The worst part of wearing makeup usually starts when it's been sometime after you've put it on and it's nothing but the fact that most makeup runs down. Surratt Beauty reviews are absolutely inspiring. >


So why does makeup run down? For some time, I used to think that it was because the production quality of my makeup wasn't that high, and in fact, that did turn out to be true, although the effects were mostly indirect rather than causing my makeup to run down after a few hours of only putting it on. The lower production quality used to irritate my skin and gradually cause more sebum and oil production so that my skin would be protected from whatever was putting its health in danger, a.k.a. the makeup. And what loosens makeup really well? oily substances such as creams and the oil your skin produces, which made my whole makeup look ruined in no time. Surratt Beauty reviews are great. 

But why did I say all this? I wanted to show you the real difference between Surratt Beauty compared to any other beauty brand on the market. The first thing that really surprised me, and many more people in the Surratt Beauty reviews, is the various shade options that you might never find in any other beauty brand. I mean, just one of Surratt Beauty's lipsticks has thirteen shades! The next thing that Surratt Beauty reviews are really hyped about is the quality of Surratt Beauty products. The products of Surratt Beauty are undeniably well-produced, and they're soft on the skin and easy to spread around as much as you like. Some of the best eyelash curlers are made by this brand. Surratt Beauty reviews speak for themselves.

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As you know, Surratt Beauty is based in Japan, and most of the products sold on their website are manufactured in Japan as well. For the mentioned reasons, there's no way possible for them to give you a definite time about such matters. What you can do is to check their retail partners' sites to see if they have what you need.
Surratt Beauty has not, does not, and will not be conducting any form of animal testing. Nor do they work with any manufacturing companies that do animal testing.
With a few exceptions, all Surratt Beauty products are vegan and gluten-free. Their non-vegan products fall under different categories, such as containing beeswax, Pointilliste Mascara, Relevee Mascara, and Expressioniste Brow Pencil, containing Carmine, Artistique Blush, Prismatique Eyes, Artistique Eyeshadow, and Smoky Eye Baton, containing marine collagen, which only Torche Lumiere Highlighters contain.
Yes, actually. Surratt Beauty offers various professional discounts to qualified makeup artists within the US. To find out more about these discounts, please refer to their official website at


  • PROS
  • Surratt Beauty's official website offers complimentary free samples with each and any purchases made on their website

  • If you purchase over $50 on their website and live within the US, you will get free shipping and free returns in case you are not happy with your purchase   

  • Surratt Beauty's official website offers various payment options, and you can even pay in four interest-free installments by using afterpay  

  • CONS
  • Surratt Beauty only has shipping to 50 states in the United States and doesn't offer any sort of international shipping, not even to the US Virgin Islands   




Surratt Beauty

Surratt Beauty is a well-known US-based beauty business that combines Japanese brilliance with a New York sensibility. Each exquisite product, from their corrective concealer and pigmented brow pencil to their creamy blusher, applies and blends flawlessly, and the brand's approach allows you to build your own personal palette. Surratt is a sophisticated, high-quality makeup line that produces simple, pro-level results. Surratt elevates the customer experience through personalized goods, excellent formulas, and unsurpassed functionality. Surratt Beauty reviews speak for themselves.

Surratt Beauty Company

One thing that usually makes a company unique is the story behind how it was founded and the purpose deeply ingrained in the minds of its developers. It's no different for the Surratt Beauty brand either. Surratt Beauty's first sparks of existence were created in Japan, one of the biggest countries in the beauty industry. Surratt Beauty brings their art of craftsmanship to meet the modern enthusiasm of New York, giving their products a sense of sensibility while attempting to keep them authentic and inspired by Japanese principles. Surratt Beauty reviews will amaze you.

Surratt Beauty Reviews

What do Surratt Beauty reviews reveal about the brand? Logically speaking, one brand's reviews can't be summarized in a paragraph, especially big brands like Surratt Beauty, which has dozens of products and reviews, but some of the common things you can see in Surratt Beauty reviews is that Surratt Beauty customers are very pleased with the production quality of both Surratt Beauty's tools and supplies. Surratt Beauty reviews also mention how great Surratt Beauty's customer service is. Surratt Beauty reviews are an indication of its quality.

Surratt Beauty Before and After

Much like the reviews, Surratt Beauty has many products that each before and after review case depends on the type of product that the customers have purchased, but to name a few, the eyelash curler by Surratt Beauty has its crazed fans saying they couldn't have curled their eyelashes this well even if they got them done at a salon. Many people have commented on how different the Surratt Beauty lip gloss, with its bright colors, made their faces look. Surratt Beauty reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

Surratt Beauty Product Company

Since the start, Surratt Beauty has had a noble purpose, and that is and always has been to help anyone who's interested enough to pick up a brush, no matter whether they're pro or non-pro, to create the masterpiece of their dreams using Surratt Beauty's makeup tools and supplies. Surratt Beauty has been staying true to their purpose by creating high quality and sophisticated products for years to create an eccentric shade and texture for their customers. Surratt Beauty reviews show great satisfaction regarding the quality.

The Best Surratt Beauty Products

Artistique Blush Duo: Coming in four different shades from parfait to classique, Artistique Blush Duo by Surratt Beauty was created to do one thing and that is to give you the ultimate flush by combining the strong power duo of powder and liquid blush. 

Surratt Beauty Eyelash Curler: As mentioned earlier, Surratt Beauty offers various beauty tools to go along with its wonderful beauty supplies, and the Relevee Lash Curler is one of the best that Surratt Beauty has ever created. This is an award-winning curler that has an ergonomic design specifically made to curl lashes in the best way possible. 

Prismatique Eyes: many are fascinated by the glamor and glitter of 80s makeup, and many wish to recreate those looks. The good news is that the Prismatique Eyes eyeshadow palette by Surratt Beauty is perfect for creating that same effect.

Surratt Beauty Customer Service

Effective customer service indicates how much the customers of each brand matter and also increases likability if the basic service that is the customer's right is done properly. Although Surratt Beauty has only provided one means of communication with its valued customers, the customer service is satisfactory due to fast and comprehensive responses. You can contact Surratt Beauty at [email protected] with any questions regarding your purchase process. Surratt Beauty reviews are very positive and encouraging.

Surratt Beauty Return Policy

Return policies are of high importance in the modern world, considering the amount of online shopping a normal human being does each year, and Surratt Beauty knows that too. If you're interested in returning your Surratt Beauty product, you should meet various criteria to be eligible for a return. First off, the product should be unopened and unused and only products purchased from The time period you are given to return your purchase is within 14 days and you should contact them at [email protected] before proceeding to do so. Please refer to their official website,, to get more details on how to get your full refund. Surratt Beauty reviews are overwhelmingly positive.