Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Reviews in 2021

#1 Shu Uemura Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Overall Rating: 4.8

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Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Reviews

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Reviews

There is no doubt that the eyes are central to physical attraction and charm. Whether you have naturally beautiful eyes or trying to enhance the elegance of this part of your face, you cannot ignore the role of eyelashes in the beauty of your eyes. There is nothing like short straight eyelashes that can mar your beauty even if you have the most professional makeup. In fact, creating luscious fanning eyelashes is central to any makeup routine. It is true that eye shadow and mascara do the final job of creating the prefect-looking eye, but an eyelash curler is the basic tool that has to provide the foundation for this job. The best eyelash curler is one which creates a natural curve without causing damage to your lashes. The most important part of the lash curler which prevents damage to lashes is the silicon or plastic pad. It should be thick and bouncy enough so that the lashes do not get chopped off or clumped. There are various kinds of eyelash curlers including traditional and heated eyelash curlers. They are different in design but both have similar functions and effects. The only small difference is that the best heated eyelash curler can create deeper curves that last longer. However, the most important problem with traditional or heated eyelash curlers is that most of them do not fit all eye shapes and sizes. Finding an eyelash curler for small eyes is especially challenging since the eyelashes at the end corners of the eye have to be covered properly and this might be difficult for small eyes. Therefore, you should look for eyelash curlers with clamps that are wide enough so that you can cover all the lashes on eyes of different sizes. Most of the lash curlers are made of stainless steel which is lightweight and enduring at the same time. If a lash curler is of high quality, you can get a natural curve on your lashes that fits your overall makeup with the least amount of pressure and zero damage or breakage. By using the lash curler once, you will definitely see the difference it makes on your lashes with an elegant classy touch. So, do not hesitate to consider this must-have tool in your makeup bag to create the ideal look you desire.

Shu Uemura is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Shu Uemura reviews.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Review

The iconic, best-selling and award-winning shu uemura eyelash curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl. The iconic shu uemura eyelash curler is one of the most famous “beauty secrets” of the industry, used by celebrities, fashion designers, and many top make-up artists because of its precise control and optimum, long-lasting curl.

Upgraded silicone pad in a new "mushroom" shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl. Upgraded patented hinge with precise engineering applies the perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes. Curved angle suits all eye shapes. Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control.

Questions and Answers

If you use a high quality eyelash curler you don’t need to worry about your eyes get pinched or damaged. Simply open the clamps, put your eyelashes between them. Go as deep as you feel comfortable to the base of your eyelashes. Give a gentle push and wait for a few seconds. Then move outward along the length of your lashes, gently pushing and holding for a few seconds. There is no need for a hard push since you might end up with L-shaped lashes.  
You can use your eyelash curler any time you want to apply makeup. It is perfectly safe and by using the tool on a daily basis, you won't experience any damage to your lashes whatsoever. However, along the makeup routine process, you want to use your eyelash curler before applying mascara. To use the eyelash curler, your lashes have to be totally clean. If you use the eyelash curler after applying mascara you might damage your lashes and they will not look good at all.
The Shu Uemura eyelash curler is made with premium high-quality materials and it is ultra-durable. You do not need to replace the curler until it is obvious that it is not functioning properly. The silicon pad is also upgraded and lasts much longer than the previous ones. However, if you see the pad is wearing down or is not bouncing back, it is time to replace it.
Using an eyelash curler is pretty straightforward. First off, you need to make sure your eyelashes are clean and there is not any residue from yesterday's makeup because you do not want your eyelashes to clump. Also, make sure that the eyelash curler and especially the padding are clean. Open the clamps like you open scissors. Open your eyes wide. Put your lashes between the upper part of the curler and the silicon padding. Start with the root of your lashes but be careful not to touch your eyelids. The eyelash curler will cover all your lashes along your eyelids. Gently squeeze the clamps and wait for some seconds. Repeat this process as much as necessary along the length of your lashes. This way, you make sure that you won't get a sharp bend only at the root of your lashes.

Customer Reviews

  • bargainhunterhelen

I’ve used this type of curler for years. Just replaced the one I had. I’ve had others but never have they been as good. Will always go back to this product.

  • valeria Z.

Literally. I haven't worn makeup to work in over 3 years, as I have a professional desk job, but I bought this because my professional makeup artist girlfriend recommended it. Now I just curl my lashes and it makes such a difference. I wear clear mascara to work now because this curler does the job. When I go out, Ill wear normal mascara, and my friends have pulled on my lashes thinking they were fake, because this curler curls so good! Just makes them stand up from the root!

  • Miakol

. I also use a curling mascara most days so that might help too but this curler seriously makes them stay up all day long. I have long lashes but they fall flat throughout the day so you can’t really see the length. This helps so much! The downside is that it’s only available on their website not any other retailer, AND they don’t sell refill pads which is super frustrating!! Other pads can be used as replacement too but sometimes it’s better just to buy a new one (which is what they were going for anyway, lol)

  • Abigail

I always loved this curler and wouldn’t use anything else, but the new shape makes my lashes bend to the side instead of straight up. Wish you would go back to the previous shape that was perfect for my eyes.


  • kylie.MN

This is the best curler for asian eyes. It gets ALL the lashes and curls them perfectly. I love that each curler comes with a replacement pad.


  • Evam23

Bought the gold version when the Pokémon collab was out and it did not come with an extra refill like the others normally do. I buy a new eyelash curler from Shu Uemura every year and decided to get the pikachu curler while it was being sold and was disappointed to find that it did not come with a refill pad like the regular silver curler does. The curler itself lasts me forever, but it was nice to have that extra pad after using a while.


  • Roxan Mae Okamoto

Like It


Not bad

  • Anthony J. Ching

 Bought for my wife
You'll have to ask my wife, but she seems satisfied and specified the purchase.

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 Best Eyelash Curler!


Truly the best eyelash curler on the market. Makeup artist recommended it and it's the only one I use.

  • Michael J. Gill

 Smaller than typical eyelash curlers. possible knock off.

Searched for best eyelash curlers. This one was recommended. It is probably a knock off, it is much smaller in size thatn typical; width of curler portion and length of entire curler are small. Due to smaller curler potion , your unable to curl lashes all at once. This is my first review and I am typically a positive person.

  • Jacquie B.

Decent Curler

This is a decent eye lash curler. I bought it for my daughter who is 20 but it doesn’t fit the shape of her eye very well and hard to use.