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Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

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Shu Uemura Reviews

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  • bargainhunterhelen

Great eyelash curler. The best!

I’ve used this type of curler for years. Just replaced the one I had. I’ve had others but never have they been as good. Will always go back to this product.

  • valeria Z.

THE BEST eyelash curler that exists.

Literally. I haven't worn makeup to work in over 3 years, as I have a professional desk job, but I bought this because my professional makeup artist girlfriend recommended it. Now I just curl my lashes and it makes such a difference. I wear clear mascara to work now because this curler does the job. When I go out, Ill wear normal mascara, and my friends have pulled on my lashes thinking they were fake, because this curler curls so good! Just makes them stand up from the root!

  • Miakol

OMG! The actual beat eyelash curler ever

. I also use a curling mascara most days so that might help too but this curler seriously makes them stay up all day long. I have long lashes but they fall flat throughout the day so you can’t really see the length. This helps so much! The downside is that it’s only available on their website not any other retailer, AND they don’t sell refill pads which is super frustrating!! Other pads can be used as replacement too but sometimes it’s better just to buy a new one (which is what they were going for anyway, lol)

  • Abigail

Don’t like new shape

I always loved this curler and wouldn’t use anything else, but the new shape makes my lashes bend to the side instead of straight up. Wish you would go back to the previous shape that was perfect for my eyes.


  • kylie.MN

Best curler

This is the best curler for asian eyes. It gets ALL the lashes and curls them perfectly. I love that each curler comes with a replacement pad.


  • Evam23

No refill pad with Gold Pikachu Curler :(

Bought the gold version when the Pokémon collab was out and it did not come with an extra refill like the others normally do. I buy a new eyelash curler from Shu Uemura every year and decided to get the pikachu curler while it was being sold and was disappointed to find that it did not come with a refill pad like the regular silver curler does. The curler itself lasts me forever, but it was nice to have that extra pad after using a while.


  • Roxan Mae Okamoto

Like It


Not bad

  • Anthony J. Ching

 Bought for my wife
You'll have to ask my wife, but she seems satisfied and specified the purchase.

  • Leer en Español

 Best Eyelash Curler!


Truly the best eyelash curler on the market. Makeup artist recommended it and it's the only one I use.

  • Michael J. Gill

 Smaller than typical eyelash curlers. possible knock off.

Searched for best eyelash curlers. This one was recommended. It is probably a knock off, it is much smaller in size thatn typical; width of curler portion and length of entire curler are small. Due to smaller curler potion , your unable to curl lashes all at once. This is my first review and I am typically a positive person.

  • Jacquie B.

Decent Curler

This is a decent eye lash curler. I bought it for my daughter who is 20 but it doesn’t fit the shape of her eye very well and hard to use.