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#5 SK-II SK-II Eye Cream

Overall Rating: 4.1

Capterra Rating: #4.1 .. out of 5 with 15 ratings
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 SK-II Eye Cream Review

SK-II R.N.A POWER Eye Cream is a favorite of beauty editors; in fact, it has won awards from women’s beauty publications. Our testers fell for its rich texture and liked how it instantly soothed tired eyes.

SK-II’s eye cream contains unique ingredients like PITERA complex, which the company claims is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. However, it does not provide some of the ingredients we were looking for in an eye cream, namely retinol. And while the formula was deeply moisturizing, our testers found that they were missing the refreshing burst from caffeine found in some of our other picks.

Eye Cream

SK-II is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read sk ii eye cream reviews.

 SK-II Eye Cream Reviews


  • Feels rich and moisturizing
  • Contains a unique PITERA ferment complex
  • Has won awards for best eye treatment from consumer publications



  • arabens and petrolatum are included in the formulation
  • Contains added fragrance
  • Does not contain retinol
  • Pricy and the smallest size of any product tested
  • SK-II Eye Cream Reviews

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  • Love it, now on my third bottle

I've never really had "good" skin, however after using this consistently, my boyfriend and my closest friends have complimented my skin (without makeup on) . My skin has even been described as "glowing" ! I feel like it's brightened up and evened out my skin, plus it smells amazing. The only downside is that it's expensive, however definitely worth it!

  • Not bad, not great

Bought this to help brighten my complexion and some post acne marks on my cheeks. My skin which was already clear is *slighty* brighter but it has made maybe a 10% improvement in the appearance of my dark marks. I'm a bit underwhelmed unfortunately. Everything else I have tried from Ole's range has been amazing so this was definitely a disappointment. It however did NOT break me out which is fantastic and is very gentle on the skin.

  • Deanna B. Marcum

Great product, but the price is crazy for what it does. It’s a regular eye cream, I’ve found products that do the same thing for $40 vs the $135 that this product costs.It also really bothered me that you’re getting way less than the standard amount of product. This has 20% less (0.4 oz) than the usual 0.5 oz that most eye creams have. I just can’t say this is worth the price.

  • Dale Dellinger

This bottle is surprisingly small, but if you use it as directed with the micro-spatula that's included, it should last quite a while. Both my wife and I tried the product and it appeared that our eye lids were getting smoother, but the results seem temporary -- when we stopped, our eyelids went back to their previous state.

  • F. Shahid

Does not work at all. They are selling a replica.

  • Alex Jiang

~~Very good merchandise~~

  • Debshops1

This is the best eye cream I have ever used. And I have used Chanel’s ultra luxury Sublimage, Chanel Le Lift eye cream, Neucutis, Rodan and Fields, Shiseido and more. This eye cream is not greasy and does not give me raccoon eyes. It is deeply hydrating and you only need a tiny bit. The price is high but the jar will last forever. I use a 1/2 of a pea size amount and that is enough for both eyes. My crows feet look better already. I love this. As an aside, I have been using SK-II Essence, RNA face cream and the RNA eye cream and my skin has never looked better. This stuff is amazing.


  • macmm

I like it, is nice. I haven't seen any miracle results but it feels good. Would I repurchase? Defo not for that price!! If you can afford it go for it!

  • cin24

I really enjoy this eye cream. It is nourishing and not heavy at all. I used this eye cream for about two years and my eyes have been moisturized and it has not been dried out even during cold weathers. It is expensive but I do think it is worth it. My husband also uses this eye cream and he said his eyes seems younger (I think what he meant to say is moisturized).

  • Zakc

I don't really care about the price of things. If something works, it's worth it to me and I'll buy it. Does this do anything for dark circles? No. Does this feel luxe and nice and moisturizing? Sure. I have also noticed that this is effective on fine lines, so if anti-aging is what you're looking for, go for it. This is probably the only product worth getting from this line anyways. However, if you're looking for something anti-aging and you're already paying this much for eye cream, then I personally think you should just splurge a bit more for the AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Eye Reserve Creme which gave me drastically better anti-aging results. Both work well under makeup. Do either of these creams do anything for dark circles? Not really. If that's what you're looking for you should find a serum with Vitamin C in it or licorice root as its main ingredient and add it to your routine before eye cream.

  • Mae88

I received a small size of this and I can’t believe how quickly I saw results! Within the 1st week, I saw the fine lines around the corner of my eyes disappear. After I used up my sample size, I ordered the regular size and use it every night. It’s worth the price and the only eye cream that showed results!

  • Gilda11

One of the best eye cream I’ve ever used. I received this as a sample and last for more than one week. I felt the difference since the first day

  • TotoroMojo

I got this as a sample. In the two weeks I used it I saw brighter more awake eyes with fewer lines and puffiness. I can’t believe it, but I actually feel this eye cream was worth the price and plan to buy a full size soon. It works better than any eye cream I have ever tried.

  • TheRealRamona

The first time I’ve felt compelled to review a product. This is a perfect fine eye cream, feels luxurious etc. but after a month of usage I don’t feel it is worth the price tag and am sad I didn’t return it when I could have and used the money on Skinceuticals which is worth the $$$$ (and actually costs a little less!)

  • zeema

I love this eye cream! I lived in SE Asia and was recommended this range and started using the essence, eye cram and two face creams: RNA and Cellumation. This line is lush and keeps my face radiant. I do mix it up with Tatcha products but there is a reason most Asian women have flawless complexions! It’s pricey but it works on my super dry skin.