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overall rating : 8


overall rating : 8

The SK- II Facial Treatment Essence is a classic product recognized for harnessing the power of PITERA, a patented active ingredient. Any beauty lover worth her salt has heard of it.

Because it is a high-end skincare product, you may want to know whether the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is effective and worth your money before purchasing one. To learn more, read our detailed review.


Japan is home to the SK-II brand.
The brand's website, as well as various third-party online merchants, sell SK-II goods.
Yes, it's a resounding yes. Using the SK-II PITERA Essence has helped you overcome a variety of skin problems that you've been dealing with for years. Because of the extra moisture, your skin feels more balanced and isn't as greasy. It also feels softer and plumper. Your skin also seems to be brighter.
It's legitimate, according to the reviews.
Yes, it is entirely risk-free. SK-II will moisturize the dry regions of your face while also balancing out the oilier areas, and is suitable for sensitive, combination, and all skin types. The skin will seem instantly hydrated and restored, providing a lovely, radiant, and smooth complexion.
Their items are worth purchasing. Since the 1980s, the firm has been a pioneer in the skincare market, and the hundreds of positive customer reviews attest to the products' excellent quality and effectiveness. The essence's recipe hasn't been altered for almost 40 years, and the results speak for themselves.


  • PROS
  • A wide range of cosmetics and skincare products, all of which are very effective and suited for a variety of skin types.

  • Maintains a blog with a variety of beauty advice.

  • Supports racial equality and women's empowerment.

  • All purchases placed in the United States get free standard shipping.

  • Returns and exchanges are free.

  • CONS
  • No international shipping.



Remy Sharp
TonyWed Mar 09 2022
TonyWed Mar 09 2022
The company has the best ever face masks and face products. Their products are so worth the prices I pay because they genuinely work on my skin and I appreciate that very much. Most companies just rip off our money on products that only ruins my skin but their products makes my skin feel like heaven!
Remy Sharp
JenniferWed Mar 09 2022
JenniferWed Mar 09 2022
I liked the product, but I originally bought it because of the inspiring commercials. They hosted a bare skin project, to show women empowerment and their strength.



SK-II is a Japanese premium skincare brand with an unusual origin story. SK-II scientists started looking for natural ingredients in the 1970s to "make beautiful skin a reality for every woman. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to find the appropriate ingredient.

SK-II offers a broad selection of products to help you achieve beautiful, clean skin. The brand's broad line of serums, lotions, and creams provide an easy-to-follow skin care regimen that provides vitamins and amino acids to your skin.

SK-II Company / Facial Treatment Products

With facial treatment products, you may pamper your skin and perfect your regimen. It's important to use products that are best suited to your skin type, whether you have acne-prone skin, combination skin, or mature-looking skin. It's more probable that a product tailored to your specific skin conditions would be successful.

SK-II is a Japanese cosmetics company that has won several awards. The firm offers a wide range of face treatments, including cleansers, lotions, and masks. Each product is meticulously crafted to nourish and moisturize the skin for a healthy, glowing appearance. The company caters to those who desire a basic yet effective skincare routine.

What Do SK-II Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

The majority of SK-II reviews on the brand's website are favorable. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has received the most ratings, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars after more than 2,400 customer reviews.

Many of the 5-star reviews for this SK-II essence sound the same: users rave about the effects and complain about the exorbitant price, but most think it's worth it.

SK-II creates a variety of essences but based on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence reviews, it's evident that this product is the best. Furthermore, we feel that the basic recipe with 90% Pitera and no additional aroma is superior to the other essences.

SK-II Before and After

Customers praise the high-quality ingredients, efficacy, and lightweight consistency of the products, according to customer feedback on the brand's website. They included SK-II Before and after photos in their evaluations so that you can see the outcomes of the SK-II.

5 Best SK-II Products

1. SK-II Pitera Essence 

The legendary SK-II PITERA Essence is here to meet you. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids abound in PITERA, a transparent liquid. Because of its capacity to clean up the skin, this substance has been termed "wonder water" in Asia. The essence is suitable for all skin types and is both light and strong.


2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Mask caters to your skin's goals and requirements. This mask is filled with over 50 micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids to soothe and hydrate your skin.



Your one-stop-shop for bouncy, smooth, and luminous skin is SK-II SKINPOWER Essence. Your face will feel smoother and have less apparent pores and small wrinkles after applying this facial treatment.



Meet your fantasy nourishing anti-aging eye cream. The SKINPOWER Eye Cream moisturizes the skin around the eyes, making them seem firmer and younger. This cream may increase the lively bounce of the skin and make it feel more elastic and flexible.

Best Eye Creams


5. SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser 

The SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser will help your skin appear and feel its cleanest. This cream cleanses the skin of pollutants before bathing it in a mixture of PITERA and other skin-conditioning substances.

SK-II Customer Service

If you have any more questions after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, you may contact the firm by phone or using the official website's Contact Form.

SK-II Return Policy

For items bought on, they provide a 30-day return policy. You have 30 days from the time you get your order to return it if you are not totally happy with it.