Caudalle Anti-Aging Review

Caudalle Anti-Aging Review

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#8 Caudalle Anti-Aging Review
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Caudalle Anti-Aging Review

At what age should I start using an anti-ageing cream?

There is no precise age to start using anti-ageing skincare. From the age of 20, we recommend you use antioxidant and moisturising skincare, such as the Vinosource range.
As first signs of ageing start to appear, we recommend you use the Vine[Activ] range to prevent and correct early wrinkles and lack of radiance.
When you feel your skin is losing firmness and elasticity, we recommend you use the Resveratrol [Lift] range.
Finally, if you are looking for a range to correct all signs of ageing – wrinkles, firmness and dark spots – the Premier Cru range is the best solution for you.

What are serums for?

Applying a serum before your day and/or night cream boosts its effectiveness. Caudalie serums are highly concentrated in active ingredients and can be used every day, morning and night. The texture of a serum is finer, so it is absorbed more quickly into the skin. If you're looking for optimal effectiveness and quickly visible results, a serum is the best skincare product for you.

How long does it take to see first results?

Results vary from one person to another and according to how often the serum is used. Results are visible after using the serum for 4 weeks. Results can be seen even faster if you apply the serum before both your day and night cream. After using the Resveratrol [Lift] Serum, for 7 days, 80% of women felt that their skin was redensified*.

Can an effective anti-ageing skincare product be natural?

Nature is full of powerful active ingredients for our skin. At Caudalie, we favour natural active ingredients that respect the environment and are gentle on your skin.

Can I apply my anti-ageing skincare product to the whole of my face?

You can apply your anti-ageing skincare product to all areas of your face, not forgetting the neck and décolleté. However, don't apply it to the eye contour as this area is sensitive and needs a product formulated especially for use around the eyes. Discover the Eye Care Products.



CAUDALIE Anti-Aging is among the top 10 brands introduced by cosmeticsreviewsworld according to users worldwide.

Caudalie is a natural skin care line that doesn't make you choose between glamour and ecology. Using vine and grape extracts, Caudalie skin care products help address multiple signs of aging for all skin types. These treatments are both antioxidant-rich and effective for the complexion. Best of all, the entire line of Caudalie beauty products is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, paraffin, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates and animal-derived raw ingredients.

Read customer reviews by real users

  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: Barbara Carlos
  • Face feels brighter.

    Feels light and fresh perfect for layering with your moisturizer.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: Karen Quintana
  • Nice surprise

    The serum is smooth and hydrating. There is a slight tingling letting me know the active ingredients are working. No irritation at all. Will have to see results after a couple of weeks. So far I am loving it.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: karina
  • Two Stars

    Feels and smells great, but pills like crazy.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: chick
  • not good if use under foundation

    strong fragrant, texture is too thick if using it under foundation, and rub off residue on face, make a mess ruin the makeup
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: HG
  • hmmm

    Eye creams are like the holy grail of skin care because everyone needs an eye cream. I love eye creams and am always excited to try a new one. This brand doesn't disappoint so hoping this eye cream is top notch.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: tiff
  • 5

    If you like thick eye creams that sink in and really moisturize, this is it! Main downside is the price which is why I haven't been able to get myself to repurchase after trying the deluxe sample.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: !!
  • Sophie

    I can't really say it agrees with my skin type. It's not a product I would purchase again.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: CT
  • GREAT product

    I really love this product, it took about two weeks to start noticing much difference but I've started to see post-acne dark spots fading and my skin looking clearer and brighter. I can't say i love all Caudalie products as some just do not agree with my skin but I'll be sticking with this one (this was a re-purchase) now that I've found it. Also pretty good value for all the actions it supposedly takes. I use this in the morning before SPF and hopefully the two together put up a bit of a barrier to damage.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: FRANCESCA

    I have been using this serum every morning for 2 years. Im obsessed.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: MARTA

    I love this serum! I have been using it for over 4 years now and can really see how well it does for my skin. I am 28 years old, and since I’ve been 16 people always assumed I was older (24 or more); now people ask me if I’m 23-24, which really makes my day...! I never took much care of my skin and other than the serum and caudalie face cleanser I don’t have much of a routine (the serum I never forget to put on... the others not so much..!) so I am very pleased with the results
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: VIORICA

    I've been using this serum for a week now and noticed a massive change, my skin is more luminous than ever
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: NAZEEFAH

    It is a very nice product and feels nice on the skin. However, I could not see any visible difference to my skin after using it.
  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: Evelio J Dominguez
  • Disappointed with amount in jar

    I received my product today and was disappointed to see the jar was not full. For this price it should not be filled 3/4 of the jar. The box was not wrapped which is usually a clear indicator that the jar would not be filled from past experience.

  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: Denise
  • Honestly love it but overpriced

    I've been using deluxe samples for many months now, and it's one of the few serums that don't break me out. I notice a significant difference when not using it. However, I really don't think I could justify full price.


  • user CAUDALIE anti aging reviews :: cialis spoof EnTibra
  • otherry

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