NARS Blush Powder Reviews in 2021

#2 NARS NARS Blush Powder

Overall Rating: 4.6

Capterra Rating: #4.6 .. out of 5 with 11 ratings
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NARS Blush Powder Reviews

NARS Blush Powder Review

You might think this blush is iconic solely because of the controversial name, but the rosy pink shade with a subtle golden shimmer truly does complement all skin tones.


NARS is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read NARS reviews.

NARS Blush Powder Reviews

Buildable. Blendable. Indispensible. Uncover the best in glow. Our cult-favorite, bestselling NARS Blush delivers a weightless, natural-looking rush of cheek color in matte, satin, and shimmering finishes. Superfine micronized powder pigments ensure an irresistibly soft, blendable application. Buildable shades from sheer to bold deliver a natural wash of color to every skin tone—a light swipe of even the highest-intensity hues deliver a natural-looking flush. Superfine and silky powder. Irresistible and inimitable. Blush is the new bold.

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Customer Reviews

  • Deanna christiansen

Just the right amount of shine

  • hkitying

Have never used a blusher till it #hitpan before. I get compliments when using this because it doubles as a highlighter. Also like that it’s buildable. I have dry skin so this works well. I also live in a humid climate. A friend who has oily skin does not use this at all because it looks like an oil slick after a while. Take note!

  • Ldircks91

 I never fully fell in love with it, however. The peachy-pink shade is certainly flattering, and though I understand the complaints about the pigment and hard pan, I was never bothered by dipping my brush in a bit more because I have a heavy hand with blush. No, I think it was the gold shimmer than made me lose interest -- I like a slightly stronger flushed look and the gold clashed horribly with my pink undertone. Could I have eased up on the intensity? Sure, but I've also replicated this color in cream blush and don't see the point in trying to pan something I'm lukewarm about.

  • cbellah

I have a travel size version of this and while I love the color I can't stand the shimmer. I have a bit of acne and it just highlights the problem so much. I would love to find a version of this that is matte.

  • jolki


It’s my second purchase of this one: fantastic, subtle blush that can be used so flatteringly. It’s grea5 for every occasion and time of day. Love it and it has encouraged me to try other Nars products, all of which have been great in my view.



  • Sabel77

Although it might look scarily intense in the packaging, don't be put off; it's the most flattering shade ever, plus it's pretty much foolproof to apply. It..

  • Amy

Hi all,
Thought Id share my experience with my Nars blusher.

Its a great little size...big enough that you feel it'll last forever but not so huge it wont fit in your makeup bag in your handbag! It has a really robust feel to the casing too with a secure snap clip to close it- i broke the clasp on another high end leading brand powder by being to rough but this one stands no chance of breaking!

It comes with a relatively large mirror which is handy in an emergency but does not comecwith an applicator of any sort, obviously assuming that if you are someone buying quite high end makeup that you will have your own brushes and applicatirs (which luckily i do!)

The actual makeup itself is beautiful. It is a gorgeous rosy colour that looks natural on except for a slight shimmer giving a little extra something. It applies evenly but is easy to direct for a sculpted look if thats what you like.

  • Rosalind

 Amazing colour. Disappears quick.
Love this product, the colour is absolutely gorgeous. So for me to spend £30 on a blush I really have to adore the colour and I do. But, I've noticed after a few hours the colour disappears and I put plenty on, even setting spray but it vanishes. For £30 you expect the colour to really stay on there.

  • Customer

 It does deliver great results. It is beautiful texture
Lovely cult blush and I decided to take the plunge and see what is all the fuss about... It does deliver great results. It is beautiful texture, very long lasting, delicate shimmer and little goes a long way. The only thing is on all pictures it looks darker and when I received it in the post I was surprised how pink it is, but don’t be put off. The best blusher hands down

  • Bargainhunter

 V natural
Very natural colour. It gives a flushed look as in the name, but subtle and easy to apply in one stroke. Stayed on well.

  • Dm

 Total let down !!!
This product is terrible do not buy. Delivery took forever and when product arrived it disappointed as isn't like the normal nars blush u wear. The blush is full of gold glitter so when applied it goes everywhere, literally.
Tried to return and supplier was not as not helpful so please so not waste your money in this as you will be disappointed as I was.