MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Reviews in 2021

#4 MAC Cosmetics MACCosmetics Lip Liner

Overall Rating: 4.3

Capterra Rating: #4.3 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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MACCosmetics Lip Liner Reviews

 MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Review

No red is more classic than MAC’s Ruby Woo. Pretty much suited for every skin tone, this bold red means business. It’s equal parts retro and modern, making the rich, matte texture a timeless choice—which makes total sense considering it’s a MAC top seller. We recommend fully penciling in your lips and then topping off with the lipstick in the same shade for that “wow” factor.

MAC is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read MAC reviews.

 MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Reviews

 MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner Reviews

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  • AntiPrep

I'm an LLL or an FFF idk with semi pigmented/pigmented lips and I chose this lipliner for my nudes, it's a light brown nude color that actually shows up, I don't see the point of wearing lipliner that you can hardlly see, if that's what you want just buy a clear lipliner, for those who don't want your lips to blend in with the rest of your face, with just a tiny bit of contrast for nudes get this, and no it won't give that chola 90's dated look

  • il0vestarre

awesome product, esp when used with mac angel and nars turkish delist ala kim k

  • LNSklnjr

I am NW25ish, and this product did not overly impress me. I am always on the hunt for a great nude lipliner, since my lips lack pigmentation and I use light lipgloss mostly (i.e. NARS turkish delight & MAC underage). This just goes orangey on me or something, and with the lipgloss the colors just blend together into an overall unimpressive shade. If they dont mix, I am left with that very "Playboy" lip a la Pam Anderson (not the most flattering look) where the lipliner is visible (yes, thats how unpigmented my lips are). Since I dont have a distinct lip line, I am often left with liner in certain spots, once the gloss has worn off too. Maybe its my skin tone, bc I know this shade has worked for many others.

  • Glamorista

I like this lipliner, the color is a beautiful nude brown. It looks really good with lipstick in Angel or Myth.

  • abfabjeanius

This is a good nude lipliner - a tad too brown for me, though. It looks great with caramel or beige glosses/lippies, but I didn't find myself reaching for it a whole lot, so ended up giving it away in a swap. I may repurchase it if I needed something in this color zone, but I much prefer Subculture, which has pink notes that are more flattering to me. For reference, I am NC20-25 with pinkish lips.

  • beebop808

Great versatile lip pencil. Been using this for over a year. I use it with all sorts of lip colors and glosses.

  • jayk04

I love this lip liner. I have a few of the MAC lip liners and always seem to reach for this one. It is a very versitile color. I use is with Angel as well as Brave and Myth as well as other colors. It seems to go with everything.

  • NancyM

Why must MAC lipliners be so hard? Can this company not figure out how to make a soft lipliner that doesn't drag across my lips? And it's so drying, like so many MAC lip products. Same reviews for Chicory, Plum, Stripdown, Mahogany and Cherry.

  • 001enticing

overall great lip pencil. i have VERY pigmented lips and i like to use this lip liner to fill in my lips for a brown/nude colour. it's smooth and doesnt really tug on my lips but for the price of a mac lip pencil ($15.50CAD) i can find a great dupe from ANNABELLE COSMETICS (canadian brand) for $3-5CAD. they're lip liners are very comparable to mac ones. especially in demure and spice . annabelle lip liner in spice = mac lip pencil in spice annabelle lip liner demure/nutmeg = mac lip pencil stripdown

  • Vanillablood

realy liked this product, perfect brownish nude colour for applying under gloss, lipstick or alone . the pencils in general are good quality and long lasting