Loreal Paris Lip Gloss Reviews in 2021

#4 Loreal Paris Loreal Paris Lip Gloss

Overall Rating: 4.3

Capterra Rating: #4.3 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Loreal Paris Lip Gloss Reviews

 Loreal Paris Lip Gloss Review

If you’re looking for a long-lasting lip gloss with high pigmentation, definitely look into this L’Oréal fan favorite. This wallet-friendly option gives you that high shine you want from a lip gloss, but doesn’t disappear quickly as many glosses do once they have absorbed into your lips. The pigmentation is sheer, so you get a more subtle look, especially with the darker shades offered. The sheer nature of these glosses make them perfect for layering and pairing with other lip products like a liquid lipstick or a matte lipstick.

Loreal Paris is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Loreal Paris reviews.

Loreal Paris Lip Gloss

 Loreal Paris Lip Gloss Reviews

There are 20 different colors to choose from, and most are variations of pinks and nudes. As the name implies, the gloss stays on for up to eight hours without dulling or feeling sticky. For extra pigment, L’Oréal recommends applying on top of a lipstick or lip balm.

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Customer Reviews

  • Chris R.

I really like this lip gloss. It goes on smoothly and looks great.


  • Mary

The color you see in the tube is not the color on your lips. It's very sheer and I don't like the dry feeling.


  • Lynn

I absolutely love this lip gloss! I got it in the Pink Topaz. It is a very beautiful, soft pink. The gloss is creamy and smooth and goes on very nicely.



  • Deborah L. Watterson

Love the color, goes great with or without my favorite lipstick. Doesn't really last as long as i had hoped, I find myself reapplying several times during the evening. Not keen on the scent/taste though, wishe it had some flavoring. Not that I want to eat it...


  • Megababy365

I love this lip gloss because it’s not sticky and it’s not dry but it does last a long time. It last longer than any of my other lip glosses.


  • aka235

This dried out my lips big time. Also, the tube is not sealed, so anyone can open and try it. Yucksville.

  • kaylaca1701

Purchased this lip gloss yesterday on a whim ... Really love it! The specialized applicator threw me at first, until I realized it was supposed to be tilted on the tip. The gloss applies evenly and easily, but is not a slick as other lip glosses I have tried. It wears an easy 4+ hours without fading, but removes very easily when you want to take off. I did not think you could make a better lip gloss, but Loreal has done it! I purchased at CvS and price was quite reasonable in th 7-8 dollar range

  • theravenwine

I have this in suede. This is a super pretty nude-brown lip gloss (it's not the kind of nude gloss that gives you the 'ghostly' look, it's more light brown than nude) and I ABSOLUTELY love the smell o...Read more


  • keiki300

this lipgloss does last longer than other glosses BUT this is the only gloss or lip product that dried out my lips to the max. i don't even have dry lips in the winter. i think there is something very nasty and plasticy in there. it looked really nice on though and had nice coverage. i also hate the applicator. hate! so this is a bust, i gave mine away


  • laureg

I love this lipgloss- not to wear on its own but over lipstick, it makes lipstick last and look good for HOURS. The smell doesn't bother me, and the texture took some getting used to, especially...