Buxom Lip Gloss Reviews in 2021

#2 Buxom Cosmetics Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Overall Rating: 4.6

Capterra Rating: #4.6 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss Reviews

 Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss Review

With almost 9,000 five star reviews on Sephora, this lip gloss comes highly recommended. It comes in three different finishes—high shine, metallic, and shimmer—to satisfy every need and look. Buxom infused this product with vitamin A and E to moisturize and repair the lips while also enhancing your lips for a fuller look. 

Buxom is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Buxom reviews.

 Lip Gloss

Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss Reviews

The peptide and hyaluronic acid booster within the product boosts natural collagen creation, which is what gives your pout a plumper apperance. Your lips will tingle while using this product, but the brand promises it's just the plumping magic in action.

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Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss Before and After

Buxom Cosmetics Lip Gloss Before and After

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  • Cheechako

I love this product. I'm not usually a gloss girl but get so many compliments on this. Long lasting, not sticky, great scent and very high gloss. I haven't noticed any lip plumping however, my lips do tingle after putting it on. I have very sensitive skin and haven't had any problems with this product.


  • Life Adventurer

First time buying this brand. First of all the color is perfect for me. Secondly, I enjoy the “cool?” feeling it gives my lips. Third it is shiny and seems to last quite a while- even though eating. Having said all that, it didn’t plump my lips at all, as advertised. I’ll still wear it because of the color. But I wish it did what it was intended for.


  • machele

I like the feel of this gloss. It stays on for about an hour. It’s basically lip gloss with a Blistex mixed with it.


  • Shariike

I love the smell, flavor and color of this lip gloss. I had gotten a sample and loved it so much I went searching for the full sized version. It makes my lips tingle, smells good and doesn’t taste like chemicals (no I’m not eating this!). This isn’t a long wearing lip gloss and doesn’t stain your lips. I tend to use it throughout the day when I have dry lips. I would have thought with all the usage that I’d be needing another one but mine is still more than half full. I need to buy some additional colors.


  • Erica Mulkey

I got "Starr" hoping for a brownish mauve. It's lavender with gold glitter, which is absolutely infantile, which I guess is appropriate with the cotton candy scent. However, the plumping action really works, so maybe I'll get another color sometime (perhaps there are descriptions other than the very misleading swatches) and hope it's better.


  • 3buzyboyz

My new favorite! I fell in love with Buxom glosses last year -- especially Dolly. I wanted something a little more neutral and this is it.


  • SavvyChic

I love this one! It has enough shimmer that fills in my lines and has slightly more coverage than the other sheer Buxoms. I have a love/hate relationship with shimmer. If the contrast is too much, I hate it, but the shimmer is the same color as the gloss & makes it look thicker on. I've read this is a beige rose shade & agree. A darker neutral day lip with more rose tone. I love it. I hope this one is easier to find as popularity grows. This one doesn't age my lips & love it. Wears longer than many glosses, too.

  • garstrieper

My best friend gave me this gloss, and I love it! The color is beautiful, and is perfect for an Autumny look, and the formula is slightly tacky, which I love, and stains your lips a little bit, instead of disappearing altogether. I don't know if I would purchase this...it's a huge tube, and will last me a long time, but I will enjoy using it!

  • chloehops

I got this at Sephora after I redeemed some of my VIB points, just because I have never tried Buxom before. I am so glad I did! The color is beautiful. I love the tingling effect, it's not a burn like most lip plumpers, but very cooling. It stayed on for hours and it made my lips plumper.It didn't have a bad taste either.It isn't super sticky, I mean, it is a gloss so of course its going to be a bit sticky....just don't wear it on a really windy day. I would say, it does it's job.

  • sterlingK

Pretty, sheer lipgloss with a mild tingling/burning sensation that does mildly plump my lips. Shade is neutral enough for pretty much any skintone. This is fairly sticky which helps it last longer but doesn't make it the most comfortable. A little more money than I like to spend on a lipgloss. Would probably repurchase.