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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

Hair loss has become one of the biggest issues women deal with since the beauty and attractiveness of one's appearance has a close relationship with their hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Hair loss is caused by genetic problems, hormones, stress, lack of sleep and lots of other reasons. In some cases, the consequences are devastating. There are ways to reduce or cure hair loss (hair, eyelash, and eyebrows). Injecting hormones, hair extension,surgeries,... and some look for products that are much safer and also effective. VEGAMOUR reviews will amaze you. 

VEGAMOUR is a hair care company that offers hair growth products. It is  a vegan brand and uses no chemical ingredients, which makes it so different and effective. If you are looking for a hair growth brand that has the best eyelash, eyebrow, and hair loss products, VEGAMOUR is the one. VEGAMOUR reviews speak for themselves.

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It is located in the USA, in NY.
You can order the products on their official site,, or other third-party sites such as or You can also order on instagram.
Yes, VEGAMOUR is a well-known brand in the market that uses all natural and botanical ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan.
Yes, VEGAMOUR is legal.
Yes, they are safe without any side effects
Yes, VEGAMOUR is real.


  • PROS
  • All natural ingredients

  • No side effects

  • Cruelty free

  • Vegan

  • You will have thick, full, healthy hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

  • 90 days money back guarantee

  • CONS
  • Shipping is limited to some specific countries





VEGAMOUR is the best vegan hair care company that offers natural hair and beauty products. It was founded in 2016. Nowadays, it is becoming even more popular  because women look for non-chemical and natural products. VEGAMOUR reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.


There are lots of brands on the market that offer hair growth (hair-eyebrow and eyelash) products, but finding one that actually works is hard considering the fact that eyelashes and eyebrows are so sensitive and so close to the eyes. So, using bad chemical products might harm your eyes and skin. 


VEGAMOUR has the best eyelash serums on the market with all natural ingredients. VEGAMOUR focuses on hair wellness powered by nature. VEGAMOUR reviews are mostly positive. This company uses the new clean bimolecular technology to optimize the bioavailability of how much of a natural ingredient is available to be used. They also use science-based indicators, which is another positive factor. VEGAMOUR reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.


According to VEGAMOUR reviews, users worldwide were satisfied with the results. Based on customer VEGAMOUR reviews, VEGAMOUR provides an easy and natural way to get fuller and thicker hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. VEGAMOUR reviews also show that there were no side effects. This company makes incredibly effective hair products and they have proven it clinically. Also, VEGAMOUR reviews are proof of it too.

VEGAMOUR Before and After

If you take a look at their official website, you can see tons of VEGAMOUR reviews, pictures, and videos prepared to show the before and after changes. The videos and feedback speak for themselves. The changes and positive results have increased the customers’ confidence. They are also happy with the products’ natural, cruelty free and vegan ingredients.

VEGAMOUR Product Company

Women dealing with hair loss and thinning have turned to VEGAMOUR to restore the thickness to their hair, lashes and brows with the help of its natural, clinically proven ingredients. VEGAMOUR’s eyelash and eyebrow serums are the best serums available on the market and have no side effects due to their natural and vegan formulations. The VEGAMOUR reviews are great.

Best VEGAMOUR Products the Best Naturaful Products

1.Gro Lash Eyelash Serum

You will have fuller, thicker, and longer lashes followed by no side effects due to its plant-based formulation.

2.Gro brow Eyebrow Serum

The Gro brow Eyebrow Serum has a plant-based formulation and will help you have fuller, thicker, and healthier eyebrows.

3.GRO + advanced hair serum

This cruelty-free hair serum is formulated with bioavailable phyto-actives shown in double-blind clinical studies to rebalance the hair-growth cycle while reducing the appearance of shedding.

4.GRO scalp detoxifying serum 

The GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum is formulated with a proprietary vegan silk protein that gently removes persistent scalp buildup and actively helps to soothe scalp damage while providing a semi-permeable barrier. The GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum locks in moisture and protects the scalp from harmful environmental pollutants.

VEGAMOUR Customer Service

VEGAMOUR’s customers and their satisfaction come first for their team, so they have provided several ways for you to be in contact with them.

You can send them an email.

You can also call 213-325-5112.

6am-6pm Mon-Fri & 9am-2pm Sat-Sun (PST)

Closed for major U.S. holidays

VEGAMOUR Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can initiate a return or exchange up to 90 days from the date of purchase. To qualify for a refund, You should return the product, new or and not used. Returns have a handling fee of $5.00 per order. Once we receive your return, we will refund the original payment method, minus the original shipping fees, which are non-refundable.