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overall rating : 8.6


overall rating : 8.6

Have you ever scrolled through your photos and thought “Come on, I look better than that!" You can spend hours and hours planning your makeup routine, search everywhere and try to get the best products from the best brands and take a century putting on your makeup up until you are satisfied with how you look. You look in the mirror and think "God! I should walk on the red carpet right now and I should be photographed."  And then you start taking photos of yourself. Smashbox reviews show that users are happy with this brand. There are many reviews suggesting that Smashbox is one of the best and most innovative beauty brands on the market. 

But it does not matter how many photos you take and what angle you use to take photos, or what camera or lens you used to take the photos with,  your makeup does not look good in the photos. That is a problem, is it not?  There is something that can be done about this problem. There are special makeup products that are produced for exactly this reason for enabling you to have the best experience of taking photos and being in the photos. Smashbox reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

There is a brand that does this professionally, and that brand is Smashbox, with its highly specialized primers and contour kits and other makeup products, it helps you look good in every photo that you take and every photo that is taken of you. Smashbox is founded by photographers and you can be sure that you are getting what you need to look good in a photo. Smashbox has a twenty four hour shadow primer that makes your eye shadow last the whole day. It is known among the many Smashbox customers and users as one of the best shadow primers on the market. Smashbox reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy. Smashbox makes the best Eyeshadow Primers.

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Smashbox is located in the United States of America.
You can purchase all Smashbox products from the Smashbox official website at, or you can buy them at
Yes, Smashbox is one of the best beauty brands that is currently available on the market.
Yes, Smashbox is a legitimate brand and it has its head quarters based in Los Angeles, US.
Yes, Smashbox products have been repeatedly tested by beauty experts in equipped labs and are clinically proven to be safe.
Yes, Smashbox is a popular and recognized brand with many loyal fans and customers.


  • PROS
  • Perfect makeup products for doing photoshoots

  • The first choice of professional photographers, makeup artists, and models

  • Studio born and tested products

  • Long lasting products

  • Translucent primers that do not affect the colors of makeup products

  • All products are cruelty free and they are not tested on animals, even if required by law

  • Most products are vegan

  • Great satisfaction of the users with the customer service team

  • Flexible return policy

  • The “Afterpay” option enables you to pay for the orders over $35 later

  • CONS
  • Some products may not be available in some countries



Remy Sharp
LauraMon Mar 07 2022
LauraMon Mar 07 2022
At first, the brand primer seemed good for the price. After trying, it clogged my pores and made me look greasy. I prefer to buy something else.
Remy Sharp
KathyMon Mar 07 2022
KathyMon Mar 07 2022
I am quite happy with the products. Best site to visit and buy product. I will highly recommend to this place to everyone. Excellent customer service. I really love this.



When it comes to producing a perfect and stunning makeup appearance, two extremely significant variables are the readiness of your face and the quality of the makeup and applicators. Beautiful painting requires high-quality formulas, highly pigmented colors, and long-wearing cosmetics. That is exactly what Smashbox cosmetics does for you. The company was founded in 1996 by Dean and Davis Factor (grandsons of makeup mogul Max Factor), with the concept that if it worked in the photo studio, it would work in the real world. Smashbox evolved from that basic premise to its current cult-like following, particularly for their primers. A wide range of cosmetics that live up to pigment and aesthetic claims. Affordably priced and available worldwide. Positive feedback from all quarters. Smashbox reviews are absolutely inspiring.

Smashbox Company

Smashbox is a world famous and studio born makeup brand that produces professional photo friendly and cruelty free makeup products and it is the first choice of professional photographers, models and makeup artists. Smashbox products enable you to look your best and natural self and have the best photography experience that is possible. There are many reviews suggesting that Smashbox is one of the best and most innovative beauty brands on the market. Smashbox reviews are mostly positive.

They use the most carefully selected ingredients and raw materials, and they use the most modern and personalized formulations and designs to produce the highest quality of makeup products on the market. They have a photo finish foundation primer that is one of the best bases for putting on makeup. And it is a favorite product among the users based on many Smashbox reviews. Smashbox reviews are great.

Smashbox Reviews

Do a quick search about Smashbox products and look for some reviews by real users and customers, and you will come across pages after pages of positive feedback and reviews about Smashbox products. They are written by happy and satisfied customers and they are mostly positive. Smashbox reviews speak for themselves. What do Smashbox reviews reveal about the brand? All Smashbox reviews indicate that Smashbox is one of the best beauty brands on the market and that it is the only brand that can help us look really really great in the photos. It also reveals that the products under the name Smashbox really work and they help every type of skin to be a lot more beautiful. Smashbox reviews will amaze you.

Smashbox Before and After

A great number of customers who have been using Smashbox products for a really long time have reported that by using Smashbox face and shadow primers their foundation and makeup lasts longer than before, even up to 24 hours. They have also reported higher levels of moisture and hydration in their skin. All reviews show the fact that Smashbox is one of the greatest quality makeup producers. Smashbox reviews are an indication of its quality.

Smashbox Product Company

Smashbox uses the knowledge of two great photographers and their team of highly expert designers, and artists with really unique ideas, and they create some of the best makeup products on the market which help their users look good in photos and in the real life also. All Smashbox products go through carefully planned testing in advanced clinics and they are all proven to be a hundred percent safe for the skin. Smashbox reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

Smashbox does not test any of its products on animals and it is completely cruelty free and it has a great variety of vegan products. The Smashbox step by step contour kit is one of the best contour kits on the market based on a lot of Smashbox reviews, it helps you accentuate the beautiful parts of your face. Smashbox reviews show great satisfaction regarding the quality.


The Best Smashbox Products

1. Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer

The Smashbox Eyeshadow Primer will make your eyeshadow last a whole day! So you no longer will have to worry about your eye makeup on hot days or long events. It has got a matte and transparent finish and boosts the pigmentation of your eyeshadow. This primer also absorbs the oil on your eyelids which prevents the flaking of your beautiful eye makeup. A lot of users of this shadow primer have told us that this is the best shadow primer they have ever purchased. Smashbox reviews are so positive and encouraging. 


2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

The Smashbox Face Primer is completely vegan and cruelty free and is infused with Vitamins A and E to give your skin a soft and silky texture to prepare it for a perfect face makeup; it smooths and hydrates your skin and covers all the pores and fine lines with an attractive matte finish. It will also make your foundation and makeup last much longer. In addition, this foundation has been tested in studios by professional photographers and makeup artists and all of them agreed that it is the best face primer you can work with. Smashbox reviews indicate that customers enjoy the benefits of all the ingredients used in this product. 


3. Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Kit

The Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Kit is an all in one powder kit for your face makeup; it includes one contour shade, one bronzer, and one light highlighter shade. It also comes with a complete step by step guide on how to define and shape the beautiful features of your face. But that is not all, Smashbox has also included a built in mirror and a brush to make your contouring process easier. Many reviews indicate that this contour kit is one of the most user friendly kits on the market. Smashbox reviews have confirmed that this company was able to create and produce an outstanding product.

Smashbox Customer Service

Smashbox has a really attentive customer service team that will happily assist you through any issues related to Smashbox products. You can call them on business days from 8 AM to 10 PM at 1-888-763-1361, you can send them an email, or you can use the “Chat with Us” option available all days of the week. Smashbox reviews indicate that customers enjoy the benefits of all the ingredients used in this product. 

Smashbox Return Policy

Smashbox has got a flexible return policy; they are willing to accept any products that you are not happy with and provide you with an exact replacement of your product, or a full refund of your purchased price. Smashbox reviews show that users are happy with this brand.