Neocutis Eye Cream Reviews by Real Users [Updated for 2021]

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Overall Rating: 3.9

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Neocutis Eye Cream Reviews

Aging can cause various changes in our skin, and the skin around the eye is the most vulnerable to aging changes due to its delicate structure. That’s why many eye creams are produced to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, the science behind the eye creams is not certain, and some experts believe that most eye creams do not work at reducing puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes. This has discouraged most people from buying eye creams. But we should keep in mind that not all products are the same. Neocutis is a Swiss skin care brand that incorporates many new technologies to address a number of common skin issues, such as dry skin, hyperpigmentation, redness, and indications of age. They are a science-based firm that does extensive research on the active components in their products to ensure maximum efficiency.

Neocutis Eye Cream

Neocutis is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Neocutis reviews.

Neocutis Eye Cream is among the widely-suggested products of the company and it is the best eye cream for dark circles. You can also use it as an eye cream for bags and puffiness under eyes. The specialized formulation used in Neocutis makes it an amazing eye cream for sensitive skin, and helps those with sensitive skin achieve the skin they’ve always wished for. Furthermore, you can also use Neocutis as an eye cream for wrinkles and fine lines. This potent combination of revitalizing, hydrating, and nourishing substances helps give your eyes a younger, more rejuvenated appearance.

Neocutis Eye Cream

Neocutis Eye Cream Review

Neocutis was created in 2003 as a result of years of wound healing research in Lausanne, Switzerland. Before creating any products, Neocutis hopes to get a thorough understanding of how skin functions and the underlying causes of issues such as aging, pigmentation, redness, dryness, and textural skin changes. Neocutis obtains specialized components to build bespoke formulations for best outcomes after determining the reasons of significant skin problems. Using this technique, Neocutis has created six essential technologies, each with its own mechanism of action for improving the look of skin.
Neocutis Eye Cream contains 30% more PSP to aid the softening of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bisabolol are other important components. Caffeine, being a natural stimulant, promotes vasoconstriction when applied to the skin, which minimizes any puffiness or dark circles around the eyes. By pulling moisture from the environment, hyaluronic acid will fill up the region around the eyes. Bisabolol improves the look of dry or injured skin by decreasing flaking and restoring suppleness. To sum up, we can note that unlike most eye cream serums out there, Neocutis works and the effects are amazing.

Neocutis Eye Cream Ingredients

•    Growth factors 
•    Glycerin (as the moisturizing agent)
•    Sodium Hyaluronate (for hydration)
•    Glycyrrhetinic Acid (as the brightening agent)
•    Caffeine (to eliminate puffiness)
•    Vitamin C (as an anti-aging and anti-oxidant agent)
•    Bisabolol (to calm the eyes and restore suppleness)

Neocutis Eye Cream

Neocutis Eye Cream Before and After

The efficacy of Neocutis Eye Cream in reducing puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles is shown in before and after photos below comparing who Neocutis can transform the complexion in no time.

Eyes are windows to the soul and taking care of the skin around the eyes helps maintain their beauty. There are hundreds of eye creams on the market, but their efficacy is vague. The good news is that there are few brands like Neocutis which can restore the youthful glow and elasticity of the skin. Neocutis Eye Cream has a mild yet powerful composition that revitalizes weary and aged eyes by restoring clarity and young energy. An enhanced PSP growth factor combination boosts cells' capacity to repair and renew skin, improving firmness and minimizing wrinkles. Hence, if you want a perfect eye cream, look for no more than Neocutis Eye Cream.

Neocutis eye cream for men

Guys should use retinol eye cream. The first place men typically notice signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, is around the eye area ,but eye creams can help with way more than that. The Neocutis under eye cream does just that, helping men to eliminate  dark circles or wrinkles as well. So basically, there are no limit in gender for using this eye repair cream.

Eye cream for dark circles

Neocutis Lumiere under eye Cream targets fine lines and dark circles, the two main signs of aging around the eyes, to make your complexion more radiant and shinier. The hydrating formula softens and plumps skin to fill in crow's feet, creating a smooth texture. So, based on our verdict, the Neocutis eye repair cream is one of the most suitable creams for eliminating dark circles under the eyes.

Neocutis eye cream for wrinkles

As mentioned before, this retinol eye cream targets the delicate eye area with an advanced anti-aging formulation. Human Growth Factors + Proprietary Peptides reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and under-eye darkness in as soon as 14 days. So wrinkles are not a worrisome thing anymore!

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Neocutis Eye Cream Before and After

neocutis eye cream before and after

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Questions and Answers

PSP (Processed Skin Cell Proteins) was developed by Neocutis researchers and physicians. 45 percent of users of Neocutis Eye Cream reported an improvement in skin elasticity and tightness after a 6-month therapy with the formulation containing PSP, whereas 55 percent indicated an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.
As one of the leading brands in skincare industry, you can find Neocutis Eye Cream in most online retailers. Furthermore, you can visit the company website at neocutis to place your order with special offers.
Apply to the skin around the eyes in the morning and evening, or as recommended by your skincare specialist. Rubbing should be avoided. To achieve the best effects, apply the product in a dabbing or patting motion.
You can make the most of your skincare routine if you start it sooner. Many individuals begin using eye cream in their 30s, when they see the first slight crease on the outer edge of their eyes, but you may begin as early as your 20s. This is based on the fact that prevention yields the best results. So, it is better to start using Neocutis Eye Cream in your 20s before any signs of aging affect your skin.
The majority of eye creams may be used safely and efficiently without causing any adverse effects. However, it is possible to experience burning, stinging, redness, or irritation. Inform your doctor or pharmacist right once if any of these side effects continue or worsen.
You can order Neocutis Eye Cream (15mL) for $97.

Customer Reviews

  • Lily

It hasn't helped much with my under eye circles, but have noticed some improvement in the fine line under my right eye. I have a deeper line under my left eye so maybe it needs more time or something different to help with a deeper line.

  • Kery So

It goes on really well and smooth. But IF the manfactureing people are reading, The fragrance is NON EXISTANT. There is a Smell to it, But it's not very good, Why can't they put something in it that smells nice. 

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Kery So

  • Marisa May

I got pimples under my eyes. True, I have large pores on my skin, so that may be why. It took 6 weeks for the last one to go away...and I still have a mark.

  • Velch

I’ve been using it for a month and noticed no difference.
Bottle is deceiving. Turn it over and you see how little product is there.

  • Tamikka Yongg

For the cost I’m disappointed. I’ve been using this long enough now that I should have noticed even a slight change and I’ve noticed nothing. I won’t be purchasing this product again.

  • EJV

I’m 41. My derm told me to start using this in my mid-twenties around my eyes every night & morning. I did. It didn’t seem like it was doing a thing then but she promised it would make a difference later & it absolutely has! You won’t see results immediately but it you use consistently, it will show.


  • Tina Presley

It goes on really well and smooth. But IF the manfactureing people are reading, The fragrance is NON EXISTANT. There is a Smell to it, But it's not very good, Why can't they put something in it that smells nice. Adore' lotion smells wonderful... It's hard to wear when it doesn't smell nice.


  • SJ

I like the product and have used it for years, however, upon receiving my most recent order, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that NEOCUTIS/Lumiere changed their packaging and the container looks smaller (the container notes 0.5 oz like the old one, but I am skeptical). I plan to compare as I have bottles of the product in old packing - we'll see.


  • Nina

I do see results in my upper eye area, but I do wish it was less expensive.


  • Anastasiya

It did not make ANY changes to my eye area. No improvement at all. Used it for several months.


  • Ollie

While this product is expensive, it lasts for 4-5 months (depending on if you use once or twice a day) if used correctly. You only need a dab under each eye. It works wonders on dry under eye skin without irritating it. I used to use drug store eye cream, but found I was buying a new tube every month and it didn’t work anywhere near as well. If you have sensitive eye skin and want your under eye area to look better, highly recommend.


  • Hannah Carpenter

This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made on Amazon. The spout is broken and won't stay in place. The cap does not stay on. Worst of all, there was no product. I used it three times and now I can't get a single drop out of the container. All three times I used a very conservative amount of the product. Very disappointed in this product.


  • Sandy

Purchased these from my dermatologist at twice the price. This eye cream is the best there is in my opinion


  • Jullieanne Matheson

Very nice! I've tried a lot of products that claim to reduce puffy eyes,
most which make them worse, but this one does wonders for both
puffy eyes and wrinkles. It's not going to be instant so give it a few
days to see the difference.

  • Fun588

Bought this eye cream a month ago after reading some of positive reviews here. Started to use it right after I received it. The shipping was fast, but the cream didn't work as I expected. I have dark circle and eye bags and was hoping to see some improvement after using it. After three weeks applying morning and night, I didn't see ANY improvement. Feel somehow the dark circles under my eyes are getting darker! The cream texture is not like an eye cream, which usually should feel smooth and easy to apply. The texture of this cream feels just like Lubriderm moisturizer and need to use more than a pea size for one eye. I don't recommend this product.