Neocutis Eye Cream Reviews by Real Users [Updated for 2021]

#6 Neocutis Neocutis Eye Cream

Overall Rating: 3.9

Capterra Rating: #3.9 .. out of 5 with 15 ratings
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Neocutis Eye Cream Review

Testers were impressed with this NeoCutis formula, which contains growth factors to target fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This product is also available in a more emollient version for extra-dry skin.

This eye cream contains anti-aging growth factors, hydrating ingredients like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, and caffeine to help minimize puffiness. The company avoids added color and fragrance and they do not test on animals; however, this eye cream does contain parabens. Also, NeoCutis does not provide the source of its growth factors and we were not able to find information about how they are obtained.

Neocutis is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Neocutis reviews.

 Eye Cream

Neocutis Eye Cream Reviews  


Contains growth factors to fight fine lines and wrinkles

Helps to combat other signs of aging, including dark circles and puffiness

The company features before and after photos to demonstrate effectiveness

From a clinical skincare brand sold in dermatology and plastic surgery offices


Contains parabens

Does not contain retinol or peptides

Not shoppable on the company website; must be purchased through a doctor’s office

Because products are not purchased directly from the manufacturer, return policies may vary 

Expensive, with a suggested retail price of $97 for just half an ounce

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Neocutis Eye Cream Before and After

neocutis eye cream before and after

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  • Lily

It hasn't helped much with my under eye circles, but have noticed some improvement in the fine line under my right eye. I have a deeper line under my left eye so maybe it needs more time or something different to help with a deeper line.

  • Kery So

It goes on really well and smooth. But IF the manfactureing people are reading, The fragrance is NON EXISTANT. There is a Smell to it, But it's not very good, Why can't they put something in it that smells nice. 

  • Kery So

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  • Marisa May

I got pimples under my eyes. True, I have large pores on my skin, so that may be why. It took 6 weeks for the last one to go away...and I still have a mark.

  • Velch

I’ve been using it for a month and noticed no difference.
Bottle is deceiving. Turn it over and you see how little product is there.

  • Tamikka Yongg

For the cost I’m disappointed. I’ve been using this long enough now that I should have noticed even a slight change and I’ve noticed nothing. I won’t be purchasing this product again.

  • EJV

I’m 41. My derm told me to start using this in my mid-twenties around my eyes every night & morning. I did. It didn’t seem like it was doing a thing then but she promised it would make a difference later & it absolutely has! You won’t see results immediately but it you use consistently, it will show.


  • Tina Presley

It goes on really well and smooth. But IF the manfactureing people are reading, The fragrance is NON EXISTANT. There is a Smell to it, But it's not very good, Why can't they put something in it that smells nice. Adore' lotion smells wonderful... It's hard to wear when it doesn't smell nice.


  • SJ

I like the product and have used it for years, however, upon receiving my most recent order, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that NEOCUTIS/Lumiere changed their packaging and the container looks smaller (the container notes 0.5 oz like the old one, but I am skeptical). I plan to compare as I have bottles of the product in old packing - we'll see.


  • Nina

I do see results in my upper eye area, but I do wish it was less expensive.


  • Anastasiya

It did not make ANY changes to my eye area. No improvement at all. Used it for several months.


  • Ollie

While this product is expensive, it lasts for 4-5 months (depending on if you use once or twice a day) if used correctly. You only need a dab under each eye. It works wonders on dry under eye skin without irritating it. I used to use drug store eye cream, but found I was buying a new tube every month and it didn’t work anywhere near as well. If you have sensitive eye skin and want your under eye area to look better, highly recommend.


  • Hannah Carpenter

This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made on Amazon. The spout is broken and won't stay in place. The cap does not stay on. Worst of all, there was no product. I used it three times and now I can't get a single drop out of the container. All three times I used a very conservative amount of the product. Very disappointed in this product.


  • Sandy

Purchased these from my dermatologist at twice the price. This eye cream is the best there is in my opinion


  • Jullieanne Matheson

Very nice! I've tried a lot of products that claim to reduce puffy eyes,
most which make them worse, but this one does wonders for both
puffy eyes and wrinkles. It's not going to be instant so give it a few
days to see the difference.

  • Fun588

Bought this eye cream a month ago after reading some of positive reviews here. Started to use it right after I received it. The shipping was fast, but the cream didn't work as I expected. I have dark circle and eye bags and was hoping to see some improvement after using it. After three weeks applying morning and night, I didn't see ANY improvement. Feel somehow the dark circles under my eyes are getting darker! The cream texture is not like an eye cream, which usually should feel smooth and easy to apply. The texture of this cream feels just like Lubriderm moisturizer and need to use more than a pea size for one eye. I don't recommend this product.