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GlossRay Water Flosser Reviews

You brush your teeth without thinking twice about it, but chances are you’ve gone your whole life dealing with your dentist nagging you to floss more at your regular dental checkups. And while we all know flossing is key for maintaining healthy teeth and preventing plaque build-up, it’s just such a drag to do it religiously and never miss a day. Enter: the water flosser.

This gadget (also known as an oral irrigator) is a kind of dental tool that uses a highly pressurized pulsating stream of water to remove plaque and leftover food from the teeth and gums. Many dentists agree that water flossers greatly reduce existing gingivitis and improve patients’ overall gum health.

“Early water flossers didn't give quite as good of results as traditional string floss, but in the last few years, that's definitely changed,” says Bobbi Stanley, DDS, a general and cosmetic dentist and owner of Stanley Dentistry in Cary, North Carolina. “Water flossers are better than they've ever been and they continue to improve year after year.”

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