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Philips Water Flosser

3 reviews
overall rating : 8.8

Philips Water Flosser

overall rating : 8.8


Based on Philips water flosser reviews, this product cleans between your teeth without putting your arms through a workout. It is a quick fix for your dental health that does not sacrifice quality. Philips water flosser reviews show that users are happy with this brand.


Based on Philips water flosser reviews, you can buy the product from the company’s official website, and it is available on Amazon as well.


Obviously, this is a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but a small tank is a common gripe about these more compact alternatives. The smaller the tank, the less flossing time you will get from it, especially when set to the highest intensity settings. Around 200ml appears to be the optimal capacity for the unit to remain portable and practical. The tank on this flosser has been increased to 8.4 oz (250 ml) by Philips, as stated in Philips water flosser reviews. This should be more than enough to floss thoroughly without having to refill the tank. In 60 seconds, you can clean your entire mouth and have healthier teeth and gums. Philips water flosser reviews are mostly positive.


  • PROS
  • There are no wires, so it is cordless.

  • Excellent cleaning results

  • The nozzle has three pressure/intensity settings that may be spun.

  • USB type c charger with built-in timer/pacer to encourage even flossing

  • The packaging includes a travel pouch.

  • Storage of nozzles is simple and convenient.

  • Long-lasting battery

  • CONS
  • It is a little tough to rotate the nozzle

  • There are not enough holding spots.

  • It is quite large and not well suited to travel.

  • Expensive


Remy Sharp
PerrySun Mar 06 2022
PerrySun Mar 06 2022
Jan. 26, 2022: So I used it this morning. I turned on the base unit. Set it at "clean" (not deep clean) and adjusted the pressure at 5. I put the wand tip into my mouth, and per instructions, turned on the switch on the handle. The first shot of water was so strong, it blew a hole in my tongue!!! (See photo) After the initial piercing blast, the water came out at a normal speed. I'm writing this to caution users to be mindful of the first hard shot of water when you first turn it on. After some bleeding, my tongue repaired itself, but it's still sore.
Remy Sharp
po.Fri Feb 25 2022
po.Fri Feb 25 2022
This machine is probably be the best investment that you could make in for your oral health. I haven't used an electronic water flossing machine in about five years now, and I sincerely wish I never quit. My last trip to the dentist was not a good one and it's about to cost me thousands of dollars correcting years of poor brushing and the lack of flossing. You see, I used to water floss everyday and I would rarely have a cavity. But then I had two name brand Waterpik machines die on me within a few months and I couldn't afford to buy a third at the time. So this new Sonicare will be our third water flossing machine. And in just the few short weeks that I have been using it, I have seen a major improvement in my oral health. My gums are far less puffy. They no longer bleed when I brush them. Plus, chewing in general hurts way less and they're noticeably less sensitivity. I have seen nothing but incredible results recently. As far as the Sonic machine differs from the Waterpik brand, this only thing I really can tell you is that this new machine is far quieter than my old Waterpiks ones were. A lot quieter! That and I've always had excellent luck with Phillips electric toothbrushes, so I feel confident that this water flosser will last a lot longer than the other name brand ones did for me. Beside, the electrical cord and the coil water pik cord are more than long enough. For the most part, I have nothing but good things to say about this new Sonic flosser. It was an excellent find. So why only three stars? Because this machine only came with 2 nozzles! We have four people (two adults and two teens) that use the same small bathroom and we would all need to share this same machine. The problem right now is additional (replacement) nozzles are NOT available for purchase. If that changes, this easily is a five star product. Ten stars in fact. But without additional replacement heads, everyone in my family will not be able to use it. Nor will I want to keep the machine all that long if I can't easily replace the nozzles. So as soon as Phillips gets that problem resolved, I would whole heartedly recommend you consider this one. Thank you for reading this review and I hope my opinion has helped you make your decision easier.
Remy Sharp
katySat Feb 12 2022
katySat Feb 12 2022
This Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000 is just as good as my previous water glosser, which was a Waterpik, and in some instances even better. It’s not as loud as my Waterpik was which is a plus. It’s still not whisper quiet, but it’s not loud either. For anyone that has never used a water flucer before there is a definite learning curve! It took me a good few weeks when I first started before I could leave the bathroom without my clothes being soaked around my chest and the bathroom sink area being soaked. But once you get the hang of it you will be good! This Philips one cleans very well, my teeth feel super clean after using this. I usually use it before brushing and it seriously feels like I don’t have to brush sometimes after using this! Of course I still do though. It also seams well made and seams decently easy to clean. Overall this is a great choice if your in the market for a water flosser. It’s not insanely expensive and works great!


What Is a Water Flosser?

Water flossers, which are one of the most important oral care equipment, can help you improve your oral health by eliminating food and bacteria caught between your teeth. There are various aspects to search about while selecting a water flosser. Being reasonably priced, effective and safe are important factors which the best water flossers should possess.


What Is the Philips Water Flosser?

The Philips water flosser for teeth is a fantastic water flosser. The superb cleaning performance and other features make it an incredible product based on Philips water flosser reviews. According to Philips water flosser reviews, you can choose between two cleaning modes and three pressure settings to discover the best setup for you. The built-in pacer makes it easier to clean in between the teeth evenly, and the larger 250ml water tank gives you plenty of time to do it. It certainly is able to put other top brands that are available on the market to the test. Philips water flosser reviews show great satisfaction among customers. 

Based on what has been explained in Philips water flosser reviews, these are the key features of the Philips water flosser for teeth:

8.4oz/250ml water tank

360 degree rotating nozzle

2 nozzles included

2 cleaning modes

3 pressure settings

Built-in timer/pacer

Travel pouch included

Philips Water Flosser Accessories

Based on Philips water flosser reviews, these things come with the product:

1 x Philips Sonicare water flosser

1 x F3 quad stream nozzle

1 x F1 standard nozzle

1 x 2 pin USB power adapter

1 x USB type a to type c cable

1 x Travel pouch case


What Is the Philips Water Flosser Good For?

The Philips water flosser is the best choice for anyone who wants to have healthier gums and teeth. According to Philips water flosser reviews, in order to provide a different flossing experience, the cleaning modes perform slightly differently in this product. 

Clean. This feature provides consistent water pressure for a thorough cleaning. 

Deep clean. For a thorough cleaning, the water flow increases and lowers in intensity. Pulse Wave technology allows you to transfer the nozzle from one gap between teeth to the next with a slight pause in the water flow. 

While both modes provide a pretty constant stream of water, there is a tiny pulsing to the flow as part of the way it operates, but the strength of the deep clean mode is obviously visible. Philips water flosser reviews are mostly positive.

Philips Water Flosser Side Effects

As stated in Philips water flosser reviews, there are no serious side effects associated with this great water flosser.  However, you might be shocked by the size of a water flosser if you have never touched one before. Despite being the more travel-friendly option, cordless devices are a bit bulky, although due to the nature of what they are, they must be to some extent. The Philips water flosser reviews are absolutely inspiring.

How to Use the Philips Water Flosser?

This is how to use the Philips water flosser based on what has been indicated in Philips water flosser reviews:

Fill it to the brim with water. You have two options for filling the tank. You can either twist it away from the handle or open the tank's hinged door.

Place the nozzle between your teeth.

In just 60 seconds, you can blast away a plaque.

With different settings, you may improve your cleanliness.

When flossing, it is best to use lukewarm water. Please note that cold water can be abrasive to the teeth and gums, leading to increased sensitivity. If you like, you can add a drop of mouthwash to the water, but, based on Philips water flosser reviews, Sonicare Philips does not encourage it. Philips water flosser reviews show that users are happy with this brand.

Philips Water Flosser Before and After

As there are many positive comments online, we can be sure that the Philips water flosser is one of the best water flossers available on the market. You can check the before and after photos to see. Philips water flosser reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Philips Water Flosser Before and After

Philips Water Flosser Reviews

Users have said the nicest things about this water flosser. The Philips water flosser reviews are great and encouraging. The interchangeable nozzles may be turned a complete 360°. The rotation aids in positioning the nozzle in a more effective way. Users have explained in Philips water flosser reviews that it is very useful for cleaning the teeth's interior surfaces. Philips water flosser reviews are an indication of its quality.

Did You Know Philips?

Philips is a highly prominent brand that is globally known for making high-quality personal and health care products. Ranging from oral health products to personal care, mother and child care, and health care, Philips can provide customers with the highest quality products that will meet every need a customer can have. Philips reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy. Philips water flosser reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.