Burst Water Flosser Reviews by Real Customers [Updated for 2021]

#2 Burst Burst Water Flosser

Overall Rating: 4.2

Capterra Rating: #4.2 .. out of 5 with 0 ratings
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Burst Water Flosser Reviews

Flossing made even easier: The product does all the hard work but you get to take all the flossing credit.

The freshest breath: Precisely spray between your teeth to dislodge food and bad bacteria.

Healthier smile: Gently cleans between your teeth and massages gums.

Impress at the dentist office: You'll be chomping at the bit to tell them how often you floss now.

Burst is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Burst reviews.

Blast away the hard to reach plaque

There is a reason that every dental professional you meet tells you to floss - there are some areas your brush simply cannot reach.


Reach every area of your mouth

Our tips are able to rotate 360° so you will never miss a spot.


Thoughtful compact design

Fits perfectly into all hands making your life super simple as you reach every area of your mouth.

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