PYT Selfie Ready Gloss Serum Reviews by Real Users [Updated for 2021]

#2 PYT Hair PYT Selfie Ready Gloss Serum

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PYT Selfie Ready Gloss Serum Reviews

Pythair Selfie Ready Gloss Serum

I'm a photographer with a very small budget meaning that I wouldn't have a crew of people on my sets helping me dress up models and do their make up. As a result, I'll be the one doing all that stuff by myself. Slowly, over the years I learned the tips and tricks of dressing up the models, but the make up was a different story. I have never been interested in learning how to do makeup even though I'm a girl so, learning how to do make up was a real challenge for me. Over the time, I eventually learned how to do make up and started collecting my collection of high quality cosmetic products. There was only one obstacle left; hair makeup.

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Pythair Selfie Ready Gloss Serum

I literally had no idea where to start. Throughout my life I always had short hair, so I really didn't know any hair styling. I tried so hard but they never came out great. By the time I was done with the models' hair, it would look dull and had lost its shine. I was about to give up and get a hairstylist even though it would be hard for me when I found out about Pythair's selfie ready gloss serum. It solved all my problems with the hair styling part of my photography career. Now, my models look flawless every time I take pictures of them. 

So, what makes Pythair's selfie ready gloss serum such a phenomenal product in the field of hair styling? To answer that, we have to take a look at its fundamentals; its ingredients. Based on the producers this amazing selfie ready serum has two key ingredients; Cyclopentasiloxane and argan oil. Let's get to know these magical substances a little bit more.

Cyclopentasiloxane or D5 is a silicon commonly used in many different products such as medical implants, sealants, lubricants, and windshield coatings. It's colourless, scentless and doesn't get absorbed by the skin rather it evaporates making it a great candidate for cosmetic products and hair sprays. Also, it had lubricant properties making hair and skin feel slippery and silky to the touch which also helps the product to spread easily. It's also a protective barrier on skin and hair; helping you detangle your hair and prevent any chances of breakage and frizz.

Next we have argan oil. Known to be "liquid gold" by many, argan oil is made from fresh kernels of argan fruit coming from the country Morocco. It has been widely used as cooking oil and home remedy for health and beauty issues such as hair loss for centuries. Argan oil is full of fatty acids and contains vitamin E. It is also highly antioxidant which means it protects you against UV free radicals helping your hair retain its natural shine.

As argan oil is full of fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, it is known to be able to lubricate the hair shaft and keep your hair fully moisturized. Vitamin E also plays a part in keeping your hair moisturized as it produces a fatty layer on your hair preventing dryness and the possibility of frizziness while giving your hair extra shine. 

Now, before I end this article I'd like to tell you why you should definitely purchase a bottle of Pythair's selfie ready gloss serum without having any doubt. For starters, Pythair's selfie ready gloss serum is completely cruelty free and has never tested any of their products on animals. One other cool thing is that if you subscribe to their website you'll get 50% off on your order. And last but not least, it's gentle on dyed hair and helps restore the slickness.

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PYT Selfie Ready Gloss Serum Before and After

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Questions and Answers

Follow through these few steps and you'll be fine. First take a pea sized amount of Pythair selfie ready gloss serum. Slowly increase or decrease the amount based on the length and thickness of your hair. Then damp your hair and start applying the selfie ready serum. Start messaging it from mid shaft to the end of the hair. After that, you can either dry it right away or give your hair a style and then dry it. Keep using it consistently over the time to get the favored result. Also this serum can be used to give your hair a nice shine and fight off your frizzes.
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Customer Reviews

  • Stacie

This is the first serum I’ve ever used on my hair. It showed me what kind of great results a serum or oil can really give you. I’ve moved on to just plain Marula oil since it’s more versatile.


  • Adrianne

Excellent! Thank You


  • Sheila

Great Oil- I have very fine hair and it is easy to put a little too much but other than that it keeps my hair looking glossy and healthy


  • Sarah

I have curly/wavy hair & live in Texas and this has been amazing to help cut down on the amount of frizz in my hair


  • Elizabeth

I feel like there are better options at your local drug store. This serum does have a manly sent which both my daughter and I do not enjoy. It's a product for women, it should smell like one. It doesn't make our hair glossy or shiny looking . It's just ok.