Eos Lip Balm Reviews in 2021

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Overall Rating: 4.7

Capterra Rating: #4.7 .. out of 5 with 7 ratings
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Eos Lip Balm Reviews

Eos Lip Balm Review

Much to this users dismay, they love this lip balm. “I tried to hate on them but with my chronically dry lips, I couldn’t get true relief from anything else,” they write. A few note it’s the shea butter that gives it a soothing feeling, one that works for the whole family: “Appropriate and light enough for kids too, my girls love the cute packaging and fun flavors. My husband also loves them, says they feel thicker and better quality than other balms.” Above all else though, reviewers, more than 15 percent of them, love that this lip balm is flavored. “The Honey Apple flavor is amazing, and you can smell and taste it on my lips,” writes one reviewer. “Huge bonus for sweet kisses!”

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Eos Lip Balm Reviews

Discover a lip balm that’s 100% natural and 100% delicious. Our all-natural Sweet Mint flavor tastes like just-picked mint from the garden — smooth, mellow and refreshing.


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  • Sha

EOS lip balm is the bomb! I am ALL about using natural products and everytime I buy a girlfriend a gift now I typically include a EOS lip balm. It's sounds silly but it's having this round shape in your purse is MUCH easier to find digging around when you desperately need to moisturize your lips. it's worth it. Retail price in stores is about $3.00.

  • Christina G.

I've been using EOS lip balm for several years and it's my go-to! I do prefer the stick form, rather than the spheres, though. I have one everywhere... nightstand, purse, desk, car etc. They are so hydrating, taste delicious, and I cant get enough. I especially LOVE it when they create limited edition small batches of special flavors. Also, they offer a recycling program, where you turn in used spheres and tubes that EOS will recycle and will earn you rewards to use towards future purchases.

  • Amanda S.

This balm feels ok when applied, but I find it wears off quickly, and leaves my lips flaky. The sphere makes application easy. I've used a few different 'flavours' of this product, and all give the same result. This is not a product I would purchase again.


Love love love EOS!! I don’t know what it is about this lip balm... but I’m addicted!! I hate when I run out, so I signed up for the subscription!! Pavillions never has this awesome flavor anyway!! I like anything pomegranate!! I just can’t stand dry lips!! So I go through these pretty darn quick! What more can I say? Love!

  • C Wilson

This product is amazing. I have a drying condition and my lips suffer. The eos lip balm works for me. I use it all day, every day. It’s awesome being able to wear lipstick again. I haven’t worn lipstick for years because of my dry and cracked lips. Not anymore! Thank you eos. One more thing... my daughter and friends buy eos now because they seen the difference in me!

  • DMR

Because of the unusual shape, it's easy to locate in my purse. It moisturizes lips well enough, but doesn't stay connected to the base of the applicator which made it difficult to use. However, I dug the balm out of the top with a spoon and reattached it then stuck it in the freezer and it worked!

  • Ashley Ethier

I hated this... It caused my lips to peel so badly! I've never had chapped lips in my life but one use of this product and I had to constantly reapply because my lips were becoming chapped and peeling terribly! My lips became painfully chapped and even bled.... Until I realized it was the eos. Within 24 hours or stopping use my lips started to he Also! I thought these were all natural that's why I bought them... And I'm not seeing anything in the ingredients list here... But I have read over and over again people having horrible reactions to these so I know it's not just me! I won't buy this brand again... I'm so sad though.. I really liked the smell... And the cool style!