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Vaseline Lip Balm Reviews

Vaseline Lip Balm Review

Lip balms are a wax-like substance you apply to moisturize and ease pain caused by chapped or dry lips. Due to thin skin, lips are vulnerable and usually display signs of dryness before other areas of the skin.

Lip balm helps protect lips from dry air, wind, and cold temperatures. That’s why dermatologists and specialists usually recommend people who are prone to chapped and dry lips to apply them in the winter.

Besides relieving chapped lips, lip balm provides other benefits. After applying lip balm you may notice a glossy effect, which many find alluring. Furthermore, lip balms come in a variety of different flavors and pleasant scents.

Vaseline is Among the Top 10 Brands Introduced by brandsreviewsld According to Users Worldwide. Below, You Can Read Vaseline Reviews.

Vaseline Lip Balm Reviews

Vaseline is an American brand of petroleum jelly-based products. Products include plain petroleum jelly and a selection of skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. One such product is the Vaseline lip balm or lip-repair.

Vaseline is globally considered as one of the best lip balms for chapped lips. Vaseline seals in moisture and nourishes parched lips with petroleum jelly, which is a gooey-like substance comprised of a mix of oils and waxes. While it doesn't technically have healing properties on a chemical level, it acts as an effective barrier, much like a Band-Aid.

Vaseline Lip Therapy doubles as a soothing treatment similar to a lip mask and a plumping gloss, sans the sticky formula and drying nature of conventional lip glosses. It’s mostly considered as an overnight treatment,

When you apply it on the lips before bed, you will see that you have a softer and smoother hydrated lips, making the appearance of it more sexy and beautiful.

As with beauty and skincare products, there are also vegan lip balms on the market. Which doesn’t include animal cruelty in the process of manufacturing the product. But Vaseline is not considered vegan, although, it claims that it does not use any animal-derived products and doesn't test its products on animals, but, its suppliers do.


Vaseline lip balm’s ingredients include Petrolatum, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, and Tocopheryl Acetate.

Make sure to read online Vaseline lip balm’s reviews to gain more insight into this product and check out Vaseline lip balm’s before and after pictures to see how well it positively affects the lips for having beautiful, soft and healthy lips.

And now for the Q/A.

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Questions and Answers

It is dead skin that has built up because you are not removing it daily. It is dried out then once you put on a Vaseline lip balm, it gets softer and peels off. What you can do is scrub your lips gently with a wet face cloth before you use it on your face or body.
The good news is that you can buy the Vaseline lip balm from anywhere! Retail stores, pharmacies, super markets, their own main website, and even from online marketing websites such as Amazon.
Some lip balms contain ingredients that can be irritating or cause dryness. Menthol, salicylic acid, Cinnamic aldehyde and peppermint flavors are all culprits for this problem. But Vaseline lip balms are safe to use and won’t let you experience such side effects. Vaseline has passed the trial-and-error phase a long time ago, since it has been well-known throughout the years. This brand is literally petroleum jelly which is the base used in lip balms from different lip balm brands. So Vaseline is a classic brand. It’s also affordable compared to its competitors. Among the advantages that this brand has compared to its competitors, these were the main reasons that this brand had stood out from other brands in all these years. So grab one today! 

Customer Reviews

  • Adriane Leigh

When I got very sick last year, no mater how much water I drank my skin was dry and my lips were cracked and bleeding. None of my tried and true chapsticks could help. A good friend bought me this brand and the relief came swiftly. I haven't looked back.

  • America G.

is my go to, the packaging is super cute and you can take it where ever you go, no need to worry about taking space or whatever it’s super good and the smell is super good

  • Aroz H.

Buy this if you are tired of getting chapped lips no matter what kind of balm you use! I have tried too manly balms out there, so much money wasted at drugstores and at Sephora (;一_一) I threw this in my cart because it was an "add on item" so I thought why the hell not. It was my last effort to find my go to lip balm. An impulse buy if you will, but a fantastic one! I have purchased 5 more since my first purchase, not only for me, but as little effortless gifts to those I care and know are going through the same vicious lip balm hunting cycle. *All the different flavours work pretty much the same way. They are all easy to pop in the back pocket without being too bulky. They are non greasy, yet VERY moisturizing. It comes in four variants: Original, Rosy Lips, Aloe, and Cocoa Butter: -- Rosy: I love the hint of pink it leaves on my lips. Like one of those Korean lip balms, so subtle, yet I can tell my lips are more pampered looking than when I have nothing on. Don't be afraid of the name, to be honest the tint is so subtle that it is barely visible. The smell is quite nice too. -- Aloe: I absolutely love the scent. It has a nice light scent of aloe, which for some reasons reminds me of summer beach days. I put it on overnight and it left my lips quite moisturized in the morning. -- Original: No scent. No hint of color. Stick with the original one if you also want to use it for calming down the hair freeze on the go as cuticle moisturizer, or even hand lotion when you have left your lotion at home. -- Cocoa: My least favourite because the scent is quite overpowering. If you love cocoa, you may enjoy this, but I have never been into the scent so my thought on this one would be quite biased. The only reason I am giving it four stars is because I would have preferred that it came in a tube form so that it would be more sanitary. btw I was in no way sent a free product to review. I decided to put the time in and share my thoughts to help other girls out there stop wasting their hard earned money on useless lip balms. I hope this was helpful! ~(˘▾˘~)

  • Δέσποινα® Χ.

definitely reccomend it. nice product and good price. effective. it helps the skin to become smooth and heal any wounds.

  • Marilena K.

I loveeeee this product!!My lips were really chubby and crusty and very very dry..From the first day i have owned this product my lips have never been the same...Vaseline is really affordable and is a must!!It is always in my bag...Don’t miss out!!Your lips are never going to be the same

  • Neha N.

Soo girllllss if u are looking for a savee way producttt that will pink your lipss thaen i wouldd love to recommend u tho product and + i notice a plumness on my lips with this