Frank Body Face Scrub Reviews 2021

#3 Frank Body Frank Body Face Scrub

Overall Rating: 4.3

Capterra Rating: #4.3 .. out of 5 with 15 ratings
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Frank Body Face Scrub Reviews

Frank Body Face Scrub

For babes that have one minute to get their glow on, I’m the guy for the job. I’m a targeted exfoliator that detoxifies pores, fight breakouts, acne & fades scars thanks to my blend of coffee, bamboo and walnut. Your skin will look even and perky from the moment you rinse me off. For best results use me 2-3 times a week after cleansing.

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 Frank Body Face Scrub Reviews 


Step 1
Have a face (check).

Step 2
Wash face. Splash lukewarm water and apply a small amount of Original Face Scrub.

Step 3
Touch face. Gently rub in circular motions across face and neck for no more than 30 seconds, paying more attention to key areas that need more love like: nose, T-zone, chin.

Coffee stimulates blood flow, promotes collagen production and helps fade scars and breakouts.

News alert, this has been used for centuries for detoxifying, targeting breakouts and removing dead skin cells. Don't miss this train, again.

A nourishing ingredient to brighten dull skin and fade scars.

The secret to glowing without makeup. Vitamins A, E and D hydrate your skin without blocking pores.

Questions and Answers

Customer Reviews

  • Rachel

Ive always been a fan of the frank body scrub so was very excited to try the facial scrub. Left my skin feeling soft and glowing without looking irritated or red. I would definitely buy again.


  • Kylie

I love Frank products and they have helped my skin so much with exfoliating and removing my stretch marks. The creamy face scrub hurts when scrubbing to your face hurts and I feel like it hurts my pores. I haven’t used it too much.


  • Melissa

I found this product after buying one of the frank body scrubs. This is the perfect addition to my face washing routine. It smells great and provides awesome exfoliation.


  • Audrey

I tried this today for the first time. It didn’t blow me away but I am excited to try it again. I’ve taken time during the stay home order to try and prefect my skin care routine.


  • Jasmynn

I tried the line when it first got popular but I didn’t see much results. It was a pleasant smell but I didn’t find anything special I had to order from the UK and it took forever I wouldn’t buy again


  • Kate

I use this 2-3 times a week, especially after nights where I was lazy and didn’t wash my makeup off. It’s super gentle as long as you don’t scrub too hard or overuse it. My skin is much clearer, brighter & softer after just a couple weeks using this!


  • cherén

I love the coffee scent with this scrub. It keeps my skin clean and soft and exfoliated when used every other day. It claims to reduce acne and imperfections, but I didn’t see that and I used this consistently for months which is why I knock it a star. But it may work for others!


  • Leia

I use this every 3 days to exfoliate my face and my face always feels so much smoother after. It's a coffee scrub so it does get messy, so I definitely recommend using this product in the shower to avoid that mess. I recommend this product, your face will be so much smoother after!!


  • Kate

Obsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. Everyone needs this in their bathroom. Dry skin? No problem. Oily skin? Gotcha covered. Acne prone? This scrub has you! It takes care of my redness. It removes any dead skin. You get such a smooth finish afterwards that you’ll want to just sit and pet your own face for hours. Seriously, touch it after. I dare you. You won’t want to stop.


  • Mar

This is the only product that works for my keratosis pilaris


  • Lauren

I like it, but feel like it goes way faster than the Jo Malone scrub which I can keep for six months. Sure that tub is $55 but I feel like you get a lot more than what I'm currently getting with this scrub. Value aside, I like the scrub a lot and will repurchase in the future if it goes on sale. I just don't like that it has a luxe price tag in cheap packaging. Would make a good $20 gift for friends you don't care to spend much on.


  • Kindle Customer

I love this stuff! Skin feels soooo smooth and refreshed after using. But! It’s messy. Move light colored shower curtains. They will stain. Tub rinses clean though. Highly recommend!


  • Ari

The scent isn’t something I personally care about, it rinses off and occasionally left a coffee scent. I typically use brown sugar and olive oil but it leaves the tub oily- that’s why I chose this product. Rinses and dissolves easily but it does leave a slight oily residue behind. The scrub doesn’t scrub- I tried it after I showered and patted myself dry. I also used it before I showered. Didn’t exfoliate and my skin feels a bit dry. Not worth the money. I hope others had a better experience.


  • Shannon watson

I have been buying frank scrub for years and something must have recently changed. I’ve used this on 3 separate occasions now where I break out into MASSIVE hives. Talk about embarrassing. Use caution when using this. Sad to see the quality/ingredients dip down!


  • EEP

This scrub is not designed for sensitive skin. I read the reviews before purchasing and many stated
it wasn’t as harsh as other body scrubs so I decided to take a chance and try it. The scrub smelled good and was easy to apply even though it was messy. However, after applying the scrub my skin became irritated and red. I would not recommend if you have sensitive skin!