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overall rating : 6.4


overall rating : 6.4

The items you use are only as important as your skin care routine. As we all know, high-quality products can improve the appearance of our skin now and in the future, but keep in mind that low-quality goods can be useless and even harmful. Due to the fact that we shed skin cells throughout the day, it is critical to keep our skin bright and healthy. A good skincare routine may help us avoid acne, treat wrinkles, and keep our skin looking great.

Our skin's cells change over more slowly as we get older, making it look duller and less luminous. Using a high-quality skin care line can aid in the removal of dead skin cells, allowing our body to replace them with younger, healthier cells. One of the best brands available on the market is Lancer which has received so much encouraging feedback. Today, we want to look at this brand in depth.

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Lancer skincare belongs to the Personal Care Products Manufacturing Industry. Their items are manufactured in Beverly Hills, California, where they also have their headquarters.
Lancer products can be purchased directly from or through any of the merchants listed below: Sephora Nordstrom Bloomingdales
Yes. To achieve quick-acting and long-lasting results, the Lancer Comapny uses strong, natural components in their products.
Yes, this business is legal.
Lancer’s products are made from natural ingredients. They are paraben-free and sulfate-free and non-toxic.
Yes, this brand is reliable and real.


  • PROS
  • Skincare for the face and body created by a dermatologist with over 35 years of experience

  • No animals are harmed in the production of this product

  • Gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and palm oil-free

  • Natural substances with high potency are used

  • A test called "Identify Your Method" is available to help you find skincare products that are appropriate with your skin type

  • A 90-day supply is included with the Method kits

  • Customers attest to the skincare products' efficacy

  • Accessible from anywhere in the globe, with a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • CONS
  • Lancer products do not contain any anti-comedogenic ingredients

  • Price points that are steep

  • The website does not provide international shipping



Remy Sharp
LauraSat Mar 12 2022
LauraSat Mar 12 2022
I love it when they have for different types of skin, their product really does the work on my face! Totally recommend it
Remy Sharp
AlexSat Mar 12 2022
AlexSat Mar 12 2022
I follow their three step method for oily skin which is the polish, the cleanse and nourish. I paid quite a bit for these but I don't regret it one bit. My face feels so amazing now. I used to have 2 different types of acne on my face and they have visibly reduced now. Love the products



Lancer's line of anti-aging skincare products has been thoroughly researched to help accomplish results. The Lancer Method, a three-step exfoliation, cleaning, and moisturizing routine, which will be discussed in the following, is absolutely famous; but the brand also provides strong serums, face, and body treatments. Lancer's skincare, which is used by many patients, has been shown to help with issues like redness, fine lines, dark circles, crepiness, collagen loss, and more.

People, W Magazine, Yahoo, InStyle, The Cut, Women's Health, Forbes, Us Weekly, E! News, and many other publications have featured this brand.

3 steps Lancer Method:


Begin by exfoliating the skin in order to prepare it for cleansing and treatments. This daily resurfacing aids in the appearance of radiant skin.


To get fresh, healthy-looking skin, use one of Lancer's light-foaming cleansers to gently remove impurities.


For a visibly refreshed and youthful appearance, finish the regimen with vital moisturizing nutrients.

Lancer is a dermatologist-tested skincare brand. They are well-known for their variety of anti-aging products. Their skincare line includes award-winning at-home serums, creams, oils, masks and peels to address all skin concerns, regardless of skin type.

Lancer Company/ Skincare Products

Based on the feedback we can read on the brand's website and from some outside sources it can be said with assurance that Lancer Company is a reliable and successful company. Their skincare products are produced with high-quality materials and include complexes as well as natural compounds that operate well. All of these items are available for purchase with Afterpay in four interest-free installments.

What Do Lancer Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

This Lancer skincare review looked on the Internet to see what customers had to say about the brand's best-selling products. Feedback can be read at the official website, Nordstrom, and Sephora, and it discusses where Lancer products excel and where they do not.

Normal-Combination is the method used. On, 182 people have given skin a 5/5 rating. Customers raved about how it improved their skin's look and suppleness, as well as the appearance of wrinkles. The lowest rating for this product is four stars. "It caused some irritation and redness in select locations," one complaint said, despite the fact that it was very unusual.

There were few comments indicating that the skincare line had failed to give results. The biggest gripes revolved around the quantity vs. price debate.

Lancer Before and After

As we can see the before and after photos online, lancer is able to make big changes. People’s comments are very positive, and 98% of them have agreed that their skin felt more nourished and softer by using these products.

Lancer Product Company

While many doctors and gurus advocate "alteration," the Lancer Company feels that restoration is the way to go. Their products are formulated for all skin types, regardless of ethnicity, and show customers desired outcomes by speeding up the skin regenerative cycle.

You can request a sample if you are interested in sampling a product but do not want to commit to a full-size jar or tube.

Best Lancer Products

Eye Contour Cream

A triple-action eye treatment and hydrator that addresses several eye region issues for a brighter, younger-looking appearance. This emollient combination of time-released Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter gives a rich and long-lasting moisture cushion.

Best Eyelash Serum


Polish Normal-Combination Skin Bonus Size

The Lancer Method starts with this daily exfoliating skin polish. This product is able to eliminate surface detritus and dull, dry surface cells softly and effectively, using Quartz Crystals, Pumpkin, and Pomegranate enzymes. Skin appears to be smooth, silky, bright, and rejuvenated.


Triple peptide Drops

Innovative peptides stimulate new collagen creation, improve the skin barrier, and give time-released peptide penetration in this concentrated anti-aging elixir. Vitamins and moisturizing agents work together to strengthen the skin barrier, protect against free radical damage, and give both instant and long-term moisture.

Lancer Customer Service

If you have any additional queries about Lancer skincare, you can contact the company at:

[email protected]

Call toll-free (800) 899-0744 (toll-free) or 310-363-7667. (International)

Send your mails to this address:

440 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California, 90210

Lancer's customer service department is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Lancer Return Policy

Lancer skincare comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee after delivery. If you receive any unsatisfactory or damaged merchandise, our policy guarantees a complete return.

To begin, send an email to [email protected] to request a prepaid return label. Lancer does not participate in trades.