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Guerlain Lip Primer

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  • Satisfied customer

Love this product!

With the new creamier lipsticks, I have found this product to be a must. No bleeding AT ALL. Perfect lips every time.

  • Manpreet D.

One and only no other lip primer has done it for me. It is a little expensive but it lasts such a long time. I see a huge difference with wear time when I use it. If you’re like me and you’re lipsticks tend to bleed I would say grab this one.

  • Cassia E.

Had a chance to try this in-store on a recent business trip to Las Vegas (Sephora usually has it as online-only). LOVE IT! Moisturizing enough for the high desert and really helps keep lipstick in place and perfect. I ate an entire slice of incredibly rich custard pie from Milkbar wearing this topped with high shine bullet lipstick, and all the color was still there when dessert was gone! Incredible anything could survive that much butter. Want to buy during 20% sale if I can swing it. Probably more of a product for aging women who are starting to experience lipstick bleed. At this price point it's overkill for twentysomethings.

  • Jill H.

The packaging of this product is absolutely gorgeous, it makes you feel like such a classy lady. I applied this before my lipliner and lipstick and it has a very moisturizing feel. I also noticed some extension in the wear time of my lip products. The only criticism I will say is that for 44$ I'm not sure if the function is quite worth the hearty price tag. Guerlain KissKiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer

  • Natalie S.

A great base for lipstick. Covers those fine lines that rly can ruin a whole “lip look”. If you want perfect, even color-GRAB THIS FIRST. Your lips are hydrated and create a perfect even foundation for lipstick, liquid lips or lipgloss.

  • Stina R.

As a base, this isn’t completely translucent like the description claims it is - it goes on opaque, almost as if you’d smeared a thin layer of foundation over your lips. Applying lipstick on top of that results in slightly diminished pigmentation. That and the high price point are pretty much the only downsides. On the upside - it makes a huge difference in the lifespan of the lipstick you’re wearing. I have a full bottom lip that often rolls in to touch my chin when I drink. Normally, that results in a lipstick stain upon contact. After using this, that effect is greatly diminished and I can go on to have an embarrassment-free day. Must have for those of us who enjoy bold and dark shades!

  • Glam_Life_With_Gypsy H.

I’m 42 and a smoker I have deep lines around mouth and lips this primer gives my uplift and hydration a smooth surface for my lip products to glide on. It also helps keep my lips from staining.

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