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Overall Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 with 88 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.2 out of 5 with 88 Votes

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Chanel Reviews

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  • Jackie booth

Five Stars

Fabulous product very expensive but worth it.

  • daniella95

Used this to contour and broke me out in horrible cystic acne everywhere it was used.


  • Lori F.

Beautiful creamy bronzer to have in your collection it last at least 8to 10 hrs I would to see deeper colors in this product it’s blends and buffs out beautifully on bear skin and foundations it those not make make skip melts in it gives you a great tan as long you apply it in right places wear sun hits you naturaly the color works well with a lot of skin tones but would love to see deeper shades and also shades with more red or bronze tone 

  • jenica S.

The formula is very smooth and blendable.

It is a neutral tan color that gives you a sunkissed glow with minimal shimmer. It is satiny/natural. The product seems to trap the hair fibers from the makeup brushes or dust.. This product only works well if your skin is fair and borderline medium. If you’re already leaning towards the tan shade, it doesn’t show up... I use this in the winter/spring time when I don’t get much sun. If I use it in the summer time, it doesn’t show up.

  • Bailey T.

I received this for Christmas after I asked for it, mostly out of pure curiosity since this product is consistently raved about, and oh my goodness have I fallen in love. I am very, very timid about cream anything because I have oily skin, but this product dries down to a powder-like finish and doesn’t budge throughout my day. It is an expensive, “luxury” product, but I personally think it’s worth every penny. It doesn’t take a ton to get the job done and I find that I have barely made a dent in it since December.

  • Katherine H.

This comes in one shade that honestly looks kind of orange but some how it turns into a healthy, bronzed glow. This has almost a gel to powder formulation. The only way to apply is to directly dip your brush in, pick up some product and start blending. The downside of this product is:      1. its large - so don't even think about travelling with it.    2. You will seriously have brush shedding in this product for its entirety - a bit gross looking but I have yet to find a way around this.    Now you do get a lot of product and this lasts forever! I have purchased it twice in the last 3 years so. 

  • Alex D.

After seeing this bronzer in Vogue’s Hillary Duff busy mom makeup routine video (love the whole video very cute and helpful) I had to try it out for myself — and I’m so happy I did! The packaging is luxurious and the product has a light refreshing scent. I used a beauty blender to apply it and it went on so smoothly. It’s subtle if you apply just a little but also very buildable. I’ve been using it daily since I received it and I haven’t even made a dent! I think this product will last a long time and for the price of $50 it is a steal! I love that it’s super fast and easy to apply. The texture is beautiful in the container and on skin. I just love it so much!

  • Grace G.

I am on my second one of these.

 It is such a unique formula cream bronzer that looks amazing on everyone I have recommended it to. I use this with a fluffy bronzing brush or with a blush brush. I have used this with a sponge also when I didn’t have a brush available. This is definitely a product that is not impressive when swatched, but when you put it on its an instant WOW!! You get a lot of product and it lasts at least a year even if you use it everyday. It leaves your skin with a beautiful natural tan appearance. I set mine with a Chanel setting powder in a bronze shade but you could set it with a translucent powder or even a bronzer. It is cream so I definitely recommend lightly setting and then spraying with setting spray for a longer wear.

  • Caroline H.

I use this in my makeup (artist) kit all the time.

 You can use it really lightly, or build to more colour. The colour is subtle and real looking for light to medium skintones, so if you have a deeper amount of pigment this isn’t going to be your go to. I like that I can use it on female faces but also on male models or actors etc too and they will look healthy and more sun kissed as opposed to bronzed and made up. It’s versatile, but only for the skin tones I mentioned. It does suggest using it below your base I think, I always add it on top and it works a dream. I’m thinking of getting one for my personal makeup bag I love it so much, even though it’s expensive, but having said that, even though I use it all the time in my kit, it still looks almost new. It’s well worth the money for a pro kit in my opinion, and it is really big. It has just changed its name I believe to Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. Look for that and not the name above.

  • Serena J.

This bronzer is literally perfect for my current skin tone

This bronzer is literally perfect for my current skin tone (I’m sure it will be too light for the summer but I rarely tan so it’s not really an issue). I’ve been holding out on purchasing this product for about 5 years simply because I thought I was too dark for it to show up on my complexion. However it gives a natural bronze look without the looking fake. I guess due to social media I always felt like I needed to have my makeup to be noticeable but the times I love my makeup the most is when it’s extremely natural and this bronzer does that. I am so happy that I was able to snag one of these before the new formula change hit the internet. It’s a shame that Chanel decided to reformulate this cult classic by adding coconut oil. I am highly allergic to coconuts and so many brands have reformulated their products to add it because they want to be vegan. Maybe Chanel will eventually go back to this formula but until then I know that that huge jar will last me until the end of time.

  • Amber K.

If Chanel made more than one shade I'd give this 5 stars

 This cream based bronzer is magnificent in nearly every way. Ive got very fair skin and although it looks rather orange in the pot, it blends out into this soft, beautiful bronze that will work wonderfully for skin that is very fair to medium. There's a slight sheen to it but it doesn't translate on the skin as shiny at all. It really is sun in a jar. I find it applies best with a brush but you can get a beautiful bronze with a sponge too. You could use the warmth from your fingers to blend it but I don't think you would be able to get as much of an airbrushed look with that technique. The cost is around $50 but if you break down the cost for gram, you're getting a really good deal. It's a full ounce of product meaning you spend less per gram than you would with even many drugstore options. It lasts forever. Ive had mine for over 2 years now (the expiration states it's good for 48 months after opening) and I haven't even used half of it yet. It'll likely go bad before I use it all so I do feel it's worth every penny. I just tap it into my my brush and it picks up the perfect amount every time so you need very little. Make more shades, Chanel! The fact there's only one for white people is absolutely ridiculous.