La Mer The Neck & Décolleté Concentrate Reviews

#2 La Mer La Mer The Neck & Décolleté Concentrate

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La Mer The Neck & Décolleté Concentrate Reviews

La Mer’s Neck Cream Review

The skin below our chin is just as delicate as the skin above it, and is equally as vulnerable to sun damage, age spots, sagging, and wrinkling over time. For many of us, taking care of our necks probably just means drawing down whatever product we’re already using on our face. But, similar to the skin around our eyes, the skin on our necks is thinner and can benefit from products which encourage cell change and provide increased moisture and hydration to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

La Mer is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read La Mer reviews.

The neck is very vulnerable to ageing. It has less sebaceous glands than facial skin, making it more prone to wrinkling. This, combined with the effects of sun exposure, gravity, and muscle movement, can make the neck a real problematic area for some people. Then there is the phenomenon of 'tech neck'. So much time is now spent with heads bent down to our devices that deeper and more lines and wrinkles are the result. Be mindful of your posture: tech neck is the wrinkle of our generation.

In terms of using a specific neck product, because the skin of the neck is structurally different to that of the face, a dedicated product can make the world of difference.


Look for ingredients such as polyhydroxy acids, neoglucosamine, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C and ceramides. Anything that’s promoting cellular change like a retinol, is going to be a helpful ingredient for sagging skin and fine lines. Just only use retinol with extreme caution due to the irritation that it can cause in this area.

Some dermatologists say the thin, oft-neglected skin of the neck (and the back of the hands) reveal a woman's true age better than her face. Since that skin is thinner and more delicate, that's where wrinkles can appear faster and more often.

Enter the beauty of a good skin tightening cream. In choosing one, your best move is to pick a formula that contains, ingredients that boost production and decrease the destruction of the three primary structural components of the dermis that improve skin tightness: collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans or GAGs.


La Mer is a cosmetics and skincare brand based in the U.S.A. Once La Mer was acquired by Estée Lauder, the beauty giant marketed the line to the masses as a luxury brand. 

Originally created by scientist Max Huber to treat burns sustained after a lab accident, La Mer’s transformative blend of bio fermented sea kelp is now found across the brand’s entire range, from the anti-ageing skincare to the foundation formulas. Determined to heal his burns, Max Huber devoted 12 years working with Macrocystis pyrifera, a type of kelp found in the ocean near his California home. The cream worked so well that it healed his wounds and treated his scars, until there was no evidence of the accident. The fermented sea kelp was dubbed Miracle Broth and it is the foundation of the La Mer skin care brand. 

We will be talking about the La Mer neck cream, or what the company calls it, the neck and décolleté concentrate.

Concentrate counteracts and prevents skin ageing and sagging by moisturizing, lifting, and firming the neck area thanks to its blend of lime tea concentrate (which is chock full of antioxidants) and Miracle Broth (the brand's own blend of marine ingredients featuring giant sea kelp).

As with all of La Mer’s skincare products, this concentrate contains the brand’s signature Miracle Broth to increase cellular turnover and provide a plumped-up glow. It also contains lime tea concentrate, an “antioxidant powerhouse” made to protect us from the free radical damage that accelerates our skin’s aging process. The other key ingredient is La Mer’s Strengthening Ferment, a marine-based blend that may firm up skin so it can protect itself, avoiding future sagging,

The ingredients of the La Mer Neck cream and décolletage concentrate includes: 


Make sure to read customer reviews of La Mer décolletage and neck cream for more information regarding this product and to see how well it has been received by the public.

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Questions and Answers

Apply the La Mer neck cream at mornings and evenings to the cleansed neck and décolleté. Massage with upward motions until absorbed.
The La Mer neck cream can be bought from beauty department stores and retailers. This product can also be bought from online marketing websites such as Amazon.
The La Mer neck cream counteracts and prevents that by moisturizing, lifting, and firming the neck area thanks to its blend of lime tea concentrate (which is chock full of antioxidants) and Miracle Broth (the brand's own blend of marine ingredients featuring giant sea kelp).
Neck creams, like La Mer’s neck cream, are often thicker than facial creams and have ingredients in them to help lift and tighten the neck skin that loses collagen and elastin over time. You should always be applying your facial creams on your neck if you don't have a separate neck cream. However anti-aging ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid may be much harsher and more irritating on your neck than on your face.

Customer Reviews

  • Alik35fluff

I have never really tried neck creams before it I liked this one !

The texture is really unusual, it’s not a cream or lotion or typical gel. The best way to describe it is a very rich and silky gel, that moisturises like a cream. It goes on very smoothly and is the perfect texture for massaging into the neck. My neck felt very soft the following morning after using the cream at night. The 4 stars is simply due to price as it’s an incredibly expensive product.


  • SelenaL

Glancing at some of the reviews on the LM website (lines diminished in 3 weeks, another by the next day!) I have to take a step back sometimes and ask myself 'is that even possible?'. The first thing I look at is the ingredients list. Granted it's a long one, and not significantly different to the ingredients listing of any other several dozen other LM products, many of which I've tried before or am in the process of trying. Then comes the curiosity stage 'what if it was possible?'. Followed by the purchase stage...or in this case a deluxe sample size that's lasted me just under 3 weeks - used on my neck alone. I've seen many references to this being a 'balm' but it definitely isn't. It's almost like a gel-cream, very slippery (due to very high silicone content) and leaves a slightly oily finish that never quite sinks in. It's basically like smearing primer all over your neck, but ingredients-wise perhaps the most elegantly formulated primer you could ever come across. The fragrance is exactly the same as a number of their other products, such as the hand treatment and it is strong! Be warned it follows you around and does not dissipate for some time. Did I notice any improvement in fine lines or neck lines in general after those 3 weeks? None whatsoever. In fact, despite all its silicones, it didn't even give the 'illusion' of filling them in temporarily whilst on my skin. Not a product I'd recommend, especially if you happen to be sensitive to fragrance in skincare.

  • Shawna

Loved this product. Received large sample in AUSTRALIA David Jones, I am so happy to see that I can get it in US! As I was running out and realized how much I love the results ! It something different that anything I have tried to date, just love it. Thanks La Mer!

  • HKL

I received a deluxe sample of this with my purchase last week and have to admit that I'm in love! I've been using it for 4 days now and my neck and decollete are soooo soft. I usually get bumps along my decollete but today it's so nice and clear an soft. I'm guessing it's from this concentrate because I haven't changed anything else in my routine. Will have to buy the full size when I run out!

  • Lijiden

I love this product. First off it makes my skin feel wonderful. I have only been using this for 3 weeks and my neck looks better, lines are diminished. Try it!

  • Pamela B

From the first application, I saw a profound difference! I am 65 years old and have had a wrinkled neck for 20 years due to sun damage. I have had a mini-surgery to correct it and of course it keeps getting worse. I was about to resign myself to a neck lift and decided to give La Mer a try, since I've been using their products for years. Upon one application, I was shocked. I noticed improvement the next day. And my neck is really, really bad. So I do recommend this product.

  • Linda198

I had been wanting to try this cream for sometime. I am 64 years old and my neck isn't great...I was hoping to receive a sample before purchasing. Last month I did receive a deluxe sample and it was even better than I hoped it would be. It feels good going on and immediately my neck looked better. The skin is soft, supple and super hydrated. I use it after every shower and the effect lasts until the next one. I will definitely be purchasing when the sample jar runs out. Every La Mer product I use I found first as a sample. I love being able to try before I buy!

  • ania

I love this new neck cream it keeps my neck incredibly moisturized all day gotta love Lamer products!

  • Smooth

In the morning I use the neck and décolleté cream over my lifting serum.