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Cannuka CBD Lip Balm

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overall rating : 6

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm

overall rating : 6


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Cannuka is available in the United States at all major national shops, both online and offline.


Yes, manuka honey is used in Cannuka Lip Balm to help treat dry puckers. In addition to relaxing and conditioning them, it also helps shield damaged lips from external aggressors like harsh weather. Based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, shea butter for ultra-hydrating properties and coconut oil to condition and protect against sun damage are also included.


  • PROS
  • Ingredients for sensitive skin that are 100% natural.  

  • Rich in minerals and vitamins.  

  • Manuka Honey and CBD readily penetrate the surface of the lips.  

  • Cruelty-free.  

  • Without artificial fragrance, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.  

  • CONS
  • Only topical products are available in the product line.  


What Is CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balms improve your lips by moisturizing dry, damaged lips. A CBD lip balm protects the lips from infection and irritation because of its antibacterial characteristics. There are several aspects to consider when choosing a CBD lip balm. Natural and organic ingredients should be used to manufacture the best CBD lip balms. They should also be vegan, affordable, nutritious, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and chemical-free.

What Is the Cannuka CBD Lip Balm?

Based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, the Cannuka Lip Balm hydrates sensitive, chapped lips while shielding them from common environmental irritants like the sun and chilly, abrasive weather. To aid in preventing further harm, the special mixture of CBD and Manuka Honey penetrates readily into the top layer as well as under the surface of the lip. It is ideal to use as a bedtime lip treatment or as a lipstick primer to avoid feathering all day since it is rich in minerals and vitamins, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

The Cannuka Lip Balm is a straightforward CBD product with the advantages of manuka honey. It may be applied similarly to other lip balms, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Fair enough, the concentration of CBD is the only change in the recipe between the skin balm and the lip balm. The formulas are almost similar except for that.

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Ingredients

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is known to relax and soothe the skin.

Manuka honey, which can only be obtained in New Zealand, aids in sealing in moisture for very smooth skin, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

Shea butter is a fat made from shea nuts that is renowned for providing intense skin hydration.

Coconut oil: A highly saturated, semi-solid fat that protects against sun damage while also leaving skin supple and conditioned.

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter: A fantastic moisturizer that softens the skin and lowers water loss from the top layer. Additionally, it may help shield skin from free radical damage, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

Beeswax: Creates a layer of protection that traps moisture and keeps dry skin moistened. boosts a product's thickness and prevents an emulsion from separating into its oil and liquid components. potentially allergenic, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

What Is the Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Good For?

Several lip issues may be helped by Cannuka Lip Balm. Based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, it may aid in moisturizing, has anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve chapped lips, and gives the lips a seal to help retain moisture. Searching for a novel CBD product with just all-natural ingredients? To keep lips soft and moisturized today, Cannuka Lip Balm includes Manuka Honey along with other nutrients like orange and shea butter, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. With this CBD Lip Balm, you can keep your lips protected both in the summer and the winter. When you touch your lips, they should feel scratchy because they are dehydrated. 

Based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, CBD lip balm creates a barrier on the lips to keep moisture in and keep them smooth and supple at all times. Peeling skin is a frequent and unpleasant occurrence. If it's chilly and windy outside, the situation becomes worse. Applying Cannuka Lip Balm helps keep the skin from flaking and breaking, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Bacterial infection may result from cracks and sores on your lips brought on by skin peeling and dehydration. As your lips heal, CBD's potent antibacterial effects help to prevent infections, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Side Effects

By combining Manuka Honey and cannabis, two of the most all-natural and pure substances on the planet, Cannuka's CBD Lip Balm and all of its other CBD products have updated beauty and skincare, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Cannuka takes pride in employing 100% natural, risk-free ingredients that come from the US and New Zealand in a sustainable manner. Their CBD skincare line effectively combines the potency of CBD extracted from hemp with Manuka honey, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Cannuka is dedicated to your beauty and health while being enthusiastic about promoting health and well-being through the power of nature.

Since these products contain no THC at all, practically anybody may consume them without risk. The 0% THC claim is valid since CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum is employed, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. The company's certificate of analysis (COA) has all the elements of an excellent COA, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. All exams are passed by the business, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

How to Use the Cannuka CBD Lip Balm?

Apply throughout the day to sooth, hydrate, and guard against chipping or cracking on your lips.

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Before and After

Lips that are chapped or cracked indicate inflammation. The CB1 receptors are helped by CBD because it is readily absorbed into the top layer of skin. As a consequence, Manuka honey may mend the top layer of skin and the collagen layer under the surface of your lips thanks to CBD's anti-inflammatory effects, which can relax and decrease swelling. As a result, you'll have lovely, repaired lips, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Before and After

Cannuka CBD Lip Balm Reviews

Cannuka, an Ohio-based firm, has created its own skincare recipe using CBD and Manuka honey. The product line consists of skin balms, lip balms, eye creams, and after-sun products. Instead of the medical CBD user, this line is primarily aimed towards skincare enthusiasts, based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Although the concentration is too low to make these items medicinal, the compositions could help skin appear healthier.

This CBD-infused tinted Balm instantly brightens the complexion by delivering an effortless, natural-looking flush of color to the lips and cheeks that is flattering on all skin tones, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. It is formulated with deeply moisturizing Vitamin C and skin-loving shea and murumuru butter for visibly smoother, softer lips. Based on Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, the Cannuka Lip Balm is a straightforward product with excellent manuka honey advantages. Additionally, you may use this with different balms. The CBD content of the product continues to be the primary distinction between the skin balm and the lip balm. Other than that, the contents of each of them were similar. The lip balm is readily accessible and will cost about $9, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews.

According to Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews, it's a terrific approach to treat chapped lips, dry lips, and skin irritation around the mouth to use CBD products, like this lip balm, because the natural substances in CBD provide anti-inflammatory effects and replace lost moisture. This CBD lip balm includes naturally occurring chemicals from the hemp plant but no THC since it is manufactured using broad-spectrum CBD, as per Cannuka CBD Lip Balm reviews. Because it includes THC, full-spectrum CBD oil is different from broad-spectrum CBD.

Did You Know Cannuka?

Cannuka is primarily a skincare treatment that aims to calm, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Their products have amazing cosmetic benefits, leaving your skin glowing, invigorated, and nourished, as specified in Cannuka reviews. As a result of multiple test formulations by their research and development team, CBD and Manuka honey were put together in order to produce superb products which can help people achieve healthier skin. Cannuka reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.