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Vertly CBD Lip Balm

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overall rating : 7.6

Vertly CBD Lip Balm

overall rating : 7.6


The Vertly CBD Lip Balm penetrates the skin rapidly to deeply hydrate. It also has additional healthy components like shea butter and beeswax to help retain moisture. After just one use, you'll stop using your regular lip balm since it outperforms any other CBD lip balm on the market.



Vertly CBD Lip Balms are offered for sale on both the company's website and other external e-commerce platforms. Additionally, some pharmacy shops sell Vertly CBD Lip Balms.


Yes. The endocannabinoid system has receptors in the lips, just as it does in the body as a whole. Based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews, the CBD in the Vertly CBD lip balm interacts with this system after being absorbed via the delicate skin of the lips.


  • PROS
  • Calming lip balm is enhanced with kokum, shea, and cocoa butters.  

  • Jojoba, coconut, and apricot kernel oils are added.  

  • CBD promotes wellbeing, serenity, and harmony.  

  • Hydrates, repairs, and protects the lips.  

  • Available in the flavors of rose, chocolate, and peppermint.  

  • Ingredients supplied responsibly and organically.  

  • CONS
  • More expensive price point compared to CBD-free lip balms  



What Is CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balms improve your lips by moisturizing dry, damaged lips. A CBD lip balm protects the lips from infection and irritation because of its antibacterial characteristics. There are several aspects to consider when choosing a CBD lip balm. Natural and organic ingredients should be used to manufacture the best CBD lip balms. They should also be vegan, affordable, nutritious, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and chemical-free.

What Is the Vertly CBD Lip Balm?

While it may seem that conventional lip balm might enhance moisture and have calming properties, the truth is that they really have a tendency to dry the skin off. Based on Vertly Balm reviews, Vertly is an option to think about if you're searching for a really nourishing, smoothing, and high-quality remedy. This kind of hemp-based balm has all-natural components, luxurious benefits, and is kind to the skin.

50 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD are included in Vertly's balm, along with a number of luxuriant, nourishing butters, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil for all-day hydration, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. For a wash of color, choose the sheer or the rose-tinted stick. This lip balm has the perfect texture and consistency, staying put until the very last application. Based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews, it comes in a luxurious-feeling metal twist-up casing and boasts a remarkable combination of components. This hydrating balm may treat areas of the body and face that need more care and moisture in addition to treating chapped lips.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Ingredients

Shea butter, cacao butter, kokum butter, and plant oils are just a few of the highly moisturizing natural ingredients included in the Vertly CBD Infused Lip Balm. The most notable component is 25 mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring non-psychoactive substance in cannabis, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. According to studies, the body's natural endocannabinoid system may interact with CBD and other cannabinoid substances, which may assist in reducing pain and other symptoms, based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews. Hemp oil has been used by humans for hundreds of years and is known to be rich in important fatty acids and phytonutrients. However, the significance of hemp oil, and especially CBD, in skin care has received less research, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews.

Based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews, hemp extract is naturally abundant in vital fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and E, and other nutrients that make skin look tighter and more luminous. Kokum Butter: Heals chapped lips, keeps skin hydrated, and promotes skin cell renewal. A superfood for the skin that is high in vitamins A, E, and F is shea butter, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. Cocoa butter: a calming treatment for chapped lips and dry skin. Natural antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, and extremely hydrating properties exist in coconut oil, based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews. Jojoba oil is emollient, contains antibacterial and antioxidant qualities, and is structurally very similar to human sebum.

What Is the Vertly CBD Lip Balm Good For?

The CBD lip balm could be useful if you regularly have chapped, dry lips. As per Vertly Lip Balm reviews, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties may be able to relieve chapped lips. The key component is a cannabinoid extract (CBD) extracted from hemp, which has many positive effects on wellbeing and skincare. They advocate complementing your natural resources with CBD in the form of a vitamin to assist in maintaining your body in balance, based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews. You'll enjoy knowing that every time you apply Vertly to your lips, a small amount of CBD is being absorbed.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Side Effects

Furthermore, unlike many other balm products on the market, this one uses organic and secure components rather than harmful and harsh chemicals, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. Additionally, the balm is available in a variety of flavors so that customers may choose their favorite. To maintain the highest quality standards, every lip balm is manufactured in small amounts in their Northern California laboratory, based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews. No phthalates, petroleum, gluten, or parabens.

How to Use the Vertly CBD Lip Balm?

Apply to cracked or dry lips as necessary. Additionally, the Vertly CBD Lip Balm's blend of CBD and other organic nutrients may help thoroughly hydrate and relieve chapped lips. As per Vertly Lip Balm reviews, a stick applicator ensures a no-mess, simple-to-use, and portable experience. When you feel the need to re-moisturize your lips, reapply at least three to four times daily.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Before and After

Comparing Vertly CBD Lip Balm to ordinary chapstick might reveal further advantages. Based on Vertly CBD Lip Balm reviews, it may provide better defense against sun damage or, conversely, exposure to excessively cold conditions because of its antioxidant characteristics. The Vertly CBD Lip Balm may also assist in lowering skin sensitivity and erythema around the lips.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Before and After

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Reviews

Garden-to-Bottle CBD Cosmetics The most effective and nutritious oils used in all Vertly products are created by patiently extracting the fresh botanicals, which are cultivated by farmers and herbalists in Northern California, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. Every week, little batches of fresh ingredients are created. Based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews, each composition is created by a family-owned company that thinks that skincare can be used as self-care, from the luxurious textures to the unforgettable scents. Vertly Balm is a brand-new category of lip balm that uses only organic, plant-based ingredients. 

The balm is renowned for its capacity to enhance skin and provide it with the maximum amount of moisture required for consumers to be fully content, as per Vertly Lip Balm reviews. As consumers can attest, there are many excellent reasons to include hemp and Vertly Balm in one's lifestyle, based on Vertly Lip Balm reviews. The company claims that their study demonstrates how the product helps customers feel happier and healthier; it improves digestion; and it supports nervous system equilibrium. As per Vertly Lip Balm reviews, this brand of lip balm is one of the very few trustworthy ones available.

Did You Know Vertly?

In order to develop a natural skincare and beauty line that aims to calm, nourish, and protect the skin, VERTLY combines the naturally therapeutic benefits of CBD and plant extracts. Fresh herbs are slowly extracted for weeks from local Northern California sources to produce nutrient-rich botanical oils that are used in all of Vertly's handcrafted goods. Each product created by husband and wife team Claudia and Zander is intended to be a feel-good skincare indulgence. They are of the opinion that skincare can be used as a form of self-care. The Vertly reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.