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Overall Customer Reviews: 3.7 out of 5 with 88 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.7 out of 5 with 88 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Skyn Iceland Lip Plumper

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Skyn Iceland Reviews

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  • madeline B.

After using this product I don’t know if it necessarily “plumped” my lips, coming from an avid lip plumper user. but I will say it made my lips feel VERY hydrated. even through the next morning.


  • H B.

I don't have big lips naturally sadly and this doesn't do much in terms of that. It just moisturises really well and to be honest, you can do that with lip balms for much cheaper. I wouldn't buy this again although it was fun to use


  • Anne K.

Didn’t really notice much of a plumping effect but it did leave my lips feeling soft and moisturised.


  • Alexa M.

I loved these!! I didn’t think they would actually work but they 100% do. They are definitely easy to use and work quickly. Price wise they are a little up there but I would definitely recommend them to others and plan on repurchasing.


  • Mouni B.

I love all the products of this company if you allow me to review this product I would be grateful to you . I can help you promote your products by reviewing them in my  my Instagram  for the purpose of encouraging people to buy from the internet and on The same time help the company promote Good News


  • Chelsea M.

These were very cool to use! You just place the lip gel over your lips, and it sticks to the outlines of your lips! I didn't really notice any plumping, BUT my lips were super moisturized afterwards!


  • S. C.

I really like these lip gels but I don't love them. I think it's because I compare them to the eye patches which are amazeballs! These hydrate and plump but they tend to slide while in use.


  • Anastasia M.

I tried these to rehydrate my lips and give them a more plumping effect. It instructs you to leave on your lips for 10 minutes. It was difficult for the mask to stay on my lips, as it did not have any creases to help it rest on your lips. I only noticed a slight plumping effect. No hydration what so ever. If anything, they made my lip dryer.


  • Angela Y.

Nice hydrating lip gel masks. Smells great and my lips seem fuller. I store these in my refrigerator and they are nice and cool when I apply them. Definitely will buy these again. Reasonably priced. Purchased on Amazon. A new favorite ❤️!


  • Ella P.

A silly useless product for sure. As I sit here with the oversized plumping lip gel, I’m thinking I’ll for sure breakout MORE on my chin! I’m not a huge fan of their gels as they tend to not stick and fall off easily.


  • Stefanie L.

These are awesome. I have little lips and I put these gels on while I'm doing my eye makeup. There's no tingle, they're actually really moisturizing. But when you take them off your lips are visibly plumper! Love this product!