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overall rating : 4


overall rating : 4

Why are so many individuals interested in increasing the size and smoothness of their lips? It isn't simply because of Instagram models; in fact, science has a hypothesis that dates back far longer. It's not only about thickness when it comes to plump lips; it's also about hydration, health, and smoothness.

What if you want a deeper, more lasting lip plumper but you're not ready for cosmetic surgery? Then JuvaLips might be a good fit for you. JuvaLips boost blood flow to the lips utilizing electrical stimulation and suction, enabling your kissers to flush gorgeously with size and color. The effects may last up to 10 hours at once, while the plumpness may continue much longer with repeated usage.

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In the United States of America
JuvaLips products are available for purchase on the brand's website.
JuvaLips is tiny and portable, making it simple to distribute. It's simple to clean and share thanks to the detachable mouthpiece and replacement felt cushions. Simply remove the felt pad, clean the mouthpiece, and put it back together.
JuvaLips is a legitimate brand.
JuvaLips was created to avoid bruising and damage, and it has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is both safe and simple to apply. Individual outcomes, like with any substance used on the human body, may vary. They've examined hundreds of people and have only noticed minor bruising in a small percentage of them. These were persons who were prone to bruising quickly, and the bruising only lasted a few days on average. That's why they advise just doing one or two scheduled treatments on the first day and then waiting to see whether any pain or light bruising occurs. After the first or second treatment, most people become acclimated to the procedure, and no more bruising occurs.
JuvaLips claims to plump your lips naturally without the need for injections. The tool operates by sucking your top and bottom lips into the machine and working on them for around 60 seconds.


  • PROS
  • JuvaLips is made entirely of natural ingredients.

  • It's tiny and compact, making it convenient to transport.

  • It's supposed to make tiny wrinkles disappear.

  • It takes approximately 60 seconds and is really easy to use!

  • CONS
  • There have been some minor shipment concerns.



Remy Sharp
ArielWed Mar 09 2022
ArielWed Mar 09 2022
Its awful! I bought something from this company once. Will never do it again! So dont make the same mistake i did. Dont try this brand.
Remy Sharp
emyWed Mar 09 2022
emyWed Mar 09 2022
This product doesnt work. I was happy to be able to return the product for money back but they are actively removing negative reviews and paying for positive only reviews.



Juvalips is a quick and easy technique to create plump lips; depending on how full of an impression you desire, it just takes a minute or two.

JuvaLips offers a comfortable contoured fit, a detachable mouthpiece for easy cleaning, and is easy to use owing to the button, which maintains a continuous suction for 60 seconds so you receive the same plumping effect every time. JuvaLips reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Some may consider Juvalips to be a touch pricey at $149.95, but it's a fraction of the price of decent lip injections in Los Angeles...and they don't stay forever! Even if you desire lip injections, this is a terrific method to see how you'd appear with larger lips without having to go under the knife.

Those considering lip injections may sample Juvalips first and see whether they like the appearance before committing to the procedure, or they can decide that Juvalips provides them with all they need naturally. They may also test it risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

JuvaLips Company / Lip Plumper

Lip plumping has been one of the most talked-about trends in the beauty industry in recent years. Many celebrities and influencers have searched out methods to make their pouts seem larger, and some have resorted to medical lip augmentation treatments such as injections to attain the appearance. While this trend is popular, not everyone is happy with the associated dangers or costs.

This is why the JuvaLips team set out to build a natural lip plumper device that would provide the appearance of bigger lips without the use of harsh topical acids or injections.

Gina saw the need and market demand for a natural lip plumping gadget that was superior to those already available. She reasoned that there has to be a better solution for natural lip plumping than the market's little self-suction gadgets or shot glasses. The electrical device's prototype design then surpassed expectations, and people adored it so much that putting it on the market was inevitable. 

Their aim and ambition are to develop and provide the world's greatest all-natural lip plumping choices. JuvaLips is well on their way with their initial gadget, and they have a slew of other ideas and concepts for beauty-enhancing products that they are eager to get started on. As these items are presented, their sales presence will grow, and the next phase will be to extend into retail sales (when the time is right).

What Do JuvaLips Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

The JuvaLips Lip Plumping Serum is the ideal complement to your JuvaLips plumping treatment. The Plumping Serum adds a precisely prepared blend of chemicals to JuvaLips calibrated vacuum treatments for a long-lasting impact and optimum benefits, based on JuvaLips reviews. Apply liberally after a JuvaLips device treatment for optimal results. According to JuvaLips reviews, their lip plumping may be used alone or over lipstick, and it's safe to use as frequently as you like.

JuvaLips Before and After

Many individuals are enamored by the outcomes and utilize it daily. Many folks have been taking it every day for the last two years and are delighted with the long-term benefits. Customers say you may keep it in your vehicle and eat it on your way to work or anywhere you like! To view the outcomes, look at their before and after photos.

2 Best JuvaLips Products

JuvaLips | Original White Lip Plumping Device & Plumping Serum

The JuvaLips Original Lip Plumper is the most powerful lip plumper available. It's small, simple to use, and secure. Everything you need for stunning full pout lips is included in your Basic Kit!

Best Lip Plumper Device



It's ergonomically engineered to fit exactly over your mouth and lips, and the shape distributes pressure evenly to minimize bruising and hickeys. The plush rubber coating on the JuvaLips Mouthpiece ensures a pleasant experience every time.

JuvaLips Customer Service

You may reach out to them at any moment. Their email address may be found in the CONTACT US section.

JuvaLips Return Policy

A 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty are included. For up to 30 days following the date of the initial sale, if you are not completely pleased with your JuvaLips product, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping expenses. They will repair or replace the gadget for a full year from the date of purchase under their one-year guarantee.