Fenty Beauty is a U.S based cosmetics brand by the famous singer, Rihanna. The brand is popular for its broad inclusivity across skin tones and gender, especially its Pro Filt'R foundation. The inclusion of Fenty Beauty concealer includes 50 shades offering a wide variety to all skin types. The intent behind having so many shades to offer is to differentiate from other makeup companies that do not cater to a broad market

the products feel lightweight, airy and are easy to layer. You don't feel like you're wearing a lot of makeup and it leaves your skin looking like skin. There is a consistent quality across all of the products.

The products are quite affordable compared to other prestige brands and accessible to a broad range of consumers.

Read customer reviews to gain more insight into Fenty Beauty products. Products can be bought from the main website or from online marketing sites like Amazon.

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Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss

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Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette

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Fenty Beauty Reviews

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  • addymul

This Pallete is Great!

This I like this pallete I think that the shades are nice and are great to create a variety of looks. They have good color payoff but I believe that you have to build up the shadows in order to get better pigmentation. I recommend using a concealer or primer first to make the shadows last the longest. Also the packaging is beautiful! But overall great product!!!

  • LeddyFzM

Pleasantly Surprised!

What a beautiful palette and formula! I wasn’t expecting much- maybe Too Faced quality shadows. These shadows feel way more high end. They’re super silky, blend effortlessly, the metallics/shimmers are gorgeous. You don’t even need to wet the shimmer/metallics; they look great right off the bat. I do suggest using your finger to apply the shimmers. There are quite a bit of one-and-done shades in here which I really appreciate. The mattes are more like satin shades so they have the slightest bit of sheen. It works wonders on my eyes when I need to do no-makeup makeup. I even use a few of the shades as blush. I cannot recommend this enough.


  • diamondmanaphy

Fun mix of colors that really pop! Lots of fun with this palette

  • MsJewells

Big n fancy

Huge, heavy but lively. The colors are nice and the case is sexy, thick and eye catching. The colors are sheer at first but buildable.

  • WhitSueLeno

Worth it!

I had watched a lot of reviews before purchasing this item. I am really glad I did. The colors have great pigment and blend well. The metallic colors are excellent!

  • AmandaRowland

This isn’t a bad palette. The shades are sheer at first, but you can build them up. I thought it was kinda meh at first, but actually have been teaching for it more than I anticipated. It’s nice that there are some bright pops of color and it’s not just neutral and boring. Overall, not bad, especially if it’s on sale.

  • zoevogelpohl


This is a lovely eyeshadow palette. The product presentation is classy & of good quality. The colors are well pigmented & blend nicely.

  • NateDawg

I actually received this palette as part of a beauty subscription box and oh man, was I surprised. well, surprised is not exactly the right word for it since it is Fenty and we all know that Rihanna knows what she's doing in the beauty industry. This palette became one of my favorites from the start and I find that I reach for it a lot, its very well balanced for any occasion. It has a good amount of shimmers and mattes and you can do anything from an everyday look to something more dramatic if needed. The packaging is great, I wish I could say I wanted to get it sooner, but honestly it was very nice to get it as part of a subscription I was already getting anyway


  • courtelizabethx


I’m never one to write a review, but this is just NOT it. I want to love it SO badly the color scheme is amazing, but there is no color pay off.. Henna Sea (the dark brown) literally DISAPPEARED from my eye. Sahara Stunna (pink) is chalk. The only color that somewhat stayed (after many attempts to get the color) is Cumin Get It. I’ve had my eye on this since it launched, but always hesitated because of the price tag. When I saw it was on sale and with the coupon, I jumped at it! I was so excited, but for what I got, I’m very upset and will definitely be returning this item unfortunately..


  • sparklybee

Not getting the credit it deserves. Great palette!

I know so many people have given a poor review of this palette but I wanted it so bad and it kept selling out on here (go figure) so I ended up getting BoxyCharm Premium to get the Fenty Beauty takeover and finally get my hands on this beauty. The colors are all beautiful and blend out well with a good primer underneath (concealer makes it a little patchy) and there are so many beautiful jewel toned color combinations you can get out of this baby. Pinks and Reds are beautiful in this palette, my boyfriend who hates how much time and money I spend on makeup ALWAYS compliments the looks I come up with. Just beautiful. May need to buy a backup palette because I am probably gonna hit pan on a lot of these shades this year.


  • bldawson

I absolutely love this lip gloss. It can be worn with a full face of make up or for those natural days, and still looks beautiful. I don't usually wear lip gloss so I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do.. I wear this on top of my Dior lip tattoo lipstick in shade Cherry, but some days wear it on its own. It glides on nicely and isn't sticky.. oh and the SMELL is amazing! Works on any skin tone and has a different look on different people but still subtle and sexy. You may need to reapply a few times during the day but the product does not claim to be long wear! This is my new go-to lip product and I am going to stock up just in case.. 100% would recommend this

  • becsixtus

I love the texture and colour, it even smells nice. Only negative is that it doesn’t last very long - but most lip glosses don’t. Will definitely buy again.


  • VvVertigo

This is quite literally the perfect gloss. Not sticky, super shiny, gel like and it smells like lipsmackers!! Will absolutely continue to repurchase.


  • sfbond

I tried this product because I was looking for a general overall lip gloss. This is a pretty rose gold lip gloss with great color. It's a nice shimmer on my pigmented lips but it isn't completely opaque. It has a thicker application but not tacky feeling like MAC lip glass.I also love the smell, not overpowering or chemical smelling. Oh and the packaging just looks so glamorous. Would definitely buy this again.

  • ladygibbs

I love how the product feels on my lips. I loooove Fenty products.


  • BooBunny

Talking about this shade specifically, I LOVE. Bought the light pink one (Fu$$y, I believe is the name) and I was just not a fan of the smell at all- that’s why I dropped a star. Love the colors and how long wearing they are for a lipgloss.


  • curlstomboy55

So I’ve been obsessed with clear glosses lately and after losing my EM cosmetics dew gloss I wanted to try the Fenty. So I did enjoy this gloss but won’t be repurchasing, it is very moisturizing (whereas the dew gloss made my lips feel dry after it’s worn off) however it’s very thick and gloopy (dew gloss was not). The main reason though is that the shine wasn’t there, it did make my lips shiny but the gloss sort of settles into the fine lines and when I apply more I get the white line that forms around the rim of the lips (it’s VERY thick), whereas the effect I want is shiny like a glazed donut. On the plus side I really liked the cotton candy type scent, very nostalgic and it was really moisturizing, but not the optimal aesthetic look and formula I wanted

  • Megan0122

I’m usually just a clear lip balm type of girl, but when I go for something extra this is what I reach for! I love this color as well as the Fenty Glow. Both of them are so pretty and not overly shimmery. Not super sticky and also leaves a bit of hydration. Worth every penny!


  • Ta55y

I love this lipgloss, the best clear lipgloss i’ve ever had. It’s smooth, smells nice and lasts long. The downside is the packaging. My lipgloss is always leaking out in my purse and ion like dat.



  • Cineris

My absolute favorite lip gloss. It is so smooth and not sticky. I love the smell. It kind of smells like pineapples to me. I'm not a huge fan of $weetmouth on me, it looks a bit metallic, but Fu$$y is a gorgeous pink. If you don't like lip gloss for whatever reason, I recommend trying this one. It could very well change your opinion.