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Earth Mama

Earth Mama
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Earth Mama

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Being a mother is the most rewarding thing in the world, but it is as hard as it is rewarding. From the very early stages of pregnancy, the mother’s body goes through significant changes and hardships. The skin’s size and texture changes and it becomes more sensitive, the stomach and the eating habits undergo massive changes, and attending to all these changes is a necessity if we want the mother and the baby to have an easy time and thrive together.

After the baby is born, the story changes and the needs of the mother and the baby become different. Breastfeeding is a very important step in the child’s development and if it is done right, the child will receive all the benefits from this stage which will stay with him or her throughout his or her life.

Based on Earth Mama reviews, if you want the best care for the baby and the mama, you cannot go wrong with Earth Mama products.

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Earth Mama is located in the United States.
Earth Mama products are available at and also at their official website
Yes, they are a great brand. Earth Mama is an experienced brand with loyal customers all over the world and they are a special part of a lot of mothers and their journey.
Yes, Earth Mama is legit.
Yes, Earth Mama products are safe.
Yes, Earth Mama is real.


  • PROS
  • Earth Mama products are all-organic.

  • Their products are clinically tested.

  • Everything that they produce is allergy free.

  • Earth Mama products are cruelty free.

  • Fast shipping.

  • Huge number of positive reviews from real customers.

  • CONS
  • Minor shipping issues




Earth Mama

Earth Mama is an established brand that uses all-organic ingredients to make all-organic products. From pregnancy support, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding necessities and mineral sunscreen, to baby care, herbal balms, lotions and deodorants, Earth Mama has products for every single stage of life and for every member of every family. They also produce a wide range of delicious organic herbal teas and each one of them has a special function, and for all stages of pregnancy and after the child is born, there are different herbal teas that can help you enjoy every part of the journey.

Earth Mama Company

Earth Mama uses herbal remedies to help mothers go through their pregnancy experience easier and also for them to have all that they might want and need after their child is born.

Earth Mama uses all-organic ingredients, and that means no pesticides or toxic chemicals were used in growing the crops that are used in making their products and through endless rethinking, reevaluating and reformulating their products, they keep on trying to find the safest way to design and create their products.

They also help share the power of knowledge and education among mothers and mothers-to-be.

What Do Earth Mama Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

Countless Earth Mama reviews written by long time users show that Earth Mama products work perfectly and deliver on their promises.

Earth Mama Before and After Use

Through reviews and comments, many users of Earth Mama reported that after using Earth Mama products, they experienced less irritations on their skin and their stretch marks and scars had healed better and quicker.

Best Earth Mama Products

 1- Earth Mama Stretch Mark Cream (Belly Butter)

This is one of the best Stretch mark creams in the world. During the pregnancy, the skin gets swollen, dry, and very sensitive and it gets uncomfortable as it stretches to hold the baby as she grows. The breasts start to grow and hips start to expand. The Earth Mama Stretch Mark Cream is a special moisturizing pregnancy lotion that helps the skin to become softer and smoother so it can stretch comfortably so that the mother does not feel any discomfort and the baby grows freely. 

The Earth Mama belly butter cream can also be used by those who have stretch marks on any part of their skin. Those customers who have used this product regularly, have reported significant changes and in a very short period of time. You never have to worry about allergies or any unwanted skin reactions to this product because it's organic.


2-  Earth Mama Lip Balms

This product uses organic oils and herbs to hydrate and soften the lips, and help lips stay moisturized for a long time. If you feel that you have chapped lips or they are often dry during the day, this is the best possible choice of product for you. And with a lot of different natural tastes and amazing smells, they are the perfect choice for every taste.


3- Earth Mama Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40

This amazingly moisturizing mineral sunscreen uses organic argan oil to help repair and alleviate the damages the skin has received from being exposed to direct sunlight. It has a very small amount of iron oxide that blends with most of the skin tones and types.

Earth Mama Customer Service

 Earth Mama’s customer service team are very active and attentive toward the needs of their customers, you can contact them at (503) 607-0607 at any time of the day and your call will be answered.

Earth Mama Return Policy

 If for any reason you were not satisfied with your purchase, you can easily return the product and you will get a full refund of your purchase price.