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Sara Happ Lip Scrub Reviews

For years, I've followed the advice of beauty magazines by simply cleaning my lips with a toothbrush when they're dry and flaky. To be sure, this works rather well, readily removing big flakes. However, I had the impression that my lips were still problematic, and I yearned for something more. One of my friends advised me to try Sara Happ Lip Scrub, which brought about a revolution in my lips.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub

Sara Happ is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read Sara Happ reviews.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub is a basic sugar lip scrub that comes in flavors such as Almond Creme and Vanilla Bean. The consistency is what distinguishes this scrub from other sugar scrubs. It is really thick, and just a tiny amount is required to massage on your lips with your fingertip. It is readily removed by rubbing with a tissue and then washing your face. It is an exfoliating lip scrub that removed the dead skin of your lips and providing an even surface for you to apply your lip makeup. 

Lip Scrub Reviews

If you're continually slathering on layer after layer of lip balm in an attempt to moisturize dry lips, remember this: A balm alone won't always be enough. When it comes to getting that soft, silky, pillowy lips we all desire, exfoliating your lips with a specialized lip scrub is an essential—though sometimes overlooked—step. This cult-favorite lip scrub is charmingly packaged in a small gift box, making it the ideal gift for your lips. Sara Happ Lip Scrub removes dry, flaky skin, leaving you with a moisturized, pillowy lips, thanks to moisturizing grape seed oil and jojoba seed oil.

Sara Happ Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients used in Sara Happ Lip Scrub:
•    Sucrose
•    Petrolatum
•    Caramel
•    Grape Seed Oil
•    Jojoba Seed Oil
•    Flavor (Aroma)
•    Rice Bran Extract
•    Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract
•    Tocopherol
•    Sunflower seed extract

Sara Happ Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Lip Scrub Before and After

An amazing before and after photo gallery comparing the results of Sara Happ Lip Scrub is available here.
Using a lip scrub removes dry skin and restores the smoothness and suppleness of your lips. After using an exfoliant, you may find that your lips absorb other products more readily, such as lip butter or traditional lip balm. If you want soft, smooth lips, a lip scrub is a must-have. Sara Happ Lip Scrub takes advantage of an all-natural formula, which levels up your lip care routine. It enables you to show off the beauty of your lips more than before. Since lip scrubs are applied on the lips, there is a high chance that they might enter the mouth. Unlike many other lip scrubs, Sara Happ Lip Scrub is made from sugar and natural ingredients, hence, there is no need to worry if you feel the taste of the scrub on your tongue.

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Sara Happ Lip Scrub Before and After

Sara Happ Lip Scrub Before and After

Questions and Answers

Lip scrubs are a safe and natural method to boost your lips. Exfoliating your lips also eliminates dead skin cells and smoothens them. Although over-exfoliation could cause irritation, using a lip scrub on a regular basis helps remove dead, flaky skin and allows a moisturizing lip balm to perform better. To use lip scrub, dab a small amount of your Sara Happ lip scrub on your lips with one finger.
Lip scrubs are widely-known products on the market, with most retailers offering various types and brands. Due to being a famous company in the field of lip makeup, you can find Sara Happ products in most online retailers. Furthermore, you can order your Sara Happ Lip Scrub from the manufacturer’s website at sarahapp.
A lip scrub not only eliminates dead skin cells and helps exfoliate, but it also allows moisturizing products to penetrate easier. Emollients can enter and act more effectively if the outer layer of dead cells is removed. Exfoliation is the first step toward beautiful lips. Gently exfoliate dry, dead skin before hydrating with Sara Happ's Lip Scrub, and say hello to wonderfully smooth and supple lips. Using a vigorous, circular motion, massage over clean, dry lips. Using a tissue, remove the stain.
Sara Happ Lip Scrub is a product that exfoliates your lips and creates an even surface for you moisturizer and lip makeup to work on. Sara Happ, the founder of Lip Scrub, has made a magnificent line of lip scrubs made of finely broken sugar crystals and nourishing oils that gently exfoliate dead skin and dry lips while also relaxing, smoothing, and rejuvenating the lips.

Customer Reviews

  • Hope

I like this scrub, but it isn't scrubby enough for me because it has too much oil, which causes it to slide all over my lips rather than scrub them. However, the scrub is highly hydrating, and when combined with the lip slip, my lips stay soft all day.

  • Lexi . O

I used the lip scrub as directed, made lips feel smooth, however after a few minutes, I noticed my lips were blotchy red in two areas. Wrote to company and yet have not received any reply. Probably won't buy product again!

  • Mollie .W

A small amount goes a long way. To me, this is brown sugar, which I could produce myself. It works as a lip scrub and has a pleasant scent! However, I am confident that I could make it myself.