Nourishmax Sugar Lip Scrub Real Reviews [Updated for 2021]

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Overall Rating: 4.8

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NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub in 2021 

NourishMax sugar Lip Scrub is a sweet way to prepare and perfect dry lips. It gently buffs away dead skin with fine sweetener exfoliating grains, leaving lips moist and shiny. A powerful peptide promotes the development of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid, giving the skin a plump look. This vital lip scrub fights dryness, cracking, and chapping while leaving a yummy soft, tropical scent. This is a lip exfoliator. 

Sugar should be used to strip flaky skin from the lips in a gentle manner. It's perfect for fragile skin because it's tinier than most exfoliants. Sugar's inherent exfoliating factors improve its potency while also aiding moisture retention. Bamboo stem extract, like honey, has natural exfoliating agents that can help strip dull, dry skin from the lips. Also every ingredient is used in its most efficient form in this formulation, which was chosen intentionally for its ability to yield significant results. 


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The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub Review

This luxurious scrub contains a blend of natural origin exfoliants that leave lips feeling tender, shiny, and rejuvenated. To help ease the feeling of dry, chapped lips, bamboo stem extract and sugar particles softly slough away dead skin growth. Lips are replenished with moisturizing ingredients including shea butter. Palmitoyl oligopeptide boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production in the lips, giving them a plump, full look.

• Removes dead skin by exfoliating and polishing.

• Aids in the reduction of the presence of chapped, bruised, and dried lips.

• Lips are moisturized with this product.

• Lips are warm, shiny, and comforted after use.

Lip scrubs operate by physically scraping dead or peeling skin from the lips using physical abrasives such as apricot pits, starch, or microbeads. Although the first effects can be pleasing, using manual exfoliators on the sensitive skin of your lips may have both instant and long-term implications. The dead skin that is torn away can trigger redness inflammation, or bleeding in certain people right after they use it.

These abrasives can inflict harm over time due to micro-tearing, prolonging the pain from dry, chapped lips. Chemical lip exfoliators of ingredients like fruit antioxidants, herbal extracts, and hyaluronic acid are much kinder on the skin, and while it's a more pragmatic approach to healing chapped lips, it also tackles the root problems that exacerbate dry lips in the first place. Rather than lip scrubs, chemical exfoliation and lip masks allow the skin to recover naturally, exposing fuller, cleaner lips. This product has been lab-tested by specialists and experts and has been made with precision. Customer reviews and ratings of this product alone indicates how well this Nourishmax product is received by the public.

The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub ingredients

Sugar (sucrose): Sugar's grainy quality makes it a perfect exfoliator for removing dead skin and softening the look of dried, chapped lips.

This biodegradable plant extract aims to smooth the texture of the lips by sloughing away dried, flaky skin. Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract (Bamboo Extract)

Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii Butter): Shea butter moisturizes and softens dry lips. It's made from the nuts of the African karite tree and is high in allantoin, vitamin A, and vitamin E, all of which help to relieve and nourish the skin.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1: This peptide compound promotes the development of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the lips, making them look plumper and softer. It also raises the amount of water in the lips.

The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub Before and After

After using The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub for a short period, you can notice a difference in your lips.

Questions and Answers

The dead skin that is torn away can trigger redness inflammation, or bleeding in certain people right after they use it. These abrasives can inflict harm over time due to micro-tearing, prolonging the pain from dry, chapped lips.
The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub is available for purchase on Amazon or the company's official website.
A minimal amount should be massaged onto clean lips, concentrating on raw or dried areas. To clean, rinse with a damp, soft towel. Apply a lip mask or moisturizer afterward for the optimal effect. If you have rough, peeling, or flaking skin on your face, dermatologists and estheticians strongly advise against using a lip cleaner. In this case, gentle treatment goes well beyond exfoliators and lip scrubs that are rough, coarse, and abrasive. When you use a lip scrub, you're tearing away the remaining skin on your lips, as well as causing fresh tears that can trigger scabbing, dryness, and other skin problems.
Sale price$29USD It can be observed that The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub is of superior quality than other brands and performs better than any other. Since The NourishMax Sugar Lip Scrub has a positive impact that can be seen in a brief period of time.  
Massage a small amount onto clean lips, focusing on rough or dry areas. Rinse with a damp, warm cloth to remove. For best results, follow with a lip mask or moisturizer.

Customer Reviews

  • Diana

If I had to rate my kissing, it would be a four out of ten and it's all because of the dryness of my lips! That dryness would always ruin the dates when they came down to the goodbye kiss. I got NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub to prevent any further catastrophes and it worked! Scrubbing my lips with this sugar scrub before dates, makes my lips really kissable!

  • D.Car

I'm usually dehydrated as drinking water and enough liquids aren't really my thing which in turn leaves my lips all chapped and rough. The texture of my lips was never my problem but I did want my lipstick to settle properly on my lips, so I gave NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub a chance and it pleasantly surprised me! Have never seen a lipstick sit this good on someone's lips.

  • N.A

Ever since I was young, my lips used to get all dry and rough all the time and it used to make me shiver every time my lips brushed against a part of my body. Two months ago, I decided to make a change and gave NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub a try. OMG! Everything turned out amazing and my lips started feeling as soft as feathers to the touch.

  • Katrina

I like NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub as it smoothen and softens the lips in a short time. Also its sensation on the skin is nice.

  • Annie

I got NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub to try and exfoliate my lip before my wedding day so that my irritated lips wouldn't look all chapped as they usually do. Fortunately, this scrub did better than anything else and made my wedding a whole lot better.

  • Susan.

Three months ago, one of my friends asked to try out NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub that I've been using for a while. She loved the result and said her lips felt awesome! She even went ahead and got two jars of the scrub!

  • Andrea

I noticed that my boyfriend didn't really engage in kissing me and that might have something to do with my lips, so I got a jar of NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub to improve my lips' condition. Now, he loves kissing and doesn't have a clue what has changed.

  • Sherry

I get into a lot of fights usually due to being the main target of my high school bully and those fights always leave my dry lips bleeding. I started using NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub a month ago and the results are stunning.

  • A Clara

I recently suffered from an illness that made my lips chapped due to dehydration during the illness. NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub helped me exfoliate my lips and made them soft and smooth. Happy that I used it!

  • Lara.H

NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub worked wonders! My lips look so good that even my coworker noticed and complimented me!

  • Rebcca

Have been using NourishMax's Sugar lip scrub for two weeks now and loving my lips! Definitely will be using in the future.