Plexaderm Collagen Serum

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Plexaderm Collagen Serum

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overall rating : 7.2

Plexaderm Collagen Serum

overall rating : 7.2


The nighttime collagen serum from Plexaderm promotes the skin's normal collagen production. It attempts to enhance skin elasticity and tighten skin. It increases elasticity and gives skin its natural firmness by being quickly absorbed into the skin's deeper layers.


Television advertisements are used to promote the Plexaderm nighttime collagen serum, which is mostly sold online by the business. Before buying any cosmetics from a third-party website, always make sure the vendor is an approved distributor.


The advantages of sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate are the only factors that affect how well this product functions, based on Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews. The mechanism of sodium silicate is like that of an adhesive. By softly contracting, it gives the skin the necessary tightness. For its part, magnesium aluminum silicate acts to smooth out and fill up the creases around the eyes, as per Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews. In order to remove frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles that develop around the eyes, these two substances work together.


  • PROS
  • Might aid in reducing puffiness beneath the eyes.

  • Plexaderm for neck may minimize drooping around the neck;

  • May remove dark circles around the eyes;

  • May remove fine wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes;

  • Other well-known products also include sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate.

  • It guarantees speedy results.

  • It is simple to apply; 

  • It may be used on all skin types and tones.

  • CONS
  • There have been some minor shipment concerns.


Remy Sharp
RoxanneMon May 09 2022
RoxanneMon May 09 2022

What are the ingredients used in Plexaderm that makes it so special?

Remy Sharp
Brands ReviewsMon May 09 2022
Brands ReviewsMon May 09 2022

Plexaderm contains lots of ingredients but the main, effective ingredients are sodium silicate and magnesium aluminium silicate. Both are types of silicate minerals present in shale clay. Sodium silicate is commonly used in skin care and hair products.

Remy Sharp
sarahWed Feb 23 2022
sarahWed Feb 23 2022
Wasn't that impressed with it
Remy Sharp
Anna1953Fri Feb 11 2022
Anna1953Fri Feb 11 2022
Call me a fool, but I finally decided to try the item sold endlessly on TV commercials. Yes, I'm older and have a few wrinkles (which I have earned), but I was curious. Bottom line: this stuff is JUNK. It did absolutely nothing. Nothing! Don't waste your time or money.


What Is a Collagen Serum?

Collagen serums, which are classed as an important part of facial treatments, can help to improve the appearance of your skin. When formulated with key active components, collagen serums are potent skin care treatments that increase collagen formation. When selecting a collagen serum, there are various aspects to think about. Chemical-free, natural, organic, and gluten-free ingredients are required in the best collagen serums. Being inexpensive, cruelty free and vegan are other important factors.

What Is the Plexaderm Collagen Serum?

Plexaderm night time collagen serum is created to address a variety of aesthetic difficulties. For instance, according to Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews, it may aid in skin tightening and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and other fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, as well as crow's feet and under-eye bags. It is a popular fast-acting serum used by millions of people who want to get rid of under-eye bags and wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

A crucial protein for the development of the skin, muscles, and joints is collagen. It is one of the structural elements that gives our skin its firmness and smoothness. Natural collagen creation occurs in the body, although it decreases with age. As a result, the skin develops wrinkles and fine lines. Soluble collagen has been included to enable this solution to effectively address fine wrinkles. It encourages the skin's natural collagen production to rise.

The foundation of healthy, youthful-looking skin is collagen. Sadly, as we get older, our levels of collagen decline, which makes our skin less elastic and leads to wrinkles. To sustain normal collagen levels in the skin, the Plexaderm nighttime collagen serum offers a potent blend of soluble collagen, peptides, and moisturizers. In addition to working to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this age-defying solution also helps to tighten the skin, based on Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews.

Plexaderm Collagen Serum Ingredients

Water (aqua), sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, cellulose gum, acetyl hexapeptide-8, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), phenoxyethanol, and ethylhexylglycerin make up the short list of components in Plexaderm night time collagen serum. In layman's words, the sodium silicate and the magnesium aluminum silicate—both silicate minerals originating from shale clay—are the main components, as per Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews.

To maintain a product's pH values, sodium silicate is typically utilized in the production of soaps and detergents. It may be found in cosmetics as well as skin care, hair color, shaving, and bath goods. Additionally, sodium silicate is used in industry. It is an inhibitor of corrosion and is present in cement. As refined clay, magnesium aluminum silicate is a widely used term. Based on Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews, it may be used as a thickener and to absorb extra face oil.

The mixture also contains colors and cellulose gum, a thickener that also aids in coating the skin with a film. Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a synthetic peptide with water-binding capabilities that is utilized in a variety of skincare and cosmetic products. Green tea contains phenoxyethanol, a preservative and antibacterial agent that is also often produced in a lab. Ethylhexylglycerin functions as a preservative and a skin conditioner.

What Is the Plexaderm Collagen Serum Good For?

Plexaderm collagen serum may aid in reducing under-eye bags - The Plexaderm night time collagen serum develops a layer on your skin that tightens, perhaps giving it a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Because of this, the mixture may momentarily lessen or completely get rid of under-eye bags, as per Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews.

It might tighten and smooth out creases and other flaws. Based on Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews, the substances may combine to improve the overall appearance of your skin, which includes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and any other obvious flaws on your face. The maker states that the Plexaderm collagen serum may be used by everyone, regardless of skin tone or type. The recipe may be suited for all skin types and tones, as per Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews.

Plexaderm Collagen Serum Side Effects

There have been few reports of negative side effects. All Plexaderm's components, according to the company, are secure for use in skincare and cosmetic goods.

How to Use the Plexaderm Collagen Serum?

Plexaderm night time collagen serum has to be applied precisely and meticulously in order to function. The following are some detailed instructions:

Cleanse and pat dry your skin.

Apply a little quantity of serum to the tip of the finger. Manufacturers advise beginning with a half-pea size. If the pump isn't working, push it ten times to get the serum flowing.

Apply the light coating to the desired locations.

Hold off for ten minutes. The Plexaderm collagen serum will set into the skin during this time.

You may use Plexaderm moisturizer for improved outcomes. Based on Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews, a minimum of 15-20 minutes should pass before administering the serum.

Plexaderm Collagen Serum Before and After

Plexaderm collagen serum uses the silicate minerals found in shale clay to temporarily tighten the skin on your face, giving you a more youthful look by lifting, smoothing, and tightening the skin. Although transient, Plexaderm's effects are very immediate. According to Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews, the effects may last for up to eight hours, or until the serum is removed from the skin. You may think of it as a kind of skin makeup, the effects of which wear off over time or after being washed off.

Plexaderm Collagen Serum Before and After

Plexaderm Collagen Serum Reviews

Plexaderm collagen serum reduces the appearance of dark circles, crow's feet, wrinkles, and under-eye bags in only a few minutes. No more priming, pumping, or product waste! It is now simpler to use than ever thanks to their new resealable tubes, as per Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews. To open the tube, just unscrew the cap; replace it after finishing for security. More than enough serum is provided in each resealable tube for two or more complete applications under each eye.

This company tested the efficacy of the Plexaderm collagen serum in a study in 2017. According to the 40-person research experiment, 75% of the participants saw less under-eye puffiness and 78% noticed fewer under-eye dark circles.

Customers had great things to say about Plexaderm collagen serum. Because it worked, the product was referred to as "surgery in a bottle" by those who left positive reviews. Additionally, several of these Plexaderm night time collagen serum reviews said that they used Plexaderm collagen serum as part of their skincare regimen.

Did You Know Plexaderm?

Plexaderm is a well-known skincare brand. They are famous for their under-eye bag cream. Plexaderm uses silicate minerals from shale clay to form a temporary tightening layer on your skin. Plexaderm smooths the skin surrounding the under-eye bags, making them shrink in a matter of minutes. Plexaderm reviews are great.