Mario Badescu Real Reviews [Updated for 2021]

#4 Mario Badescu Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum

Overall Rating: 3.8

Capterra Rating: #3.8 .. out of 5 with 4 ratings
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Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum Reviews

This acne serum is basically a life-saver for me. Whenever I feel a pimple brewing underneath the surface, I spread a thin layer of the formula over my face every night, and, within a few days, the sucker is totally gone. The key ingredient is salicylic acid, and it works as a chemical exfoliant to help unclog your pores of the excess oil and buildup that causes breakouts.

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Customer Reviews

  • Asna

I don't know how anyone uses this. It's so thick & sticky it's disgusting. I literally used it once & never touched it again. It was so difficult to apply from the consistency. I hated it from the start

  • Ivanka

I have been developing mild adult acne, so I decided to add this to my routine. Because it has salicylic acid, I was hoping it would help unclog my pores. It has a clear consistency and is sticky, so I only used it at night. After several weeks, I noticed no difference. It didn't help my skin, but it didn't cause any more breakouts either. I don't think it is strong enough for my particular level of acne. Maybe this would would work on someone with very mild occasional acne

  • K01

I bought this thinking it was going to be awesome. Boy was I wrong. This did not clear up my acne at all if anything it gave me acne. My face rarely breaks out so I though I would buy this to make my face smooth. Nope. Just horrible. It also smells horrible.

  • Loee

First, the smell was off putting but I thought it would be worth it if it worked. Sadly, I cannot see where it performing at all. It is definitely not worth the price as it accomplishes nothing. So very disappointed.