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Urban Skin Rx

Urban Skin Rx
overall rating : 2

Urban Skin Rx

overall rating : 2

Many of us have a beauty cemetery - a drawer or shelf full of hardly used skincare products that over-promised and under-delivered on our skin goals. There are dozens of different kinds of skincare products on the market, and it may be difficult to know precisely what you're receiving when you buy them.

Are you familiar with Urban Skin Rx? Urban Skin Rx was created with a variety of skin tones in mind. When they created the clinical skincare line, they concentrated on two areas where they believe the rest of the skincare industry falls short and fails to meet the expectations of customers. Women (and men!) with medium to darker skin tones, as well as the demands of clients with melanin-rich skin, are one area of concentration. Women and men with unique skin disorders that most other treatments do not adequately address are other areas they are concentrating on. This article will tell you all you need to know about this brand.

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The Urban Skin Rx collection was created as a method for her to disseminate her knowledge outside North Carolina.
Urban Skin Rx goods may be purchased via the company's website and a network of distributors. Although some of the goods are accessible on other websites, they are still labeled as Urban Skin Rx. You may also find Urban Skin Rx skincare products at a shop or physical location near you.
Excellent for healing and reducing unpleasant pimples. It may be used as a spot treatment as well as an acne serum. Anyone who suffers from acne breakouts, hormonal acne, oily skin, blackheads, plugged pores, cystic acne, inflammatory pimples, or dry skin types.
Yes, it's true, and one of the things that make Urban Skin Rx products stand out is that they include larger quantities of active chemicals.
Only those who have reached puberty and older should use their goods, according to them. They suggest visiting a physician or professional esthetician for treatment options for younger people with skin issues.
Yes, the Urban Skin Rx Dark Spot Rapid Repair is a great product. Retinol Treatment evens out skin tone and lowers the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, providing remarkable hyperpigmentation correction and anti-aging effects.


  • PROS
  • • The fundamental elements are the key ingredients

  • • Biochemistry-based formulas

  • • Based on personal medical spa experiences

  • CONS
  • • At the start, clinical strength products might be harsh on the skin



Remy Sharp
BettyTue Mar 15 2022
BettyTue Mar 15 2022
I have placed several orders with them, but this last order they want to charge me for products they purposely didn't send! Customer service is horrible!
Remy Sharp
Tameka WilliamsTue Mar 15 2022
Tameka WilliamsTue Mar 15 2022
I love UrbanSkinRx products and recommend them to anyone! 1. Fast shipping and nice packaging. 2. They give discounts! 3. The have a variety of products 4. The products actually work!!


Urban Skin Rx

"Recognize, represent, and advocate for affordable clinical skincare for varied skin tones," says Urban Skin Rx, which develops a range of clinical skincare products. Rachel Roff, a qualified medical aesthetician and the founder/owner of Charlotte, NC-based Urban Skin Solutions Med Spa, introduced the Urban Skin Rx clinical skincare brand in 2010.

Urban Skin Rx manufactures clinical skin care products with a goal to recognize, represent and advocate for accessible clinical skincare for various skin tones. Rachel Roff—a licensed medical aesthetician and founder/owner of Urban Skin Solutions Med Spa in Charlotte, NC launched the line of Urban Skin Rx clinical skin care products in 2010. The products are sold with the aim to correct and prevent uneven skin tone, which is one of the most common skin care concerns among women with various ethnic backgrounds.

Urban Skin Rx Company | Clinical Skincare Products

Rachel Roff, a qualified medical esthetician, launched Urban Skin Rx® in 2010. Roff got postgraduate accreditation in skin color and pigmentation from the National Aesthetics Institute and the International Dermal Institute. She observed a shortage of treatments and information for skin disorders in darker skin tones while working as a laser technician at a medical spa.

She launched the Urban Medspa and Laser Center in Charlotte, NC, in 2006, because she wanted to see greater diversity in the beauty business, and she was able to effectively reach a more diversified clientele with her knowledge and experience. As a result, she created the Urban Skin Rx® skincare line, which contains more powerful and higher concentration formulations tailored to the skincare requirements of women of color, as well as corrective skincare for all skin tones and colors.

What Do Urban Skin Rx Reviews Reveal About The Brand?

There's a whole category of sensitive skin products at Urban Skin Rx! They do urge, however, that if you have sensitive skin, you start gently and introduce just a few new items into your skincare regimen at a time to allow your skin to acclimatize and establish whether a product is right for you. You should start by utilizing new items every other day at first.

Parabens are not used in their products. They don't use parabens or sulfates, and many of their products are vegan or gluten-free, with the majority of them being fragrance-free!

Urban Skin Rx Before and After

Customers have left several reviews indicating that they were pleased with the outcomes of utilizing Urban Skin Rx products and had a positive experience. Before and after photographs of Urban Skin Rx attest to this

Urban Skin Rx Products Company

The Clear Skin Cleansing Bar from Urban Skin Rx is a three-in-one treatment for oily skin. The sponge that comes with the bar makes a lather that exfoliates and cleanses the face before being applied as a mask for up to two minutes.

Ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur, which are believed to help cleanse excess oil from the pores, contribute to the efficiency of the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar. It also includes a combination of chemicals that have been shown to remove dark spots and level out skin tone.

The Super C Brightening Serum is an anti-aging and brightening serum for those with dark spots, uneven skin tone, and blemishes. Following a morning wash, a few drops are applied directly to the skin and gently spread over the face and neck.

Best Urban Skin Rx Products

·Urban Skin Rx Resurfacing Vitamin C Cleansing Bar:

This cleansing bar smooths, resurfaces and brightens dull complexion.


·Urban Skin Rx Vitaleyez Retinol Vitamin C Complex:

is an under eye treatment that brightens dark circles and smooths, firms, and hydrates eye aging to lead to a brighter, firmer, and more hydrated looking skin.


·Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Night Treatment:

It delivers hyperpigmentation correction and anti-aging benefits. This product evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


.Urban Skin Rx Super C Brightening Serum:

This serum helps brighten and enhance the appearance of aging skin, dark spots and uneven skin tone.


.Urban Skin Rx LacticGlow Micropolish Cleansing Gel:

It is a cleansing gel which contains a special mix of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Jojoba Esters to gently remove build-up and polish skin without experiencing any irritation.


.Urban Skin Rx Hydranutrient Radiance Restore Oil:

It is an age-defying oil containing Rosehip Seed Oil, antioxidants and vitamins to improve and hydrate the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and rough texture.


.Urban Skin Rx DermaPeel Smooth and Glow Treatment:

It is a 2-step system which exfoliates the skin and fixes the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture.


.Urban Skin Rx HydraBalance Instant Moisture Infusion:

It is a lightweight moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid and an Oligopeptide-68 brightening complex which leads to skin with intense hydration and a bright, youthful glow.


.Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Smoothing Body Treatment:

This product works to even out skin and highly increase a smoother texture.


.Urban Skin Rx Clear Skin Clarifying Back and Body Spray:

This product fights unwanted blemishes. The product is powered by glycolic acid, salicylic acid and willow bark extract to help skin clarification and improve the appearance of clogged pores.

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Urban Skin Rx Customer Service

Their Customer Service Department may be contacted by email, phone, or live chat on their website. They provide the greatest customer service, according to Urban Skin Rx Reviews.

Urban Skin Rx Return Policy

They provide a 60-day return/exchange policy if you wish to return anything you bought straight from their website. Travel-size items, travel kits, micro kits, and seasonal or limited-edition items are all final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged.